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The Roundtable | Our Favorite Comics Writers of 2013
Published on Thursday, December 26, 2013 by
We continue our “Favorites of 2013″ series of posts by listing our favorite comics writers of the past 12 months.

We may all be on our holiday break, but thanks to the power of the WordPress publishing scheduler, we have traveled through space and time to bring you our lists of our favorite things of 2013.

The schedule of our list postings is as follows:

  • Dec. 25: Favorite Comics Series of 2013
  • Dec. 26: Favorite Comics Writers of 2013 (today’s article)
  • Dec. 27: Favorite Comics Artists of 2013
  • Dec. 28: Favorite Comics-based Internet/TV Series of 2013
  • Dec. 29: Favorite Toys/Collectibles of 2013
  • Dec. 30: Favorites of 2013—The Best of the Rest (Jason’s selections for favorite comics-based movie and comics-based video game, as well as Zedric’s choices for favorite graphic novel/one-shot, favorite reprint collection, favorite art book, and favorite translated comic)

Today, we’re listing our favorite comics writers of 2013. Below is the qualifying criterion for selections:

  • Selection should be made solely on the basis of new comics material from the writer published between Dec. 19, 2012 and Dec. 18, 2013 (i.e., this is not a “lifetime achievement award”).

Zedric Dimalanta

Before I proceed with my list, I just want to make it clear that a number of active comics writers whose work I really like didn’t make my “favorite comics writers of 2013″ list because I haven’t read enough of their 2013 output due to time limitations. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to read all the comics I like as they come out. Some of these writers include John Allison (for Bad Machinery), Kelly Sue DeConnick (for Captain Marvel), Ed Brubaker (for Fatale), Antony Johnston (for Wasteland), Brian Wood (for Conan the Barbarian), John Layman (for Chew), and Cullen Bunn (for The Sixth Gun).

Also, I’m real wishy-washy when it comes to ranking favorites—I like to think that I appreciate them all equally well for different reasons—so my list of favorite comics writers of 2013, as all my other lists in the coming days, will simply be arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Nathan Edmondson: for his work on The Activity (Image Comics) and Dream Merchant (Image Comics)
  • Matt Fraction: for his work on Sex Criminals (Image Comics), Hawkeye (Marvel), and Satellite Sam (Image Comics)
  • Brandon Graham: for his work on Prophet (Image Comics)
  • Jonathan Hickman: for his work on The Manhattan Projects (Image Comics) and East of West (Image Comics)
  • Paul Jenkins: for his work on Fairy Quest: Outlaws (BOOM! Studios) and Deathmatch (BOOM! Studios)
  • Matt Kindt: for his work on Mind MGMT (Dark Horse Comics) and Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (Marvel)
  • Greg Rucka: for his work on Lazarus (Image Comics) and Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether (self-published webcomic/Kickstarter-funded collection)
  • Brian K. Vaughan: for his work on Saga (Image Comics) and The Private Eye (Panel Syndicate)
  • Mark Waid: for his work on Daredevil (Marvel), Insufferable (Thrillbent), and The Rocketeer and The Spirit: Pulp Friction (DC-IDW)
  • Kurtis J. Wiebe: for his work on Peter Panzerfaust (Image Comics)

Troy Osgood

  • Jonathan Hickman (Avengers, East of West)
  • Greg Rucka (Lazarus, Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether)

Jason Thees

  • I’m tempted to say Brian Michael Bendis, as he’s put out a great volume of work that I’ve enjoyed this year, and I have a love/hate relationship with him, but he also wrote Age of Ultron, which automatically disqualifies him from any imaginary award I may be handing out. So, I’m going back to the well for Mark Waid. He’s been an old favorite of mine, and this year his body of work has been of exceptionally high caliber.
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