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REVIEW | Wasp Predator (NECA)
Published on Monday, January 13, 2014 by
Sorry to disappoint our readers who thought I died over the holidays. Fresh off his tour with the Wu-Tang Clan, I present you with the newly-released NECA Wasp Predator! Better diversify your bonds!
  • 20140103_205145_phatchFigure name: Wasp Predator
  • LinePredators (Series 11)
  • Manufacturer: NECA
  • MSRP: $20.99
  • List Price: $21.99 (per
  • Release Date: December 2013
  • Dimensions: 8″ tall
  • NOTE: The review item was provided as a complimentary sample by NECA

Prior to the Christmas holiday, NECA released the latest wave of their 8″ Predators figures to stores. I was lucky to receive our review copy of the Wasp Predator shortly thereafter, and needless to say I was very excited to dig into their newest offering. Without further ado or jaw-jacking, let’s get right into evaluating this bad boy straight from the slums of Shaolin.


The Wasp Predator is packaged in a plastic blister with a cardboard backing. Unlike the previous Kenner-inspired wave of figures (check out my review of the Nightstorm Predator here), there is no retro 90’s vibe coursing through the package design. The card features a profile shot of the Big Red Predator’s head, and the standard Predator logo. As per the norm, the Wasp Predator is safely tucked away inside a form-fitting inner blister, and I received a customary resin high upon opening the package, which I greatly appreciated.


Holding true to the Wasp Predator moniker, the black and yellow color scheme has convinced me that the Wu-Tang Clan has just found their new hype-man. The visceral and realistic sculpting that NECA is known for thoroughly conveys the murderous alien menace of the Predator character, reminding all sucka MC’s in the vicinity to “Protect Ya Neck.” The paint apps are clean and provide the high level of detail one would expect from a collectible of this nature.

The sculpt is ornate and detailed, yet does not match the intricacy of the Nightstorm Predator from last wave. The trade-off is that NECA used a body type that has much better articulation and poseability, but I will delve further into this later. The facemask is fixed to the sculpt on this figure, which for me was unfortunate as I thought the facial details and interior surface sculpt of the mask on the Nightstorm Predator were its best design touches. Sorry folks, no “p***yfaces” here.

As far as weapons go, the Wasp Predator comes with retractable wrist blades, and a long spear with an Alien Xenomorph head mounted atop it. The paint and the sculpt detail on the Xenomorph head are absolutely stunning. Part of me wishes the head was removable from the spear to give the weapon more function versatility but this is a minor gripe. Having his gnarly acid-dripping trophy up on triumphant display is nonetheless the epitome of badassitude.


20140103_205958_phatchWhile the packaging states the figure has 25 points of articulation, I was only able to count 24, but I probably missed one somewhere. I was glad to see they used the ball jointed hips as opposed to the cut joints on the Nightstorm Predator. I think overall this makes for a figure that can take more stances, with the stability to hold more dynamic action poses.

The figure itself is constructed of  plastic resin, with transparent yellow resin being used on the hands. Again I am somewhat dismayed by the fragility of the materials. When I removed the figure from the packaging the left hand stayed behind, and very loosely hangs off the wrist’s ball joint, falling off frequently. This would be less of an issue if not for the sheer weight of the spear/Xenomorph head combo, which requires both hands to hold if you don’t want them to pop off. Also, be careful when arming the figure with the spear, as the shaft is brittle; the bottom two inches or so snapped off when I was trying to get it in place.

None of this is necessarily a deal-breaker, but as a seasoned toy collector I feel as though I handle my figures with a level of delicacy that should prevent these issues from popping up (or off, as it were.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Personally, I think the Wasp Predator should be nominated to take the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s  (R.I.P. Big Baby Jesus) place in the Wu-Tang Clan. I can’t think of anything that better embodies the gritty Killa Bee archetype, and having an Alien decapitator in their crew would really boost their street cred.

In all seriousness, NECA has produced another gorgeous figure well worth the purchase for Predator fans, and action figure collectors in general. Simply exercise caution when/if removing the figure from the packaging and handle with care.

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