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Published on Saturday, May 25, 2013 by

In case you are a superhero comic fan that is not subscribing to the AARP magazine, I wanted to highlight a recent one page article by Betsy TownerIn theme with the AARP mission, Towner discusses the “Golden Aged Heroes” that would qualifity for AARP cards given their ages –50 years or older.  Spider-Man created in ’62 received his own title in ’63 which qalifies him for an AARP card, as well as the Avengers and X-Men since both teams came together in their onw titles in ’63.  All of those noted examples are not only still carrying their own comic titles fifty years later in 2013, but all of them are being revived with on-going film franchises. The X-Men franchise is still going strong in 2013 with Wolverine—a younger member of the X-groups—and an upcoming Days of Future Past film.  Avengers are becoming synonmous with Marvel Movies while fans awiat Jamie Fox’s take on Electro in the 2nd Amazing Spider-Man film.

Returning to Towner’s AARP article, featuring fun nostalgic artowrk so be sure to track down an issue and take a look for yourself–one of the fun inclusions is her guesses at what encore careers heores should lead. For non-AARP readers, encore careers are a festive way to describe post-retirement age returns to the job force. Encore careers are sometimes a result of investments not carrying through retirement, but at other times the encore career is a way to keep the senior active.

Towner offers the following possibilities for veteran superheroes that need to move into encore careers:

Superman (1938): Return to mild-mannered reporting, using your powers to save newspapers everywhere.

Batman (1939): Trade mask and tripped-out bat gear for a low-key life designing man caves.

Wonder Woman (1941): Enter airline indusry and sell invisible jets. Use slogan “We love to fly and it doesn’t show.”

Captain America (1941): Head up an Avengers All-Star USO Tour. Fire up troops with your inexhaustible patriotism.

The only Marvel entry draws from the Avengers movie franchise, but otherwise she puts together a great tongue and cheek list. Since she is writing to the new wave of senior reader, Towner also offers www.aarpo.or/comicheroes and Twitter hastage: #Next4heroes so that the AARP readers can write social media in their own encore career expectations for the aging heroes.

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