The GeeksverseNEWS | Recap of Mattel Reveals From NYCC

NEWS | Recap of Mattel Reveals From NYCC
Published on Monday, October 14, 2013 by
Mattel showed off plenty of upcoming awesomeness this weekend at NYCC. Hit the jump for more info and photos!

This weekend at New York Comic-Con, fans were provided first looks at some very cool new figures coming down the line from Mattel. Whether you’re a MOTU Classics fan, a Ghostbusters fan, or a DC Universe fan who’s been waiting for what feels like eons to finally get an Ice figure to add to your shelf, there’s plenty to be excited about here.

Below are excerpts of the promo information from Mattel, the full press releases can be viewed here and here:

DC Universe Batzarro™

This evil twisted twin to Batman™ joins the DC Universe lineup this December.

Batzarro01               Batzarro02
DC Universe Figures

Toy Guru confirmed four figures are coming to DC Universe in 2014.

  • DC Universe Aquaman
  • DC Universe Ice (no full size photo available- Ed.)
  • DC Universe Superboy
  • DC Universe Damian Wayne
DC Universe Total Heroes

[Images unavailable as of posting time—ed.]

We will also be offering four quarterly deluxe DC Universe Total Heroes figures in 2014. Each figure will arrive with accessories and an extra head. We will also be offering four quarterly deluxe DC Universe Total Heroes figures in 2014. Each figure will arrive with accessories and an extra head.

  • John Stewart Green Lantern pack (with Tomar-Re and Green Man heads)
  • Black Manta (with unmasked head, alternate head and weapons)
  • Firestorm (with classic head, modern head and energy blasts)
  • Batman Beyond (with masked head, unmasked head and bat weapons)
Masters of the Universe® Classics Extendar™

This Eternian athlete turned super strong cyborg warrior is scheduled to join the Club Eternia® lineup in June 2014.

DSC_0032              x6

Masters of the Universe® Classics Flogg™

Scheduled for the July 2014 Club Eternia® figure, the Evil Leader of the Space Mutants will arrive with his Sidewinder laser whip and additional sword.


Masters of the Universe® Classics Minis

Each 2-pack includes one hero mini and one villain mini plus a piece of a mini Castle Grayskull®. Collect all six 2-packs and build the front facade of the castle with an opening Jaw Bridge! Here’s a look at the first two releases.

MINI_BA_HEMAN_03 DSC_0025MINI_BA_Skeletor_03MossMan_07MINI_CastleGrayskull_03

Ghostbusters™ 2014 30th Anniversary 2-Packs

Four new figures from the first Ghostbusters™ movie arrive in late summer of 2014! Each 2-pack will include two 6″ figures featuring new torsos with two removable proton packs, two snap-on proton streams, and two “no ghost” logo stands. This 2-pack comes in window box 30th Anniversary packaging.



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