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REVIEW | Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-Girl (Hasbro)
Published on Thursday, April 17, 2014 by
Spider-Girl replaced Black Cat in the Marvel Legends case pack-outs and includes the same build-a-figure part. While I already had a Black Cat, Spider-Girl was tough to come by. Luckily one of my instagram friends was able to secure one for me. Was she worth the hunt?
  • reviewspidergirl_004Figure name: “Skyline Sirens” Spider-Girl
  • Line: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Spider-Man 2
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • MSRP: $19.99
  • Manufacturer’s product description: These heroes have joined Peter Parker’s fight for justice. One has been his ally. The other carries on his legacy. Build your own “fiery” Green Goblin figure with the parts that come with these cool Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures! This heroic Skyline Sirens figure will fight for justice in your adventures and she comes with a torso part for you to build a Green Goblin figure.

Formerly known as the superhero Araña, Anya Sofia Corazon has now taken on the mantle of Spider-Girl. (Learn more about here by clicking here.)


Spider-Girl is packaged in what seems to be the new standard Marvel Legends packaging: There is a huge window, which lets you see the entire contents of the package, which looks good for display if you are a mint-in-box collector. The back of the package shows, in this case, both “Skyline Sirens,” and a blurb about them. There is also the cross sell and a diagram of how to build the Ultimate Green Goblin build-a-figure for this series. The side of this package features a nice illustration of Spider-Man himself.

Design and Articulation

Spider-Girl stands a bit shorter then the average Marvel Legends figure and appears to have less bulk over all, fitting since the character is supposed to be a teenager. The design team really knocked it out of the park on the the head sculpt… everything looks great from the hair on down.

The articulation is fantastic, Anya has a ton of poseability. One word of advice though, be careful when moving her joints as some of them are very stiff out of the package.

She features the following points of articulation:

  • Neck: Hinge-and-swivel
  • Arms: Ball-jointed shoulders, hinge-and-swivel elbows, hinge-and-swivel wrists
  • Torso: Hinge-and-swivel joint
  • Hips: Ball-joints
  • Legs: Hinge-and-swivel thighs, double-jointed knees, lower leg swivel, rocker ankles with hinges.

Her body is molded in black and the spider design is painted on cleanly, in a pearlescent/silver-ish color and looks really good. There is a bit of paint slop around the eyes, but it is expected on a mass-produced figure.


Spider-Girl has no accessories but does include the torso necessary to complete the Ultimate Green Goblin “build-a-figure” for the series.


Final Thoughts

Spider-Girl is a nice figure to add into your Marvel Legends ranks, but she is proving difficult to find, so you may  have to go to the secondary market to get her.

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