The GeeksverseNEWS Round-up | Week of August 24, 2013

NEWS Round-up | Week of August 24, 2013
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[UPDATED] It’s a DC-heavy news week as Ben Affleck gets cast as Batman, DC introduces a new Lobo design, word comes out of Fan Expo Canada of an upcoming Justice League of Canada (?!) title,  and more.

“Not the Batman [the fans] want, but the Batman [the fans] deserve.”

Because the news always goes down better when it’s delivered via sardonic Taiwanese animation:

Also, before any of you Rational Internet Guys start in with the “Why can’t we just reserve judgement and wait for the movie” counter-rants, can you just let us have this please? It’s been a long week in the real world and we need the laughs.

Anyway here are some of the Twitter reactions to the casting from the comics and film industries:






With word going round that the upcoming Superman vs. Batman film will take its cues from 1986’s The Dark Knight Returns, it would have been nice to hear what Frank Miller’s opinion of the casting is, but the man’s been giving Twitter the silent treatment for quite some time now and his Twitter doppelgangers, Fake Frank Miller I and Fake Frank Miller II, haven’t weighed in on the news, either.

Justice League of Canada to debut in 2014

The Toronto Star is reporting that DC is set to launch a Justice League of Canada title in the spring of 2014. Not only that, the series will actually replace the current Justice League of America book, with the cast of the latter title relocating to Canada for reasons that have yet to be revealed. Comparisons to Marvel’s Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight will be unwarranted, notes series writer (and Ontario native) Jeff Lemire (Trillium, Sweet Tooth), since

… we’re not creating a bunch of very Canadian characters. Like [Alpha Flight is] all almost clichéd Canadian archetypes. This is still very much set in the regular Justice League universe and the team will still have some of the bigger named superheroes, but they will actually be located in Canada now, and there will be a couple of new members who are Canadian.

Sounds like it could be a temporary set-up to us, sort of like how the 1980s Justice League comic became Justice League International for a stretch of 19 issues before being retitled as Justice League of America in the summer of 1989. Justice League International did get its own standalone title in 1993, though, so maybe we’ll eventually see Justice League of America and Justice League of Canada co-exist.


Lobo? More like… Nobo? LoBlo? Eh, we got nothin’!

Via a Bob Harras posting at the DC Comics blog, here is your all-new, redesigned for late 2013 Lobo:


Below are the three other candidate designs artist Kenneth Rocafort submitted, but were ultimately rejected in favor of Mr. Romance Novel Cover Model above (click on the thumbnails to view images in larger size):

Something worth noting:

While the slimmed-down, clean-shaven look is a departure from the appearance most readers are familiar with, the earliest versions of Lobo actually were relatively slight in build for a super-character and did not sport a moustache (the image on the left is from his first appearance in Omega Man #3 drawn by Keith Giffen, cover-dated June 1983 while the image on the right is from Justice League International #19 drawn by Kevin Maguire, cover-dated November 1988):


Still, we think that it’s a bit of a shame that the most popular look for the character has been jettisoned for a somewhat more generic-looking aesthetic. If nothing else, the Simon Bisley design that gave Lobo a bulkier physique, much wilder hair, and a space biker costume in 1990 and later popularized by 1990s Lobo ongoing series artist Val Semeiks has a distinctive silhouette that translates so well graphically not just in comics, but in animation as well:


We realize that the world of comics and comics-based entertainment is big enough for radically different interpretations of a character to co-exist in mass media, but at the same time, in terms of character design principles, there’s probably a line that separates “update/reinterpretation” from “a different character altogether.” Does the new version of The Big Bastich cross that line? Or is DC simply bringing the design back in line with its roots? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter.

Can’t we all just get along? (Yes, maybe we can)

Bleeding Cool‘s Rich Johnston and The Beat‘s Heidi McDonald really got into it over the issue of Avatar Press’ “Torture Variant” covers for the company’s zombie comic Crossed. In the end though, the debate came to quite a rather civil, “let’s agree to disagree” end with McDonald writing out a thoughtful summary of the the whole affair, quoting Warren Ellis and including a response to the controversy by Crossed writer Justin Jordan. Here are the most relevant articles in the online exchange:

  • So what kind of person buys a “Torture variant” cover anyway? (The Beat)
  • Crossed, Misogyny, Torture Covers And Mad Magazine (Bleeding Cool)
  • Crossed, Extinction Parade and Uber – More Vile Covers From Avatar For Toronto Fan Expo – You Really Should Be Ashamed (Bleeding Cool)
  • The week in review: No one did anything they didn’t want to (The Beat)

Janet Hamlin talks about Sketching Guantanamo

Via the Fantagraphics blog, courtroom sketch artist Janet Hamlin talks to the Al-Arabiya channel about her work on Sketching Guantanamo: Court Sketches of the Military Tribunals, 2006-2013, a collection of her courtroom sketches and a chronicle of her experiences at Guantanamo:

To date, Hamlin is the only courtroom sketch artist to have worked on the Guantanamo military tribunals (cameras are barred from the trials), so her book should offer a look at the proceedings that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Odds and sods

More news from around the world of comics

  • Geek love: A couple who first met two years ago at the Toronto Fan Expo will be celebrating their honeymoon this weekend at Fan Expo Canada (Toronto Star)
  • Check out the pictures from the 14th annual Taipei Comic Convention, which saw over half a million attendees. (Crunchy Roll)
  • Jeffrey Trexler, with a comprehensive overview of the dispute between Marvel and Jack Kirby’s heirs. (The Comics Journal)
  • iVerse Account Director Josh Elder and Brodart Co. Vice President Gretchen Herman explain their respective companies’ new joint service providing libraries with online access to over 7,000 graphic novels. (MTV Geek)
  • BOOM! Studios launches Artists Submissions Page on Facebook for aspiring comics illustrators. (Comixverse)
  • Author Rob Salkowitz offers comics store owners tips on how they can compete with much cheaper online retailers. (ICv2)
  • Think your G/VG-condition Uncanny X-Men #137 is going to help pay for your kid’s college tuition? Think again. Frank Santoro and his buddy Spahr checked and it’s going for $2 on eBay. The market is flooded, apparently, by collectors trying to unload their collections all at the same time. (The Comics Journal)
  • Bradley Cooper in Talks to Voice Rocket Raccoon in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Scott Mendelson looks back on Blade and how it influenced the current raft of superhero movies. (
  • North American manga publisher Yen Press acquires the rights to the Sword Art Online and Accel World light novels. (Anime News Network)

In case you missed them…

Don’t forget that we regularly post new previews of trade paperbacks and hardcovers. This week, we’ve got sneak peeks of three titles including a full 8-page short story from the Crime Does Not Pay Archives Vol. 5 hardcover. We also have the November 2013 solicitations from BOOM! Studios, IDW, and Image Comics, complete with cover images.

On the Leaving Proof front, we talk about Kick-Ass 2 and whether or not there’s a causal link between violence in fiction and real-world violence, we remember the late Jun Sadogawa’s Muteki Kanban Musume, share our thoughts on trends in film fight choreography, and more in Leaving Proof 198.

We also reviewed Trillium #1, Collider #1, Robocop: Last Stand #1, Halo: Initiation #1, and a bunch of other first issues in the latest edition of First Impressions.

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