The GeeksverseBDI announces Shahrazad details

BDI announces Shahrazad details
Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 by

Big Dog Ink announces the hottest release of the Summer: Shahrazad!  You’ve heard of the 1001 Arabian Knights, the tales told by the Arabian Queen to pique her Sultan husband’s interest and spare her life night after night.  But the most important story is still left to be told, that of Shahrazad herself.  What happens when our brave heroine has experienced so much, told and lived so many tales?  Will they remain unique and separate memories, or will they mesh into something beyond belief?  Fantasies and realities meet with an incredible result in this truly epic exercise in creativity in a comic book!

Shahrazad_BDIFrom the press release: Big Dog Ink is out to prove that when it comes to a comic book, fans can indeed have it all.  We’ve partnered with Bluerainbow Online to put together a top notch art team that compliments the rich, inventive and unique story of the many lives of our Queen of Storytellers.  Mike Krome, Nei Ruffino and J. Scott Campbell, all amazing artists normally reserved for the variant or exclusive market, will grace retail interior pages and covers every month.  And if that weren’t enough, the exclusives offered for various Big Dog Ink convention appearances will be second to none!  Join us on an amazing adventure starting this August as Big Dog Ink takes you beyond where any other comic book has ever taken you, with Shahrazad!

Shahrazad: Prologue is currently solicited in the June previews for August Release with a cover price of $1.99.  Shahrazad the ongoing series will release monthly and ongoing, starting with issue #1 in November available for pre-order in the September previews.  For more information or promotional materials see or drop an email to

About Big Dog Ink

Founded in 2009, Big Dog Ink is an independent publisher of diverse comic book properties such as PENNY FOR YOUR SOUL, URSA MINOR, CRITTER, KNIGHTINGAIL and REX: ZOMBIE KILLER.  Since its inception, Big Dog Ink has quickly become a top publisher in the industry with its hit series, THE LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST, which has consistently charted in the “Diamond Top 300″ list.  BDI has gained a loyal fan following due to our high quality art, stories and dedication to elevating the art of small press and creator owned publishing.

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