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REVIEW | Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters Prowl (Hasbro)
Published on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 by
It took me quite a while to track down Beast Hunters Prowl. Was it worth the time and effort? Read on to find out.
  • ProwlBH005Figure name: Prowl
  • Line: Transformers: Prime—Beast Hunters
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • MSRP: $14.99
  • List price: $9.99 (via Target)
  • Manufacturer’s product description: This powerful Autobot enforcer is cool under pressure, but hot on the tail of the Predacons! Predacons beware, because this Prowl figure has the technology and weapons to pound any of them! Snap his armor on before the fight, and he’ll fire his Firelance missile launcher at unsuspecting Predacons when he attacks in robot mode. When he converts to police car mode, his beastly enemies won’t be able to get away! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his enemies dish out! Powerful Prowl robot-to-vehicle warrior figure! Converts from robot to police car mode and back! Firelance missile launcher! Snap-on armor!
  • NOTE: The review item was personally purchased by the reviewer

Prowl  comes on a standard Transformers: Prime—Beast Hunters blister card and he is packaged in robot mode. There is an insert that shows Prowl in vehicle mode on the front, “technical data” (the updated version of the classic “tech specs”) on the side, and a cross sell gallery on the bottom. The back of the package has a blurb about Prowl and a photo of the Transformers: Prime Autobots. It also makes mention of snap-on armor like in the manufacturer’s promotional copy reproduced above, but there is no armor included (more on that below).

Design and articulation

ProwlBH006The Deluxe Class Transformers: Prime—Beast Hunters Prowl  is a “redeco” of the previously-released Beast Hunters Smokescreen in Prowl’s classic white-with-black-highlights color scheme, with a new emergency vehicle lightbar mounted on its roof in vehicle mode and a unique headsculpt that echoes the appearance of the character’s “G1″ incarnation with a splash of the Transformers: Animated design. The look fits in quite well with the overall aesthetics of the Transformers: Prime toys and the TV series, even if Prowl did not actually appear in the Transformers: Prime TV series or even the Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising made-for-TV movie referenced in the product description text.

The fact that the figure is based on the Beast Hunters Smokescreen toy explains why the packaging and promotional copy erroneously mention that the figure comes with “snap-on armor”—the Beast Hunters Smokescreen figure did indeed come with a “Shadow Quill Armor” accessory that was likely intended to be reissued with Prowl, but it probably didn’t cost out what with the figure’s new pieces and deco.

ProwlBH010The newly-sculpted head also has an excellent lightpiping feature that really makes its visor pop under good lighting.

The figure has articulation at the following points:

  • Neck: Ball joint (with quite limited range of motion)
  • Shoulders: Strut-mounted ball joints (the shoulder armor is also articulated)
  • Elbows: Hinge joints with functional swivels just above the elbow
  • Waist: Swivel joint
  • Hips: Ball joints
  • Thighs: Swivel joints
  • Knees: Hinge joints
  • Ankles: Hinge joints

Oddly enough, Prowl does not have wrist articulation but it isn’t a deal breaker, since the figure can take some reasonably dynamic poses even without it. The figure’s wide feet and articulated ankles means it is very stable when posed in a variety of stances.


Transformation and vehicle mode

Transformation into vehicle mode isn’t too difficult—there are a few steps that can be a bit tricky, but nothing that can’t be overcome with some practice.

In vehicle mode, Beast Hunters Prowl is a very slick and sporty police car just like the G1 toy, except this one is based on the McLaren MP4-12C instead of the original Nissan S130/Datsun 280ZX. The word “Police” is emblazoned across the spoiler and there are Autobot-styled police symbols on the doors and hood. The two halves of the symbol on the hood don’t match up perfectly, but I don’t know if this is a common issue with the figure or if I simply had bad luck with the deco on my purchase. As previously noted, Beast Hunters Prowl includes a new, roof-mounted translucent lightbar that wasn’t included on the Beast Hunters Smokescreen figure it’s based on.


Beast Hunters Prowl comes equipped with a spring-loaded “Firelance Missile Launcher,” a reissue of the “Electronet Launcher” that came with Beast Hunters Smokescreen but without the latter’s net attachment. Included with the launcher is one projectile. The missile launcher can be held securely in the figure’s hands or attached to the roof or on either side of the spoiler while in vehicle mode via 5 mm peg holes. As mentioned, the packaging copy says that the figure comes with snap-on armor, but that’s clearly not the case with this retail release.

Final thoughts

If you can find him for retail, Prowl will make a nice addition to your Transformers: Prime Autobot forces.

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