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Let’s Get Dangerous
Published on Saturday, April 13, 2013 by

If you know the terror that flaps in the night, then you know Disney’s 90s revival of the Duck properties including the introduction of heroic Darkwing Duck. The show lasted three seasons starting in 1991 and ending in 1995. The half hour comedies also had a playmates toyline that is surprisingly fun all these years later.While Disney is profiting from the Marvel and newly acquired Lucasfilm franchises, they need to remember the great properties that they have in house that are due for a multi-media resurgance.

Darkwing Duck needs a revival!

DarkwingDuck_18_CVR_BDarkwing Duck had a recent return to Boom! comics while the company was doing great things with the Disney duck comics. The line was as short lived as the liscense would allow but produced goood comics. The original 90s show was non-sequential while the comics built a sturdy story arc.

Besides returning to comics—Disney does own Marvel now and still has their own Italian comics lineup–the show needs to return. Non-Sequential worked well before. A new more modern cartoon with interlocking stories more akin to Young Justice than Super Friends would be a nice start too.

Toys? Of course they need toys.

Disney and Pixar already has Cars and Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear toys from ImagiNext. A Thunderquack the size of a Batplane would look great and be affordable. Two packs of Darkwing Duck Characters would make nice pairings. All could work with Gotham City playsets or some older urban areas could be repainted as St. Canard the home of the masked mallard.

Sure, the Disney acquisition of Lucas Films is about to make a lot and a lot of money. But surely they can also market their own in-house brands to fortune too.

As Darkwing Duck said, “use your head and when that doesn’t work use something bigger.”


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