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Krrish 3 without a 2?
Published on Monday, May 6, 2013 by

Still confused about why a production company would reboot the Spider-Man franchise post-Raimi without tying it into the Avengers? Product licensing can become complicated. I know different companies are in charge of various and apparently seperate Marvel movie franchises but I still can’t figure out why the companies aren’t teaming up to share the wealth. Still makes more sense than Krrish 3 not following Krrish 2. Krrish was a Indian/Bollywood sci-fi superhero movie that’s box office performance is often described as a flop. Although that is a debatable term when it is away from economic moorings.

The sequel is now slated to be released in 2013 dubbed Krrish 3.

Krrish 3 without Krrish 2 makes the Marvel movie mayhem seem down right sensical.

As a casual fan of Indian sci-fi films and hero tales I have to wonder if the film makers will later add a Krrish 2. Since the age jump betweeen Krrish and Krrish 3 apparently leaves room for a missing movie perhaps the franchise will develop out of chronological release order. That would be an interesting movie move in a generation of franchises, sequels, and prequels. Out of order movies would still be novel.

The question posed by the casual fan at the odd numbering is that the true answer is that the movie Krrish is itself a sequel. Koi Mil Gaya (2003) reveals the origin of aliens and super powers. Krrish itself is the unspoken #2. You need all the information to make it make sense if sci-fi hero movies must make sense.

Krrish (2006) is an example of how Bollywood sci-fi never quite performs well at the box office. Although that is a relative term since the movie did well enough to earn a sequel. The sequel will cross over with Ra.One, another Indian sci-fi-hero movie that deserves a sequel soon. Pulling the adult hero into the same world as the popular video game character sounds like an interesting way to build a cross company sci-fi world view.

Thought the Marvel Movies made a nice collaboration? Of course they did, at least with the appropriately held licenses.  Bollywood has cross company commitment to various sci-fi properties connecting cameos between Krrish 3, Ra.One, and Robot.

Why don’t Bollywood sci-fi movies work? That’s a debatable question. I’d argue that despite unpleasant box office results these movies do work.

I disagree with¬† Ram Gopal Varma’s assessment about 3D films.

But at the same time it inspired Ram Gopal Varma to make two 3D films. However, the filmmaker concedes Bollywood can never match Hollywood’s technical sensibilities. “I don’t think we’ll ever reach that level because we are like 100 years behind them (Hollywood) so by the time if we even reach, they’ll be 500 years ahead of us. Even to copy what they make takes us decades,” Varma.

With much respect to the body of work, I’m not sure that chasing CGI and effects make the strongest movie. Sadly, before 2012 3D movies were an oddity in India. 2013 sees 3D being the norm because of the influence of imported American films in India. Krrish, Ra.One, Robot, and other movies chasing import competition is problematic. Market trends following the imported Amazing Spider-Man instead of the domestic films is problematic. I love Bollywood films particularly because they just don’t move like American movies. The cultural resonating in Bollywood films must not be that important if market trends force cultural trends to outsell homegrown efforts.

Forget discussions of international grosses, these sci-fi movies are fun.

They are well made.

They are worth watching.

They are universally missed by American audiences despite being domestically available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

5 Recommended Films

  1. Mr. India
  2. Koi Mil Gaya
  3. Krrish
  4. Love Story 2050
  5. Robot

I stand by recommending at least three of those films. Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish represent the same franchise. Robot has its oddities but it is a great story with a new look at Asmov’s robotics rules.

My Recommendations:

  1. Koi Mil Gaya
  2. Krrish
  3. Robot
  4. Ra.One
  5. whatever comes next to push this genre forward in India. Hopefully that will be Krrish 3. Only November will tell.

Sometimes we just need to look outside of the theater conventions that we know and explore what else can be done in comics, on film, and leave the old arguments behind in any culture.

2 Responses
    • “Krrish (2006) is an example of how Bollywood sci-fi never quite performs well at the box office”. – You should do your research better than this. Krrish was a blockbuster and 2nd highest grossing Bollywood movie of year in 2006.

      Also, have you even watched Love story 2050? Else you would not be recommending it. BTW, it has a 2.6 rating on IMDB, but its horrible than that.

    • For the first Hindi superhero film, I think it’s a great movie (aside from the very annoying Honey) and Hrithik Roshan kicks major butt as both Krrish and his father!! It’s a fun movie and so is Koi Mil Gaya, so watch with an open heart and one day you too will beat Toofan in a race!! LOL


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