The GeeksverseNEWS Round-up | Week of March 1, 2013

NEWS Round-up | Week of March 1, 2013
Published on Saturday, March 2, 2013 by
This week’s Round-up has detailed results of the 2012 Diamond Gen Awards, word of IDW’s newest licensing tie-ups, some interesting comics sales history from John Jackson Miller, and more!

2012 Diamond Gem Award winners announced

Bleeding Cool broke the news of the announcement of the 2012 Diamond Gem Awards, given out by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. in recognition of “sales achievement for comic book artists, writers, publishers, and industry executives,” with award-winners “selected in a three-step process that is based on quality, creativity, and most importantly, their overall sales impact.” Listed below are the nominees and winners for every category:

Comic Book Publisher of the Year—Over 4%
  • DC_logoWinner: DC Comics
  • Other Nominees:
    • Dark Horse Comics
    • IDW Publishing
    • Image Comics
    • Marvel Comics
Comic Book Publisher of the Year—Under 4%
  • valiant_logoWinner: Valiant Entertainment
  • Other Nominees:
    • Archie Comics
    • Avatar Press
    • BOOM! Studios
    • Dynamite Entertainment
Top Dollar Comic Book Publisher of the Year (new category)
  • marvel_logoWinner: Marvel Comics
Best Comic Book of the Year—Under $3.00
  • Saga001 2nd printing cvrWinner: Saga #1 (Image)
  • Other nominees:
    • Green Lantern #0 (DC)
    • Hawkeye #1 (Marvel)
    • Hellboy in Hell #1 (Dark Horse)
Best Comic Book of the Year—Over $3.00
  • Twd100cover_adlardWinner: The Walking Dead #100 (Image)
  • Other nominees:
    • Amazing Spider-Man #700 (Marvel)
    • Batman #9—Night of Owls (DC)
    • Mars Attacks #1 (IDW)
    • X-O MANOWAR #1 (Valiant)
Top Dollar Comic Of The Year (new category)
  • ASM_700_CoverWinner: Amazing Spider-Man #700
Best Licensed Comic of the Year
  • adventuretimeothercoverWinner: Adventure Time #1 (BOOM! Studios)
  • Other nominees:
    • Hit-Girl #1 (Marvel)
    • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #1 (IDW)
    • Masks #1 (Dynamite)
    • Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Force Storm #1 (Dark Horse)
Magazine of the Year
  • twdmagazineWinner: The Walking Dead Magazine #1 (Titan Publishing)
  • Other nominees:
    • Bleeding Cool Magazine #1 (Avatar)
    • DC Nation #1 (DC)
    • DC Superhero Chess Figure Collection Magazine #1—Batman White King (Eaglemoss Publications)
    • Marvel Super Heroes #1 (Marvel)
Best Backlist Publisher of the Year
  • DC_logoWinner: DC Entertainment
  • Other nominees:
    • Dark Horse Comics
    • IDW Publishing
    • Image Comics
    • Marvel Comics
Best Original Graphic Novel
  • batmanearth1_coverWinnerBatman: Earth One HC (DC)
  • Other nominees:
    • Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score (IDW)
    • Blacksad: Silent Hell HC (Dark Horse)
    • Superman: Earth One Vol. 2 HC (DC)
    • Spider-Man Season One Premiere HC (Marvel)
    • Not My Bag GN (Image)
Best Reprint Trade Paperback or Hard Cover of the Year
  • oct_sagav1Winner: Saga Vol. 1 TPB (Image)
  • Other nominees:
    • Walking Dead Vol. 2 Compendium (Image)
    • Batman: The Court of Owls Vol. 1 HC (DC)
    • Justice League: Origin Vol. 1 (DC)
    • Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Vol. 1 (Oni Press)
    • Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe TPB (Marvel)
    • Adventure Time Vol. 1 TPB (BOOM!)
    • Daredevil by Mark Waid Vol.1 TPB (Marvel)
Best Licensed Trade Paperback or Hard Cover of the Year
  • Star-Trek-The-Next-Generation-Doctor-Who-Assimilation2-Volume-1WinnerStar Trek Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² Vol. 1 TPB (IDW)
  • Other nominees:
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Promise, Part 1 TPB (Dark Horse)
    • Game of Thrones Vol. 1 GN (Bantam/Spectra)
    • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Vol. 1 HC (DC/Vertigo)
    • The Stand HC Omnibus with Slipcase (Marvel)
Best Manga Publisher of the Year
