The GeeksverseHorizon’s End Continues To Try and Bring Darryl Banks Back To Comics

Horizon’s End Continues To Try and Bring Darryl Banks Back To Comics
Published on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 by

Despite a KickStarter campaign that didn’t get off the ground, comics newcomer authors Chris Delloiacono and Daron Kappauff remain committed to getting Horizon’s End published, and they still want Darryl Banks to be the man to illustrate it.Back in June, The Comixverse discussed Horizon’s End, a sci-fi comic that hopes to bring Darryl Banks (of Green Lantern fame) back to comics, and interviewed Delloiacono and Kappauff. On their Facebook page today, the writers provided a brief status update:

Hello everyone.

Since a lot of people have asked about the project since the Kickstarter campaign ended, we thought we’d let you all know what’s happening.

As of a few minutes ago, we’ve confirmed that everyone involved in the project is still 100% behind it, and we’re happy to announce that we’re moving forward with an official submission package that we’re going to be submitting to the major publishers: Image, Dark Horse, Boom!, and etc.

(We may also do a smaller Kickstarter to get us going – depending on a list of variable we won’t get into now).

Anyway, that’s where we are now. We’ll keep you all up to date on things as we progress, and we’ll post new images as they are finished.

Horizon’s End has only just begun! Thanks for all the support!

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Darryl Banks' promo image - colored by Moose Baumann

Darryl Banks’ promo image – colored by Moose Baumann

Stephane Roux's Cover - colored by Moose Baumann

Stephane Roux’s Cover – colored by Moose Baumann

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