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REVIEW | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Man (Playmates)
Published on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 by
Mutagen Man is another classic Ninja Turtles character making his return on the hit Nickelodeon series. The original toy was a fan favorite, so how does this new version stack up?
  • reviewtmntmutagenman_007Figure name: Mutagen Man
  • Line: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Manufacturer: Playmates (USA); Spin Master (Canada)
  • MSRP: $8.99
  • Manufacturer’s description (from packaging bio): Formerly the Pulverizer, who mutants [sic] into a jar of goo, then Mutagen Man. He absorbs any Ooze around him for fuel. Being mutated from nothing but a tube of guts to an armed and legged jar with acid Ooze hands, he searches for April in hopes of finding a friend and fights anything that gets in his way. His acid Ooze hands melt anything they touch, so the Turtles fight to keep him away and Ooze free in order to find a cure and reverse the mutation. 

Mutagen Man comes in the standard TMNT packaging. The plastic bubble has a sticker which indicates he is a Season 2 character. The back also has the standard cross sell along with a photo of Mutagen Man from the show and a bio that could have used some proofreading, which we’ve reproduced in the section above.

Design and Articulation

The original toy (released in 1990) had a body which could be filled with water or “retromutagen ooze” (a toy/accessory that apparently laid down a fairly interesting legal precedent) and came with little anatomical bits that could be floated inside.

This new figure doesn’t have the little bits, but the cover of the jar/canister that serves as its body is removable (Mutagen Man’s “guts” are attached permanently to the bottom of the canister cover), so you can fill it with water or ooze should you see fit. The left hand can also be removed, and can be filled with water or ooze as well. There are pores in the palm of the hand that allow whatever is inside the hand to be excreted out. I haven’t tried the feature out myself to see how well it works, though.

The limbs themselves are cast in a very cool translucent yellow/orange plastic which really pops. And Playmates also made sure to sculpt on the voice box Donatello built for the character on the TV show, which is a nice detail (it’s the black device attached to the front of the figure’s body).

As far as articulation goes, there isn’t much, but they work well enough for the character and do not break up the sculpt. The shoulders and hips are mounted on swivel-hinge joints, and the wrists can swivel.


The figure is mostly cast in colored plastic, and what little bit of paint on the figure is cleanly applied. There are apparently two versions of Mutagen Man on the market, one that has eyes painted on and one that doesn’t, like the one in this review. I’m not sure if the latter is considered a variant or a running change, nor do I know whether one is rarer than the other.


Unless you count the cover of the jar/canister, the attached “guts,” and the removable hand, Mutagen Man does not include any accessories.

Final thoughts

Mutagen Man is a fun little figure that fans of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series are going to want to add to their collection, but for the casual collector of action figures, its probably a pass.

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