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Save Futurama…again
Published on Monday, April 22, 2013 by

Futurama is cancelled again.Veteran voice actor Maurice LaMarche advocates for a letter writing campaign to once again save the show.

His Facebook page reads:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Futurama WILL get to Season 10. It just may take until 2022 to get there. So, start those petitions, write those letters (and by the way, this is one way snail mail is superior to email; in the market research world, a paper letter with a stamp on it counts for something like 1,100 people, whereas an email counts as 1 person. But, hey, send both! You’ll count as 1,101 people!) and let your feelings be known, Futurama Friends! If they hear from enough if you, the show WILL come back! Although, how having almost 27 MILLION Facebook Likes isn’t counting for something, I cannot fathom.

Veteran Maurice LaMarche has been in voice acting for a while. He’s had notable roles on long and short running cartoons and movies. His insights on paper vs virtual seem almost quaintly old fashioned but he has a point. Futurama’s 27 Million + Facebook fans should count for some staying power in this generation of social networking.

Television and original programming is shifting. Perhaps Futurama will benefit like Arrested Development by a deal beyond television. Subscription Services- like AmazonPrime and HuluPlus–are following the model of late 90s cable television and banking on success. NPR noted that Arrested Development, Downtown Abbey, and other shows do well on streaming services, but the new wave of new programming, again wtih Arrested Development and Battleground. A new wave of programming should arise with this new process of viewer-direct non-cable process.

While Fox is removing Family Guy from websites and streaming–because of incensitive Boston references the future of Futurama is in the hands of the fans and not the networks.

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    • FOX television still retains the rights to the show and the rights to air new episodes. If they can sign a deal with Cartoon Network like they did with Family Guy and American Dad, they can air it on Sundays in the slot where the now cancelled Cleveland show airs. It would fit perfect and would probably get way better ratings. I would really hate to see this show die again when the FEW episodes that Comedy Central airs every year still don’t get the attention they deserve.


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