The GeeksverseNEWS | Get Erika Swanson’s Bellossoms books at 25% off for a limited time

NEWS | Get Erika Swanson’s Bellossoms books at 25% off for a limited time
Published on Monday, October 7, 2013 by
Books presenting the whimsical adventures of the Bellossoms to be offered on a 25% discount from October 7 to October 20. Details after the jump.

From the press release:

bellosombabythorn(Aurora, IL – October 7th, 2013) The Bellossoms are blooming this Columbus Day! From October 7th, 2013 until October 20th, 2013, author and illustrator Erika Swanson is offering a 25% discount on books from the Bellossoms series. These self-published storybooks are geared towards girls ages 3 to 12, and feature the Bellossoms, lovely little flower girls that bloom in an enchanted tree. When the Bellossoms fall from their tree, they begin their journey to new and unexplored places! The books are currently available for purchase at

Swanson explained the inspiration, “In the series, the Bellossoms are tossed into unexpected situations but embrace their adventure and enjoy the journey as they bloom in new places. The overarching lesson of the series is to be courageous and open to trying new things, and to see change as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. With the introduction of the Thorns in Book 2, the series also touches on overcoming differences and accepting others. It’s really about blooming where you’re planted.”

About the Bellossoms Series: 

Bellossoms Book 1: Arctic Adventure
In Book 1, the Bellossoms tumble from their tree, riding the wind through valleys and over oceans, finally landing atop the cold, pillowy snow of the arctic. What amazing creatures will the Bellossoms meet? What awesome landscapes will there be to explore? Jump in to Book 1: Arctic Adventure, and join the Bellossoms on their first adventure!
Bellossoms Book 2: Rain or Shine!
The Bellossoms adventures continue in Book 2, Rain or Shine! During their travels, a thunderstorm crackles down on the Bellossoms! The lovely little flowers find bunnies to bounce along for the ride, until a flock of crows snatch them away and lead them to… a Thorn?! But is this Thorn friend or foe? The Bellossoms make room for new friends in the second installment of their whimsical journey to bloom in new places.
About the Bellossoms: When the Bellossoms fall from their enchanted tree, they begin their journey to new and unexplored places! Where will the Bellossoms bloom next? Follow the flowers on all their adventures at!
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