  • vizmedia_logoWinner: VIZ Media
  • Other nominees:
    • Yen Press
    • Kodansha
    • Seven Seas Entertainment
    • Vertical Inc.
    • Dark Horse Manga
Best Manga Trade Paperback of the Year
  • sailormoonvol3Winner: Sailor Moon: Kodansha Edition Vol. 3 TPB (Kodansha)
  • Other nominees:
    • Black Butler Vol. 8 TPB (Yen Press)
    • Tezuka: Message to Adolf Vol. 1 GN (Vertical Inc.)
    • 21st Century Boys Vol. 1 GN (VIZ Media)
    • Fallen Words GN (Drawn & Quarterly)
    • FLCL Omnibus (Dark Horse)
Best Anthology of the Year
  • dhp13Winner: Dark Horse Presents #13 (Dark Horse)
  • Other nominees:
    • Best American Comics HC 2012 ( Houghton-Mifflin)
    • Marvel Firsts 1970s TPB Vol. 1 (Marvel)
    • Womanthology: Heroic HC (IDW)
Best Indie Graphic Novel of the Year
  • underwaterwelderWinner: The Underwater Welder (Top Shelf)
  • Other nominees:
    • Charles Burns Hive GN (Pantheon Books)
    • Tower Chronicles: Geisthawk Vol. 1 GN (Legendary Comics)
    • Chris Ware: Building Stories HC (Pantheon Books)
    • Anomaly HC (Anomaly)
    • Are You My Mother: A Comic Drama HC (Houghton-Mifflin)
Best Trade Book of the Year
  • overstreet42Winner: Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Vol. 42 (Gemstone)
  • Other nominees:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog: Complete Comic Encyclopedia TPB (Archie)
    • The History of Sonic the Hedgehog HC (Udon)
    • Avengers: The Art of the Avengers HC with Slipcase (Marvel)
    • The Art of Mass Effect HC (Dark Horse)
    • The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Boxed Set HC (Dark Horse)
    • David Mazzucchelli: Daredevil Born Again Artist Edition HC (IDW)
    • The Art of Todd McFarlane: Devil’s in the Details HC (Image)
Best Game Manufacturer of the Year
  • Wizards-of-the-Coast-logoWinner: Wizards of the Coast
  • Other nominees:
    • Cryptozoic Entertainment
    • Paizo Publishing
    • USAopoly
    • WizKids/NECA
Best Game Product of the Year
  • returntoravnica_packagingWinner: Magic the Gathering: Return to Ravnica Expansion (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Other nominees:
    • DC Comics Deck Building Game (Cryptozoic)
    • Pathfinder RPG: Advanced Race Guide (Paizo)
    • Monopoly: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition (USAopoly)
    • Marvel Heroclix: Galactic Guardians Expansion (WizKids/NECA)
Best Toy Manufacturer of the Year
  • DC_Collectibles_logoWinner: DC Entertainment/DC Collectibles
  • Other nominees:
    • Diamond Select Toys
    • Kotobukiya
    • Bowen Designs
    • Hasbro
    • Todd McFarlane Productions
Best Toy Product of the Year
  • new52wecanbeheroesWinnerWe Can Be Heroes: Justice League 7 Pack Box Set (DC Entertainment/DC Collectibles)
  • Other nominees:
    • Marvel Select: Avengers Movie Hulk Action Figure (Diamond Select Toys)
    • Marvel Select: Amazing Spider-Man Movie Action Figure (Diamond Select Toys)
    • Play Arts Kai Armored Batman Action Figure (Square Enix)
    • Justice League Superman Action Figure (DC Entertainment/DC Collectibles)
Best Toy Line of the Year
  • wecanbeheroesjlWinnerDC Justice League New 52 Action Figures (DC Entertainment/DC Collectibles)
  • Other nominees:
    • Play Arts Kai Action Figures (Square Enix)
    • Mass Effect 3 Action Figures (Big Fish)
    • Marvel Select Action Figures (Diamond Select Toys)
    • The Walking Dead Series 2 Action Figures (Todd McFarlane Productions)
    • Batman Arkham City Series 3 Action Figures (DC Entertainment/DC Collectibles)
Best Collectible Statue of the Year
  • kotobukiya-harley-quinn-bishoujo-statue-1Winner: DC Harley Quinn Bishoujo Statue (Kotobukiya)
  • Other nominees:
    • Red Hulk Mini-Bust (Gentle Giant)
    • Thor Classic Action Statue (Bowen Designs)
    • Dragon Age II: Flemeth Dragon Statue (Dark Horse)
    • DC Comics Cover Girls Harley Quinn Statue (DC Entertainment/DC Collectibles)
    • New 52 Batman: Black and White Statue (DC Entertainment/DC Collectibles)

