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FCBD13: DC Nation, Marvel, TMNT Samplers
Published on Sunday, May 5, 2013 by

DC Nation Super Sampler was one of the all ages books available this year at Free Comic Book Day. In general, I’m always a fan of Free Comic Book Day. This may be the best holiday of the year. The 12th FCBD was no exception. The comic lineup was great. The heavy inclusion of all ages books was great. My local comic shop had a line around the building before it opened at 10:00 and the line remained well past 11:00 an hour into the event. I always like seeing the comic shop swarmed. I like seeing new people crowding inside trying to figure out what is going on. I hope this years event was good for everyone, especially the local comic shops that pull off great events.

As way of highlighting some great books from this years event, I want to offer a few reviews. The comic I am most excited about this morning, the morning after FCBD, is not the one I thought I’d be the most excited about. DC Nation Super Sampler was a book I intended to pick up but not one I thought would leave me smiling.

DC Nation Super Sampler

fcbd2013covers_047The Sampler contains a peek at the new DC Nation shows: Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go!.

As a long time Young Justice fan, the DC Nation shakeup on Cartoon Network has not been an easy transition for me. While I’m happy Young Justice ends on a high note and before the shark jumping that happens to series running past their prime, I am upset that it ended. Great show. Great related comic. Great gateway for new fans and old into and back into comics.

Replacing Green Lantern and Young Justice with Beware the Batman and a revived Teen Titans with changed animation under the former comic title Teen Titans Go! has been a move highly commented upon by fans across the geekyinterwebs.

I don’t watch cable so I can’t tell you if Beware the Batman ever debutted. I know it was held up once by a gun redesign which is why it did not premiere after the Nolan trilogy wrapped.

Is it on TV yet? I don’t know. So, this is my first look at this new Batman telling designed to rekindle some older but less than classic villains. The quick, action focused sample was basically lack luster. It is a slightly different take on the character but it still feels Bat familiar in a lot of ways.

The more interesting part of the Sampler was a peek at Teen Titans Go! The last time a comic wore this title I was a fan. The comic loosely tied into the first five seasons of Teen Titans was an odd companion book. The title was aimed at an even younger audience than the show. The comic capitalized on the abusrd with puzzles and jokes woven into a loose story structure.

I’m pleased to see the same feeling and format return in the comic sampler version of Teen Titans Go!.

The new season of Teen Titans, which I know is still dividing online fandom, has episodes up on Youtube, so I’ve caught those. From what I’ve seen it is fun, but it is only tangentially related to the first five seasons of Teen Titans. The show’s animation has changed. While the voice actors have remained the same the cast’s personality has shifted. The more comedic show is fun but it doesn’t seem like it will have those gritty story arcs that made the first five seasons fun for more than just kids.

Teen Titans Go! the comic makes perhaps more sense with this newer, funnier TV show.

Teen Titans Go! is a great comic that I’d love to collect again. Even if I don’t tune in regularly to the show, and even if ImagiNext toys do seem doubtful, I could see myself collecting Go! again.

Don’t let the cartoon antics fool you. Go! is sophisticated. Crossword puzzles, mazes, and connect the dots woven into the humor and action packed story lines do not look like an easy combination.

Go! will suprise you.

Is Tera coming back to the Teen Titans Go! show? She’s in the comic.

Marvel Universe Sampler

fcbd2013covers_046While the DC Sampler held a Teen Titans surprise, the Marvel cartoon preview tie-in comic was lack luster. Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. might turn out to be a wonderful story, but this peek explained almost nothing about backgrounds and very little about motivations. The cast shot seems to pull from the last decades of story, including World War Hulk and Red Hulk, both of which will be interesting in a kid’s comic.

Avengers Assemble might also be cool as a tv show, but the sample was lacking. The fight scene introduced familiar Avengers fighting a common problem. That’s it.

Not much of a taste of either comic or show. Both shows are starting in August on Disney XD.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures

fcbd2013covers_006It is not surprising that I loved this book. I’m a turtle fan. I’ve liked the grittier stories being told by IDW, but a chance for a little more family friendly comic in that world is fun too.

This story has the turtle brothers switching weapons purposefully to learn a new lesson. Added bonus: Purple Dragons and Stockman robots. The real treat is still watching Splinter show his sons up.

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