The GeeksverseNEWS | Super-Sized NECA Update: 1966 Batman, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Aliens, & RoboCop

NEWS | Super-Sized NECA Update: 1966 Batman, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Aliens, & RoboCop
Published on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 by
What’s good readers?! I know my news updates have been a little thin on the top as of late (not unlike my once glorious mane of hair), so here is a ginormous update to catch you up on the happenings over at NECA over the last two weeks. 

Last week I was too busy plotting and then executing my plan to steal my son’s Halloween candy to hit the news beat, so this week I plan to make amends by bombarding you with all that you may have missed over the last 2 weeks. Here’s some of the more notable items from our friends at NECA:

Batman 1/4 Scale Action Figure – 1966 Adam West Batman

Holy eighteen inches of epic win, Batman! This gigantic ode to the campy 1960’s iteration of the Dark Knight is being shipped to retailers this week, and by decree of Quahog Mayor Adam West you are commanded to add him to your collection. Check out the product page for more details!


Pacific Rim 7″ Action Figure 2-Pack – Gipsy Danger and Knifehead

Correctly surmising that fan still cannot get enough of this massive Kaiju epic from the past summer, NECA is re-releasing Gipsy Danger and Knifehead from Pacific Rim Series 1 as a 2-pack. I have previously reviewed the Series 2 “Battle-Damaged” Gipsy Danger here, and can attest to the fact that these are amazing figures. Check out the product page for all the city-leveling info!

FIRST LOOK: Man of Steel – 1/4 Scale Figure – Black Suit Superman

When not being buried beneath a mountain of human skulls, Black Suit Superman enjoys long strolls in the Antarctic, battling Zod’s lackeys throughout the streets of Smallville, and utterly decimating Metropolis fighting his Kryptonian arch-nemesis. Not to be outdone by Adam West’s 1/4 scale representation, Henry Cavill is getting the same treatment, depicted in the black suit he donned for a brief vignette in the film Man of Steel. Looking to be released in early 2014, additional product information for the figure can be found here.

Aliens Light-up Alien Egg with Launching Facehugger

Last week NECA shipped the newest addition to their Aliens line of figures, a 4.5″ rendition iconic Xenomorph Egg, featuring light-up action and a Launching Facehugger! Here are some photos of this nasty little face fertilizer, and you can check out NECA’s full product info and demonstration video here.

Robocop Classic Video Game Appearance Action Figure

As one who missed the initial RoboCop figures released by NECA, I was pretty stoked when I saw the news of this release. This is a re-deco of NECA’s RoboCop figure inspired from the 1989 NES game of the same name, done in a blue tint with high-contrast details to mimic his pixelated 8-bit portrayal. Be on the lookout for this one-time production run sometime in February 2014; more information is available here.


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