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Teen Titans 2: What I Want
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Like many Americans, I satisfy my need for comic character action with cartoons. I can occasionally pick up a few older used DVDs cheaper than the weekly trip to a comic book shop. More Teen Titans Go? I’m fine with it. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what I want from the cartoon and merchandise.

Teen Titans was a cartoon that divides comic fans. The show used the anime chibi look instead of what was then a well established “Bruce Timm Aesthetic” from Batman Beyond, Superman Adventures, and the Batman show that seemed to define comic book based show expectations of the 90s.

The show ran 5 seasons plus a straight to DVD Tokoyo adventure. It had its fans. Then its moment was over and away it went. Marv Wolfman and George Perez both praised the show from time to time. Despite the odd look, the kiddie 30 minute cartoon program did pick up several pivitol Teen Titans arcs from the 60s.

Oddly, Cartoon Network announced last year that Teen Titans was returning. The new shows will be dubbed Teen Titans Go! which was the title of the comic that tied into the cartoon the last time around—DC had the main universe Teen Titan comic as a more adult comic than the all-ages Teen Titan Go!

Now, it is coming back.

Teen Titans Go, the comic, was tied into the recent seasons of animated fun.

Teen Titans Go, the comic, was tied into the recent seasons of animated fun.

Cartoon Network needs to premier new episoes one day a week and use the re-runs of Teen Titans to fill the week. Perhaps it is because I remember watching cartoons after school daily and hate having to wait so long for so little animation now. Sure, the argument that animation and story improvements somehow equal less cartoon per season make some sense, but using the old episodes and shorts makes sense too.

Fill the calender and fill the fanbase!


One thing that this show needs is a continous schedule. Young Justice spent more time on scheduling hiatus than showing cartoons.That is a great show on DVD but trying to find the episodes on Cartoon Network was frustrating. Although, I will admit that after spending time thinking about how great new episodes of TTG can be inspired me to pick up two more used seasons of the show from Now, once the mail runs, I will have nearly the entire set.


As important as the show, the inevitable DVDs are the toys. My daughter–who turns 1 yr old next week–is amassing a great toy collection. OccasionallyI pick up what I want her to have when she is ready.  In a few years, I will have my daughter on my lap watching the DVDs, reading back issues of Teen Titan Go and waiting to play in the floor with our comic toys.

I also think Imaginext is the way to pitch these toys. Imaginext is aimed at the 3-5+ market and is a solid functional line with great integration. More characters the better. Since Cyborg and Robin are already in the DC Imaginext line adding the other core characters would be great. I agree with the inevitable naysayers that the previous toys had poor reception and may limit future toy attempts, but since Imaginext is a great DC line adding Teen Titans here would lower the risk. I’d recommend starting with the core and then bringing in more year by year.

The DC Superfriends Imaginext toys like to put out Batman and Robin over and over again for years now. An Imaginext Teen Titans subline could put out another Robin, a Shadow Robin, a Slade uniform Robin, and a Masked X—Robin as a villlain.

The toys were less notable than the earlier show, although they did have its own merits and feel despite poor sales.

Fun plastic people.

Fun plastic people.

The poorer selling Bandai toys had plenty of characters. Oddly, the toys had nearly as much articulation as Imaginext.


One thing that the toys need to do is add in women. Raven would be awesome in Imaginext! Tera! Starfire! If they could manage to sneak in an Artemis that’d be cool too.

Teen Titanscan share vehicles and playsets with other DC characters.

The Imaginext DC line already has more women than the rest of the Imaginext lines or the competing Playskool Adventure Marvel Heroes. Recent additions of Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn look great but are still hard to find at retail. I’m hoping they’ll finally be widely available when the Man of Steel Imaginext hits shelves. Superman is cool, but I’m more excited about Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn joining my Catwoman. Adding other female heroes would be awesome. Hawkgirl and Supegirl, and Wondergirl would be cool, but Starfire and Raven would both be excellent.

Plus the random Artemis.


One great aspect of both the DC Imaginext line and the Playskool Marvel line is the villains. DC has great Imaginext villians: Joker, Penguin, etc although it is very Bat focused. Zod coming out with Man of Steel is cool. Slade? Slade would be awesome.

As I said above, Slade opens up possibilities for repaints and repacks that are common in the Imaginext line. Slade allows for at least a Robin head on a Slade body. Terra’s head on a Slade uniform would be cool. Heck, do the entire team in the black and orange as if he had a chance of recruiting the heroes to the dark side.

The Man of Steel Imaginext toys also need a Lex Lutor–it is a digression but worth mentioning.

What Do I Want?

What do I want from Teen Titans Go? More fun episodes because I love the campy show. And IMAGINEXT!

Young Justice

Sure, Teen Titans is fun, but it isn’t Young Justice. At least if they’re cancelling my current favorite version of non-side-kick teen heroes as cartoons at least we’re getting something new from DC, WB, and Cartoon Network. That’s nice. If Young Justice is going to end at the end of a story arc–and I hope it ends well–then perhaps it will resurface in five years to be continued. Until then, I hope that Teen Titans gets the full push of show times, toys, and other fun.

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