The GeeksverseNEWS | Sons of Anarchy comic to debut in September from BOOM! Studios

NEWS | Sons of Anarchy comic to debut in September from BOOM! Studios
Published on Thursday, June 13, 2013 by
Latest “visual press release” from BOOM! Studios indicates a September launch for licensed comic based on the hit FX drama.

Fresh from the fine folks at BOOM! Studios, and presented without further comment:


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    • I’m a huge fan of this show and comics so this seems cool. However, I’ll be the first to admit that this seems like an odd promotion for that show. Lots of motorcycles in comics but I don’t think this is a title that every fan is going to flock to pick up.

    • The above teaser hit without further adieu, but as with all things that hub bub began to bubble up.

      CBR has revealed the creative team for the initial six-issue SoA mini-series to include writer Christopher Golden (Hellboy), artist Damian Couceiro (Planet of the Apes, Irredeemable) and cover artist R.M. Guera (Scalped).
      This is a great lineup. What has yet to hit the fanwebs is word about Kurt Sutter’s involvement in the project. Sutter has been the driving force behind the chopper opera since its inception. He has kept his hand on the throttle and kept the curves wild thus far with these characters so surely he’ll have some hand in plotting these paged adventures.

      Details are still sparse 12 hours after the first teaser. CBR is also reporting that this comic adventure will be a stand alone tale tied to the history of the club, SAMCRO, but does not reveal if this follows bikers we know or bikers that have only been driving ghosts in the television shows.

      More information will follow between now and this comic roaring onto news stands in September. Some will pan out. Some will knuckle under. Some will be writers just trying to excercise 88″es of motorcycle related puns–like the HD referencing pan and knuckle in the previous sentences. In the end, only time will tell and we will have to read and find out. Stay tuned!

      Sutter has said this show will only run 7 seasons. What else happens with these characters? Apparently comics are a possibility.

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