The GeeksversePREVIEW | Blood-C, Vol. 3 (Dark Horse Manga)

PREVIEW | Blood-C, Vol. 3 (Dark Horse Manga)
Published on Friday, February 14, 2014 by
Saya finally gets a chance to strike back at the people manipulating the monsters in her town. But will the truth behind recent events be too much for her to bear?
  • bloodcv3Planning and presentation: CLAMP
  • Dialogue and art: Ranmaru Kotone
  • Original production: Production I.G./CLAMP
  • Format: 200 pages, black & white, trade paperback (oriented in right-to-left reading format)
  • List price: $12.99
  • Sale date: 19 February 2014
  • Publisher’s description: As the ruse of her small-town life comes crashing down around her, Saya Kisaragi uncovers the mastermind behind a huge plan to deceive and test her! Katanas clash in CLAMP and Production I.G’s vampire-battling saga, taking the story right up to events in the feature-length anime film Blood-C: The Last Dark!
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NOTE: Pages are arranged and oriented in right-to-left reading format.

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