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Summer Reading List
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I’m the first to decry Wal-Mart for running small locally owned businesses into the ground. Fairplay, I should mention when they do something right. On a recent trip to Wal-Mart I spotted a Scholastic Book display in front of the electronics. The display–seperate from the usual small book and magazine aisle–promoted summer reading. Summer Reading is a fond memory of graduates everywhere.I believe that everyone should advocate for literacy, not just the skill but the love of using that skill.

Perhaps its the teacher in me. Perhaps its the parent speaking up. Perhaps its because I love literature and comics and want to see these passed to future generations, but a summer reading list is a great item for parents and children to share.

Summer 2013 has Wal-Mart selling Image Comics trades of Super Dinosaur.SUPER DINOSAUR, VOL. 1 TP (SEP110433, ISBN: 978-1-60706-420-6), a 128-page full-color all ages action adventure trade paperback for $9.99, will be on sale in stores November 23. For more information about the awesomeness that is Super Dinosaur, visit

Robert Kirkman has been on Wal-Mart shelves in the past making his work more accessible to the masses, but it is nice to see his all ages book have the oppurtunity.

I was happy to finally pick up the first 3 volumes all with Wal-Marts rolled back pricing. I saved a womping 2% on the first trade volume and 24% on the 2nd and 3rd.

Also on the Wal-Mart sales display was perineal classic Captain Underpants. That is another fun title known to kids of the past several years that merges jokes and comic form in a manner similar to Teen Titans Go.

I’d place Super Dinosaurs, Captain Underpants, and Teen Titans Go on any young reader’s summer reading list. For older children I’d recommend Tech Jacket, Astounding Wolfman, and Invincible.

What else do you recommend for young readers summer reading lists? Comment below!

Bring It Back

Nostalgia is fun and proven marketable. I am constantly extoling the virtues of well done revived properties from my childhood. Last week in this column, I advocated for Biker Mice from Mars and Captain Power. Similarly, other bloggers advocated for ExoSquad, Green Hornet, Land of the Lost, Buck Rogers, Six Million Dollar Man, and California Raisins. Additionally, bloggers last week advocated for a return of certain comic titles to be revived including Doom Patrol an Spider-Man 2099 which I also agree on.

After crafting last week’s blog in response to the League prompt I refound the MC2 on my night stand. Spider-Girl by Tom DeFalco was a comic that struggled to find its sales but it is one that I still use as a gateway to other comics. The universe was the natural extension of a Marvel continuity that wasn’t reset with a reboot but instead let the heroes age into retirement and new heroes arise. Spider-Girl was a fun mix of superhero tropes and high school problems. After reading some Fantastic Five and Spider-Girl I found myself buying Wild Thing, J2, A-Next trades online so I can read more of this fun world. So while I think this entire continuity should be added back to the Marvel Comics lineup, and I still think it would make a great cartoon or DVD, I also think it should be on the Summer Reading lists for fans young and old.

MC2 is a great gateway comic world. It’s fun and accessible.

The trades were originally sized and intended to hit K-Mart and other retailers shelves. The pocket digests were supposed to be porable and young hand friendly. They still are. Even with that deal only an internet memory these books are still great for readers of all ages.

What else do you think should come back? Comment Below!

Super Dinosaur Peek

Here are a few peeks inside of Super Dinosaur in case you have missed it. Missles and dinosaurs are a great visual combinations.

Fantastic First Issue:



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