The GeeksverseAdvanced Review: Invincible #103

Advanced Review: Invincible #103
Published on Monday, June 17, 2013 by

Long time fan picking up the series after a buying hiatus jumps back in at Invincible #103. Is this a good jumping in point?The creative lineup hasn’t changed since I last picked up an Invincible comic last.

  • Robert Kirkman, Writer
  • Ryan Ottley, Penciler
  • Cliff Rathburn, Inker
  • Rus Wooton, Letterer

The familiar names are still creating a familiar world aesthetic.

The story still weaves itself in the Kirkman-Larsen fashion with long running consequences. This issue, #103, ties into events that happened way back in issue #37 and the Guardian of the Globe miniseries. That is a good reward for long time fans and long time readers. Admittedly, I’ve been out of the loop for a while on a brief reading hiatus. So, I’m a little behind and rusty on my Invincible trivia. Luckily, everything is explained in this issue well whether you have a photographic memory of every hero loving event or if you’re a newish reader. I’m a fan of the narrative style that lets character decisions have permenant consequences, but I truly love that these still stay accessible.

The story has heart. This book is trying to balance the hero with the alternate identity at home.

Mark and his relationship with Eve has been a Ross-Rachel for years. I missed their latest exploits. I’ve missed when she became pregnant, but here she is, trying to not use her powers so she can protect her unborn child. It is a fun hero trope playfully explored. It’s been done before but it is executed well here.

While I was disapointed with the execution of the first Guardians miniseries these are excellent super hero characters. It is good to visit with their quirks again.

Financially I’ve had to take a break from buying comics. Personally, I’ve been off spending more time with my family and less time reading. It’s good to be back. I’ve recently caught up on the first 17 issues of Super Dinosaur in trade and remembered why I love Robert Kirkman’s writing. This issue of Invincible #103 has all of those fun aspects of any Kirkman story. Heroes, villains, lives in balance, and a nice throwback to a long-running, on again-off again Marvel story that started with Kirkman’s first two volumes.

New Readers? This is a decent starting point for new readers. It is a better starting point for old readers pikcing it up again.

Upcoming Invincible

If you’re like me and falling behind on Image’s Invincible hero and his latest exploits then you may also be curious what is hitting the shelves soon. The on-going series, the tie-ins, and the trade collections are all great ways to catch up and jump back in fists blazing.

It’s a new day dawning for everyone’s favorite superhero. If you’ve ever wanted to jump onto INVINCIBLE without shelling out the money for 18 collected editions, this would be the perfect issue to start with.
On Sale:August 14, 2013
It’s here: the second massive paperback collection of the greatest superhero comic in the universe! Witness Invincible’s transition from new kid on the block to established superhero!Collects INVINCIBLE #48-96.
On Sale:August 07, 2013
As the UN gathers to enforce the Dinosaurus Protocols, Cecil is pushed to the limit. Just who are those unsanctioned agents infiltrating North Korea?
On Sale:August 07, 2013
Genres:School Life, Superhero
Mark Grayson’s entire life as a superhero, all he’s learned, all he’s endured, it’s all been leading to this one moment. Will he become the hero he was meant to or will he choose… a DIFFERENT path?Collects issues #97-102 of the greatest super hero comic in the universe.
On Sale:July 31, 2013
The wrath of Angstrom Levy takes its toll.
On Sale: July 17, 2013
No one is better than Best Tiger.
On Sale:July 03, 2013
Chupacabra is a recovering alcoholic with a lot to atone for. But will he find redemption in Siberia, at the hands of his dead teammate’s family, or climb back into the bottle?

Walking Dead News

In related Robert Kirkman news, the 111th issue of Walking Dead hit comic shop shelves last week. Additionally, the series is finally being translated!

Bestselling Image Comics/Skybound graphic novel gets translation

Its collections are the country’s best-selling graphic novels, it has been adapted into the top-rated television series in basic cable history, its 100th issue sold more copies than any other comic book in the 21st century, and now THE WALKING DEAD is breaking new ground by becoming Image Comics’ and Skybound’s first Spanish-language publication. A Spanish translation of THE WALKING DEAD VOLUME ONE: DAYS GONE BYE by Robert Kirkman, with art by Tony Moore, will be available for the first time in United States in September 2013.

“We’re excited to bring The Walking Dead to the Spanish-speaking market in the United States,” said Skybound’s Director of Business Development Shawn Kirkham. “Our hope is that The Walking Dead in Spanish will help develop a new fan base in this emerging market for comic books.

The first volume of THE WALKING DEAD collects the first six issues of the series, which will reach its 116th issue in September. The Spanish language edition of DAYS GONE BYE (DÍAS PASADOS) will be available for pre-order in July. Subsequent translated editions of THE WALKING DEAD will be published quarterly.


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