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From the Fan’s Desk | Marvel’s Tease-a-Rama
Published on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 by
Marvel loves its teasers and the past two weeks, leading up to New York Comic Con have seen a lot of one-word teaser sheets released. Are these new books, new storylines? Is everyone tired of them?

Teasers exist for a reason. They’re used to… well… tease a project, get people excited, curious. The modern comics hobby is expensive and most of us have a set budget each month for purchases. The publishers know this, so they use the teasers to get us thinking about upcoming projects, to get us wanting to spend some of our limited budget on these books. This fall, the various “All-New Marvel NOW!” teasers the publisher has been dropping on the public are meant to get us interested in what Marvel will be revealing at the New York Comic Con (Oct. 10–13, 2013; Javits Center, New York, NY).

Let’s be honest, conventions aren’t the source for the latest news, not these days. Sure there are some genuinely surprising announcements, but it’s not like it used to be. Now, USA Today gets the big news exclusives and and the panels at conventions are used to remind fans of what is coming up and drive the hype.

Marvel seems to be shaking that routine up a bit. The teasers are letting us know that there are big announcements coming from the various Marvel panels. That makes the panels more exciting and intriguing, something that’s been lacking in recent years at panels, where the biggest stories have all been revealed beforehand via detailed press releases and pre-event interviews.

And I’ve got to hand it to Marvel, they know how to make some interesting teasers that gets tongues clucking. This batch of teasers all contain one word, a creative team, what panel to check out and that’s it. Are they storylines? The titles of new books? Both? The teasers are doing their job, fostering discussion online and in comics shops, getting fans anticipating the panels just like in the days before the mainstreaming of comics news coverage and the Internet. Even the colors of the words used in the teaser sheets are being parsed by sleuthing fans as clues.

Without a doubt, Marvel’s panels are going to be the ones to attend come NYCC.

Now for the fun part, time to throw out my guesses as to what each teaser means. There’s been a lot of speculation online already, and I have a feeling a lot of the suggestions being thrown out there are right, or are are pretty close to being on target, at least.

“Assassin” by Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo

My thoughts are that this revolves around Silver Sable (she’s never been an assassin, but I would love for Sable to return), Elektra, or the Winter Soldier. The book will be revealed at the “Superior Spider-Man & Friends” panel on October 13, which gives more weight to the Silver Sable angle, given that she has always been associated with the Spider-Man titles. The silver text also makes me think of Silver Sable—an Elektra tie-in would have been in red text, I think. I’m definitely leaning towards “Assassin” having something to do with Silver Sable.

“Atonement” by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto

This title’s reveal is scheduled for the “Avengers” panel on October 11. Edmondson is known for his espionage books (Who is Jake Ellis?, Dancer, The Activity) and former Disney artist Noto is known for drawing beautiful women in a distinct, “vintage”-looking style. Those clues, plus the color of the logo, makes me think we could be looking at a new Black Widow book. There have also been recent Widow storylines with her seeking to atone for what she did while an agent for the Soviet/Russian government.

“Corporate” by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico

The reveal for this All-New Marvel NOW! title/storyline will be at the “Amazing X-Men & Marvel Universe” panel on October 11. David just recently ended a long (and excellent) run on X-Factor, where he hinted at a new direction/version of X-Factor in one of the last issues. Could that be what this is about? I think so.

“Global” by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, and Stefano Caselli

Another title/storyline reveal scheduled for the “Avengers” panel reveal and this is one of the easiest to figure out. When Hickman was first announced as the new Avengers writer at the start of original Marvel NOW! branding campaign, it was mentioned that he would be writing three Avengers books. He’s writing Avengers and New Avengers. Where’s the third? Looks like it’ll be announced at NYCC. Caselli is one of my favorite artists, so I will be looking forward to this one.

“Judgement” by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli

The second teaser tied into the “Amazing X-Men & Marvel Universe” panel and one that I suspect is not a new book so much as a storyline supported by existing titles. The creative team is the current team on Guardians of the Galaxy and we should expect that book to get a big push with the upcoming movie, so it would seem to indicate that this would be the next major storyline in the series. What it’s about? Not sure but I bet Yondu (from the original Guardians of the Galaxy team) will be involved since he’s been seen in the All-New Marvel NOW!/Inhumanity teaser image by Steve McNiven reproduced below (he’s the guy with blue skin and the red “mohawk” in the right, just below Spider-Man and above Winter Soldier) and he’s been cast in next summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy movieThe Walking Dead‘s Michael Rooker is set to play him.

“Mindbubble” by Rick Remender, Pascal Alixe, and Nic Klein

Another one for the “Avengers” panel, another reveal that I suspect is tied to a storyline instead of a new title launch and the easiest to figure out. “Dr. Mindbubble” is a character that first appeared in something of a cameo in the Remender-written Uncanny X-Force #18 two years ago (you can see him below as a statue, in the middle panel from the page take from the issue in question) and in an August interview on Comic Book Resources, he made reference to Dr. Mindbubble appearing in a future issue of Captain America.

“Rad!” by Dan Slott and Mike Allred

This reveal for this one is going to come during the “Inhumanity & All-New Marvel NOW!” panel. Speculation is leaning towards this being about a new Silver Surfer book. “Rad” could relate to the whole surfing motif. The logo is silver. The Surfer also appears in the McNiven Inhumanity teaser. If so this will be a pass for me. I’ve long lost any interest I had in the Silver Surfer and Allred is one of those artists whose work just doesn’t appeal to my personal tastes in comics art.

“The End” by Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli

THEENDThe reveal for this title will come during the “Superior Spider-Man & Friends” panel. The purple color would seem to reference the Green Goblin, who has been behind the scenes in the Spider-Man books for awhile now. [I was thinking Galactus myself… could it be a reference to the impending cancellation of the Ultimate Marvel Comics line? Will Ultimate Galactus (excuse me, “Gah-Lak-Tus“) devour the Ultimate Marvel Universe? Seems like it could tie in with Spider-Man with the rumors that Mighty Avengers’ “Spider-Hero” is actually a version of Miles Morales, a.k.a. Ultimate Spider-Man—ed.] Could this signal that the Goblin King will finally be making a move? Could it also hint at the end of Spider-Ock and a return of Peter Parker (the McNiven image also has a Spider-Man in the Peter Parker costume)? I kind of hope not. I’ve enjoyed the stories of Spider-Ock and hoped to see them continue. But we all knew it would end sooner or later. It looks like we’ll find out when the ending starts in New York.

“Trial” by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen

This is an X-Men-related teaser, with the reveal coming on the October 11 “Amazing X-Men & Marvel Universe” panel, and has the creative team of the All-New X-Men book. We haven’t seen the end of the Battle of the Atom crossover (which happened too soon in my opinion) but this would seem to indicate that the team of young X-Men won’t get to rest. The reveal will most likely be storyline-related, and not involve the launch of a new X-title.

That’s a lot to look forward to. New books? Major storylines?

And I’m sure there are more teasers to come.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Click here to read Part 2 of Troy’s thoughts on Marvel’s “All-New, Marvel NOW!” teasers]

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