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From the Fan’s Desk | More Thoughts on the “All-New Marvel NOW!” Teasers
Published on Monday, October 7, 2013 by
Another week and another boatload of teasers from Marvel. Which ones will live up to the hype? Which ones will fall flat? How good at guessing them are we?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Click here to read Troy’s thoughts on Marvel’s previously released “All-New, Marvel NOW!” teasers]

At this point, with close to two dozen (if not more) one-word teasers coming out from Marvel, I’m torn. I’m getting tired of these, but damn if they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do. I’m getting excited to see what it all means.

The past week saw more teasers released. Time to play detective and figure out what’s going on.

“Defend” by Ales Kot and Garry Brown

02defendKot is the upcoming co-writer (and suspected to become the new writer) of Secret Avengers. Iron Patriot is part of the Secret Avengers. This could mean a couple of things. It could indicate that Iron Patriot is getting his own series (no thanks) or it could indicate the direction that Kot’s first solo arc on Secret Avengers will take. I’m leaning towards it referencing Kot’s first arc. The only thing getting in the way of that theory is that this is supposed to be revealed during the “Inhumanity and the Marvel Universe” panel. If it was Avengers related, wouldn’t it be in the Avengers panel? I thought it might mean a new Defenders series, but Kot seems an odd fit as the writer of that. He does fit with Secret Avengers. I think the panel is a red herring and it’s Secret Avengers-related. [The red, white, and blue color scheme for the font and the “Inhumanity and the Marvel Universe” panel tie-in could also be pointing to a Vance Astro/Major Victory connection, given that original Guardians of the Galaxy member Yondu is already slated to play a role in the Inhumanity event, based on the Steve McNiven teaser revealed some weeks back—ed.]

“Descent” by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker

Descent_Hopeless_Walker_Marvel_Teaser-This is the creative team for Avengers Arena. I have issues with the book (not the premise, just the execution) and the series is coming to an end. Hopeless has said in interviews that it will continue in a different form. This is in all likelihood what that “different form” is going to be. I really don’t have a clue what the new direction of Arena will be, it was never a book that I felt had a solid foundation for an ongoing in the first place. Limited series, yes. An ongoing series, no. So it’ll be interesting to see where the book goes.

“Extinction” by Sam Humphries and Andre Araujo

EXTINCTIONAnother teaser that seems to be hinting at an upcoming storyline. Humphries and Araujo are the creative team of the new book, Avengers A.I. So unless that team is being pulled off that one, which will only have #5 (or so) out on stands in time for NYCC, and put onto a new book it doesn’t make any sense to be anything other then the next storyline.

“Higher” by Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez

higherThis will be revealed at the “Superior Spider-Man and Friends” panel, and I suspect this is another red herring. DeConnick was the last writer on the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel book, which was seems to be headed towards cancellation (it did not appear in Marvel’s November solicitations) despite some good critical and fan buzz. She did say that she wasn’t done with the adventures of Carol Danvers and fans should keep an eye out. That would indicate the possibility of a new Captain Marvel (or Binary, since she seems to have gotten those powers back during Infinity) series. But Colonel Danvers is associated with the Avengers, not Spider-Man. I’m still leaning towards a new Carol Danvers book.

“Hunted” by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads

HUNTEDSince Gerads is joining Edmondson at Marvel, I’m assuming it means that The Activity (the duo’s excellent military comic from Image) is on hiatus or canceled. That’s too bad. [The much-delayed The Activity #15 did come out earlier this month, so it’s possible we’re just looking at an extremely protracted schedule—ed.] I’m leaning towards this one being about the Winter Soldier but it’s during the Spider-Man panel. Kraven The Hunter? The logo color doesn’t fit. Edmondson as the writer makes me lean towards thinking the title “Hunted” is teasing is an espionage-centric book, which only Silver Sable would seem to fit if look at people in Spider-Man’s usual circle of supporting characters, but I think she’s associated with the “Assassin” teaser we covered last week. Bucky (the Winter Soldier) is playing a major role in next year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier film, so we know he’ll be getting a push from Marvel and this seems as good a place as any for the publisher to start upping the character’s profile.

“Overdrive” by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore

OVERDRIVEThis one is a toughie. I know nothing about Smith and only know Moore from the Luther Strode series from Image Comics. The coloring and teaser word makes me think Ghost Rider. There’s another teaser that the Spirit of Vengeance would fit under (see “Wrath” below), but I’m leaning towards this one being about the Rider. Just a gut feeling.

“Trust” by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett

TrustI think this one is storyline-related, and not linked to a new title launch. Ewing just started writing The Mighty Avengers and this could be what the post-Infinity storyline is about, which the book needs since it’s using the event as a springboard. That’s not a particularly solid foundation for an ongoing series and the book needs to firm up its reason for being soon. Garbett on art would indicate that Land would be off The Mighty Avengers, which makes sense because we know Land can’t keep a schedule too well (and his current penchant for swiping from known photographs and other artists and recycling his own art gets old real quick, bring back the Greg Land that worked on Birds of Prey and Sojourn please… ).

“War” by Chris Yost and Marcus To

WARYost just got done writing the Scarlet Spider series. To hasn’t done a lot of work for Marvel, save for a few issues of Black Panther back in 2007, but I like his work. I would like this to be related to Kaine, the last Scarlet Spider, whose series I liked and just got canceled but I can’t see cancelling the book due to sales and then relaunching it only 3 or so months later. I’m stumped for this one. I’m hoping it’s not just a storyline in the Superior Spider-Man Team-Up book by Yost. My gut is leading me towards this being about Kraven the Hunter (who some are suspecting for the “Hunted” teaser).

“Wrath” by Richard Isanove

wrathThe “Wrath” reveal is scheduled for the “Amazing X-Men” panel, so the guess about this being related to Ghost Rider seem to be off. So what does Wrath have to do with the X-Men? French illustrator/painter Richard Isanove isn’t on a current Marvel Universe book, although he is currently providing the pencils for Marvel’s Dark Tower: The Gunslinger—Evil Ground based on the Stephen King novel franchise. I’m leaning towards something Wolverine-centric. The Savage Wolverine title has become a book that showcases different creative teams telling a Wolverine story. I think it’s now Isanove’s turn.




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