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News | Transformers 4 Chinese Partnership Details
Published on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 by

Recently attention has been placed on American film compaines partnering with Chinese firms. This partnership give American films a fighting chance in the Chinese market. Recently, Iron Man 3 was able to premiere with an opening weekend in China and America on the same weekend. Now, Transformers appears to be finding Chinese partners in Beijing Pangu Investment.

Speculation about Chinese partnering has been swarming fansites for a while. Detroit set dressings seem to suggest that part of the film being filmed stateside will take place in China. Even in the hubub around Iron Man 3, the details for Parmount’s appeal to China were released. The reality TV actor search was a notable headline.

The Hollowod Reporter reports more details.  Beijing Pangu Investment has officially signed on with the production partnership providing financial resource to the producting in exchange for the company’s building being shown in the film. Most Americans and Europeans may not recognize the Pangu Plaza Hotel, but since it is the landmark building for Pangu Investment and presumably Asian audiences this is a notable inclusion. Additionally, Beijing National Stadium and Beijing National Aquatics Center will be shown. Both sports venues are apparently near Pangu Plaza Hotel.

While these connections may not seem to be the most important to some American fans, the impact on Paramount’s ability to break into the Chinese market are notable. Chinese authorities have given American movies limited importation and poor scheduling on releases. In China Amazing Spider-Man and Batman’s Dark Knight were released the same weekend in limited theaters to forestall the sale leaving American movies earning less than Chinese created films.

Iron Man 3 was able to dictate better release schedule recently.

Parmount’s increased Chinese inclusion should help the company on this and future films aimed at China. This may prove an even more important partnership as American film industry notables declare the inevitable end to the Blockbusters and foresee a shift in American film on the horizon.

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