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BOGO-Isn’t What it Used to Be
Published on Friday, March 29, 2013 by

I’m a self-professed cheap collector. My wife’s out of work, I’m still in college, and my one year old daughter can’t play with it anyway…so I’m cheap. It doesn’t bother me. I’d rather search out sales and clearance aisles for my collectibles than order them off-line for a premium. I’d rather shop flea markets and consignment shops than collectible shows. It’s who I am now. I’m fine with it. I embrace it.

Yet, from time to time, something catches my attention that bothers me. I suppose it might be might age. I remember when BOGO stood for Buy One Get One. It was a great acronym that meant if I bought one I’d get one. A free one. Two for the price of one! Great acronym.

Somewhere along the line toy store sales started using BOGO to mean that if I bought one I’d get one half off. That isn’t the original intent but it is still a good deal. I was bothered by the perversion of the great acronym but still fine with the sale.

BOGO seems like such a simple acronym

BOGO seems like such a simple acronym

Recently I was shopping around looking for sales on ImagiNext and Playskool Marvel Adventure Heroes—great toy lines that are underrated by hardcore collectors—when I stumbled upon a new spin on BOGO. At first I didn’t even notice it wasn’t the classic BOGO of days gone by…until I read the small print.

FREE seemed to be emphasized. Good start.

Select Fisher-Price seemed okay since F-P makes ImagiNext and about half the ImagiNext I want has the red line denoting the promotion that works.

They didn’t shorten into the classic BOGO acronym, but I am fine with that because of the word FREE!

Free is good.

I started automatically dreaming up a wish list. I was about to load up a cart full of online toys when I read the fine print.

So, I had to rethink my order.

When it is too good to be true… it isn’t.

I couldn’t buy a $7.99 set and get another $7.99 set. Of course the deal was more restrictive than that. Hawkman/Flash two pack and get  a free Aquaman? Bummer. I couldn’t even buy two of the Gotham swat vans paying for one and getting the other free. Bummer. That would have been two Gotham cops to be terrorized and inept against my Bat-villains.

BOGO Detailed

Into every life a little dissapointment must be met. Capitalism works for the seller more often than the buyer. I know that.

It is still a great deal even if it didn’t quite work the way that I wanted it to.

BOGO just doens’t mean what it once did, even when it appears to at first glance.

If I pick up the Gotham City Jail ($29.99) then I can get the Gotham swat van ($24.99) for free? Not bad. A little more math and I can make this promotion work for me after all.

I’ll just have to wait and pick up Hawkman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg later when they are inevitably on sale again. I still need the not so killer Croc, Riddler, and Clayface to round out my Bat-villians to challenge my SuperFriends/Justice League characters anyway so I’ll be watching for sales.

ImagiNext will have a new Superman playset out when the next DC movie comes out–featuring a friendly plastic Zod!—so I will soon have more plastic folks to buy then.

Rant over. I’m distracted by how cool ImagiNext is to worry about what might have been from this round of BOGO. I’ll collect it all on sale eventually.

Recent Bragging Score K-Mart had the newer tall Batcave on sale for $27.50 (regularly $54.99) so I now have yet another Batcave. It is cool. Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, some Batfolk and a Wolverine are currently all hanging around the front of the Batcave. My daughter isn’t quite age appropriate for these toys but I let her play with the poeple and bigger vehicles when she is supervised. She loves to point at a figure, have me hand her who she wants and then spend time playing with them. My one year old daughter has recently taken to slamming the people against each other and making a fairly distinct “pow, pow” sound. Nice.

At a kids consignment sale I picked up the Penguins penguin shaped submerine less figure. Since I already had one Penguin figure I am now set! My daughter loves the bird sub. She likes opening it up and pulling out the figure and then putting them back. Robin will lay down sideways and the top will still shut. That is important to know since mydaughter can’t yet place the characters in the feetprints.

At a kids consignment store yesterday I picked up an older ImagiNext whale. Now when I ineveitably get Aquaman and that mechanical shark they can team up against the pirate whale!

Life is good, can’t complain, even when life changes.

The Future I’m taking the free online Gender in Comics class from Ball State University. That should inspire a rant about women’s roles in comics and comic related properties such as toys and DVDs soon!

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