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Bring it Back!
Published on Monday, June 3, 2013 by

Sure, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, but that is not keeping the powers that be from reviving SOME of the properties from our youth. G.I. Joe, Transformers, and other nostalgic throwbacks often take center stage here on TheComixVerse. But what properties should be revived?

Obligatory Firefly reference here.

Now that is over, Captain Power needs mentioning again. Sure, the lightgun feature wasn’t quite all it was advertised to be but it was still high tech compared to other shows. A property aimed at kids that featured adult themes? That sounds like it is ripe for a reboot pitched to the now adult colectors waxing nostalgic for 1987 again. No new news on a reboot since 2011?   Little information past 2012? Still being shopped around?

On the top of my list is always Captain Power.

Battling for the top position is Biker Mice From Mars. The European continuation of the original show calmed down the camp and kept the action and teamwork.  The newer show sported great toys in Europe that were never released in America. That is not surprising since the show itself struggled to find a domestic time slot and ultimately failed.

Both of these projects need to comeback around again.

4 Responses
    • My wife would love you forever if you could bring Biker Mice back! Great choices sir!

      • Glad to hear it. That show and property is undervalued. It is seen as a TMNT clone which makes sense as a claim. However, it wound up creating something better than most of the other Street Sharks and Battle Toads. The original run of the show was a bit goofy—but given that it was mostly a clone of the 90s TMNT cartoon that makes sense. Solid characters in the odd little plots provided a loose continuity that the second run of the show could build upon. Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Listen to your wife and enjoy this property too!

    • Oh my goodness I totally agree! Captain Power needs to be brought back, like yesterday! I can’t wait for a future where we get to see some new Captain Power! Biker Mice from Mars would be cool too!

    • captain power would be cool brought back espically given the interactive affect of the toys given how tv is becoming more and more that way. plus biker mice from mars needs to join the other things like it that have been brought back. namely joining the tmnt for a new go round. followed by swat. kats


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