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Sell for love?
Published on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 by


Say it ain’t so Onur! It is a classic geek dilemma. Collecting vs. Loving. Some choose wrong. Curling up with a mint in box action figure on a cold, cold night just damages the cardboard. Although, being forced to sell off beloved collectibles is also a b-move.

So in the short Kotaku article, Onur is selling off a beloved video game collection to pay for furniture. It could be maturation, transferring stored wealth and fun goodness into liquid capital that can be reinvested toward other commodities. Wealth must be transferred to reflect priorities and needs. That is understandable.

Is Onur being forced to change to match a mate? Hopefully not. I’ve seen that go awry in marriages in the past. Men being forced to sell off or hide–they said they were gone–the collectibles to make a woman happy. I’ve never seen that end well. I’ve seen the closets of secreted toys and collectibles stashed with friends, but not end well.

Hopefully that is not the situation Onur finds himself in. Hopefully the quote quickly used in the article rings true that he is shifting priories. That seems like a situation that might work out.

I had a friend once that sold off most of a 60s-70s Marvel comics collection to pay for his heat and provide for his family. I’d like to think that if I ever must that I could. Luckily, I’ve never had to find out. So, I don’t know.

Sad story? Seems subjective.

The point of this rant? Relationship advice. Let’s turn to an installment of Dear Geeky.

Dear Geeky,

I met this totally hot chick in a bar and now we’re in love and she’s moving in with me later tonight. It just so happened that she needed a place to live and I totally had my own apartment. She wants me to throw out the vintage boxes that belong with my collectibles so she can have a space in the closet? What do I do?


Desperate in Detroit

Dear Desperate,

Kick her to the curb. She’s not “needing a place to live” she’s homeless. She doesn’t love you. She wants your apartment. She will dump you and force you to move out before you remember that your name is on the lease.

Stay Geeky

Dear Geeky,

I just remet up with an old girl friend on Facebook. We’ve been poking each others wall for a while now and getting to know each other. We play JewelCrush VI together all night long. I’m not sure how to tell her about the room in my house that has the walls lined with Simpson’s Figures MIB. How do I break it to her?

Single in Springfield

Dear Single,

Unless your obsession includes putting lotion in the basket, then IF she loves you she should love your obsessions.

Stay Geeky

Dear Geeky,

I love my comics. But you know, I have a baby on the way and we could really use a nursery so the man cave might have to go. I’m thinking of selling off the collection to buy a crib.

Father to be in Florida

Dear Daddy,

Do what you gotta do!

Stay Geeky

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