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REVIEW | Marvel Infinite Series Wasp (Hasbro)
Published on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 by
Joe takes a look at the Wasp, from Hasbro’s re-branded line of four inch-scale action figures based on Marvel Comics characters.
  • marvelinfiniteserieswasp_006Figure name: Marvel’s Wasp
  • Line: Marvel Infinite Series
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • MSRP: $9.99
  • Manufacturer’s description: Start the battle of good versus evil with this heroic Marvel’s Wasp figure! This winged hero will fight side by side with the Avengers in the fight for justice. Will her enemies be able to handle her sting? Only you can decide.

Hasbro has not only re-branded the six inch-scale Marvel Legends line (it is now referred to as the Marvel Legends Infinite Series), but now the Rhode Island company has done the same to the four inch-scale Marvel Universe line, which now goes by the name Marvel Infinite Series. The first few waves of Infinite figures will feature Avengers characters. And with the first wave, Hasbro brings us the very first four inch-scale Wasp figure.


Hasbro must have a thing for black packaging because this is now the third line that features it (Star Wars Black and Marvel Legends Infinite Series being the other two). I do like it though, it looks really sharp with the contrast offered by the giant red and white Marvel logo at the top.

The back of the card features photos of the toy itself, a cross sell and this blurb about the Wasp:

Although she’s capable of storming into battle as a hundred-foot giant, Janet van Dyne prefers to flit through the fight at insect scale. Many villains have underestimated the Wasp, but few have escaped the excruciating blast of her sting.

Design and Articulation

The Marvel’s Wasp action figure features a great deal of articulation and is quite poseable. It features the follow points of articulation:

  • Neck: Ball joint and hinge
  • Arms: swivel-hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, and swivel wrists
  • Torso: Mid-torso swivel
  • Legs: Ball joint hips, swivel thighs, double-hinge knees, swivel calves, and rocker ankles

The figure’s transluscent wings are designed as ball joints but functionally the joints can only swivel, as moving them beyond the vertical plane makes them pop out from the somewhat shallow holes in the upper back where they are attached.

The headsculpt is nice and feminine, but it isn’t  the best female headsculpt that I’ve ever seen from Hasbro.


The figure is cast in black plastic and there is minimal paint for the torso, the inside of the gloves, and the bottom of the feet, which is applied well. There is a bit of bleed on the area where the neck is painted, but that may vary from figure to figure, and in my sample, it isn’t particularly noticeable unless you look for it. The face on my figure has a nice, reasonably clean paint job.


Included with the figure is a miniature Wasp (only about an inch in height) to represent the character when she shrinks down in size. This accessory looks to be the same miniature Wasp  that has been used previously as an accessory in the old Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends lines, although it has been painted to match this new figure. Depending on whether or not you consider it a part of the figure, the transluscent plastic wings also add to the accessory count.

Final Thoughts

I’m not really sure that this Wasp figure is worth the $10 it costs. The wings constantly pop out of Wasp’s back when moved—maybe the clear nail polish trick can fix that—and overall the figure  just feels very flimsy. Marvel Universe-scale or Avengers action figures completists  will probably want to add it to their collection, but owing to the figure’s relative rarity—the figure ships at one per case, although I believe in future assortments it will be more widely distributed—collectors  may want to keep the figure mint-on-card.

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