We’re not exactly sure how certain categories are differentiated from others—what’s the difference between “Comic Book Publisher of the Year—over 4%” and “Top Dollar Comic Book Publisher of the year,” for instance—but we’ll go ahead and congratulate all the winners just the same. Way to go guys, good job, and so on and so forth.

Watch This Fail

>sigh... !<

>sigh… !<

DC co-publisher Dan Didio recently revealed that the company will be canceling its gatefold cover-based, “WTF-Certified” promotional campaign for the month of April. A retailer in attendance at the recently concluded ComicsPro membership meeting quoted Didio as saying that DC is dropping the promotion because “because we don’t need it,” and that it had done its job by raising the profile of DC’s books and their revival of the gatefold cover gimmick.

Whatever, Didio.

We think the cancellation had more to do with the lukewarm reception the idea of gatefold covers received from the comics community (it’s not for nothing that readers and retailers still associate gimmick covers with the late-1990s comic book bubble implosion) and the use of “WTF” in branding and promotional materials painting DC Comics as the “trying-too-hard-to-be-cool-middle-aged-dad” of comics publishers.

IDW to bring Monkeybrain Comics, Cartoon Network properties to print

IDW Publishing, current home of the Star Trek, Dr. WhoG.I. Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and other high-profile comic book licenses, recently announced their acquisiton of the license to produce print versions of the Monkeybrain digital comics line. From the press release:

edison-rex-1IDW Publishing and Monkeybrain Comics are please to announce that beginning this June, fans of Monkeybrain’s popular digital comics will be able to find some of their favorite titles collected in print!

Kicking off with Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver’s EDISON REX in June, this new partnership will see a number of the critically acclaimed and wildly imaginative flood of comics Monkeybrain has produced extend their reach into comic shops and onto the shelves of fans everywhere!

The schedule will continue on with AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD by writers Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride and artist Nick Brokenshire premiering in August and titles like Dan Goldman’s RED LIGHT PROPERTIES, Kevin Church and Grace Allison’s WANDER, and many more to follow.

Earlier in the week, the publisher also announced that it had completed a licensing deal with the Cartoon Network. From the press release:

Beginning in 2013, fans can look forward to seeing the returns of beloved characters from classic Cartoon Network shows including THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, BEN 10, DEXTER’S LABORATORY, SAMURAI JACK, JOHNNY BRAVO, GENERATOR REX, and many more.

Not only will IDW be teaming with high-caliber creators from the world of comics to publish new adventures featuring tons of Cartoon Network’s characters, but fans can also look forward to a variety of reprints of previous incarnations of Cartoon Network comics.

Is it too much to hope that we finally get to see the much-delayed ending to Samurai Jack in IDW’s comics?

Marvel’s latest promo makes a not-so-subtle dig at DC

Marvel Comics’ senior executives haven’t been shy over the years in tweaking their crosstown rivals, so the following promotional image—which incorporates DC’s favorite number as scrawled in stick figures by what could be Wolverine’s claws—is relatively tame by comparison:


On Batman, Inc. #8

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere this past week, you probably know all about the massive story developments in this week’s Batman, Inc. #8. The story’s been plastered everywhere, really. We won’t be discussing the contents of the book in deference to you readers who pick up your comics during the weekends or at irregular intervals, but for those of you who are just dying (heh) to know what’s up, here’s an indirect link to the NY Post story (the article’s URL already reveals the plot twist, hence the indirect link) that spoiled the comic for everybody first thing Monday morning (thanks a lot, assholes!).

A look back on Januaries past… 

Comichron‘s John Jackson Miller puts current comic book sales into context with a neat timeline comparing the best-selling January comic books going back all the way to 1963.

Iron Wardrobe

The new Iron Man 3 movie poster hints at seven variant Iron Man armors:


Can any of you readers make out what the variants are? Is there a movie-styled Hulkbuster suit in there? Let us know in the comments!

Mae Whitman on voicing April on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The A.V. Club has an interview with the always-entertaining Mae Whitman where the actress talks about the various projects she’s been involved in since childhood. Of particular interest to Comixverse readers should be her thoughts on voicing April O’Neil in the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series from Nickelodeon:

apriloneil_nickThe A.V. Club: You started working at a young age. Did you ever have time to watch cartoons when you were a kid?

Mae Whitman: Yeah, I watched a lot of cartoons. I was huge on them. Also, my mom is a voiceover person, so she was actually recording cartoons, so that upped the ante and made me want to watch them even more because my mom would be on some of them. I was definitely a big cartoon watcher.

AVC: Do you remember her appearing on the original Turtles animated series?

MW: [Laughs.] As Mona Lisa, right? It’s amazing. I can’t believe she was actually on that. The actual, original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I have vague memories of because I was pretty small, but I loved, loved, loved it. I have only those weird, visceral little-kid memories: I remember the extreme flat, two dimensional green that was their skin or the weird pizza with no sauce—it was just like yellow, drippy cheese. I have such extreme, vivid memories of those parts, but the rest of it is just a sort of warm glow of how much I loved the show.

AVC: What do remember about that series’ version of April? Does any of that inform your performance?

MW: I definitely thought she was so cool and so smart, obviously beautiful and funny. She just really had it going on, and I loved her inquisitive nature and being a journalist. I think all that stuff really does play into it, because you really get a sense of her spirit. This April is younger, because it’s almost like a prequel. We’re not trying to replace, like, “Oh, that version of April is now this.” It’s like, this is exactly who that person would have been when she was younger. Spirited and smart and independent and curious and brave. When I was a little kid I was like, “Wow, she’s really cool,” and I definitely take all of those things and try to put that into this younger version.

AVC: If anything, making the character younger heightens her sense of curiosity.

MW: Absolutely, because it’s not really channeled into anything specific yet. She’s younger and the world is sort of wide open. She’s got such a bright, vivacious nature.

AVC: How do you feel about Megan Fox taking on the role of April for Michael Bay’s live-action Ninja Turtles?

MW: Man, I just heard about that. I don’t really have that strong of an opinion on it because I don’t really feel connected to that project. I don’t really know what his plan is, but I’m not sure about live-action Turtles, so that whole side of it is not really connected to my Turtles, because I don’t really understand what the plan is there. I’m just sort of like, “Hey, whatever happens, it’ll happen. I’ll look at it and I’m sure I’ll have a great time watching it.” I don’t really have a strong opinion on it either way. It’s a different world, I think. [Pauses.] But she’s really pretty! So that’s exciting. And I’m definitely not hoarding the April O’Neil-ness. “Let’s all do our own April thing!” So it’s definitely more of a big, communal attitude coming from my end.

In case you missed them… 

We’ve got new previews up this week:

Also, don’t forget that Saturday will be the last day for bidding on the last four pieces available in the Peter David Benefit Art Auction. We would also like to take this moment to remember artist Scott Clark, who passed away last week at the too-young age of 43 due to illness. A member of the second generation of Homage Studios artists that includes J. Scott Campbell and Joe Madureira, Clark went on to have a successful career in comics built on his solid draftsmanship. Thanks for all the great comics memories, Scott.

That’s your NEWS Round-up for this week. Until next time, don’t forget to READ BETWEEN THE HYPE!
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