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REVIEW | DC Total Heroes Aquaman (Mattel)
Published on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 by
Oh Aquaman, you have been the butt of so many jokes for so very long. Then you were made a little cooler by Peter David and given a hook for a hand. But eventually, you returned to the classic look that you are famous for.
  • reviewtotalheroesaquaman_015Figure name: Aquaman
  • Line: DC Total Heroes
  • Manufacturer: Mattel
  • Purchase prise: Originally bought for $9.99 at Toys ‘Я’ Us, although it has since been priced at $14.99.
  • Manufacturer’s description: DC Comics Total Heroes 6-Inch Figure Collection: These 6-inch figures feature iconic details and are inspired by quintessential top characters from DC Comics. With such a compelling range, kids can recreate tons of action-packed capers of good versus evil or invent new stories. Fans and collectors will love this unique collection that includes allies Batman and Superman plus intergalactic military/policeman the Green Lantern and lightning fast The Flash, devilish Sinestro, who comes intent to make your fears reality and more! Wage heroes against villains and see who emerges victorious!

I’ve always had a soft spot for old Arthur Curry. As a kid, Aquaman was one of those classic characters that my Dad would talk to me about and then I would also see him on television on Super Friends and related shows. So when I saw this new Total Heroes version of the character on the shelves, I thought I would pick him up for both my personal collection and to share on the Comixverse.


I really like the design choice that Mattel made for the Total Heroes line. “NEW 52″-style artwork adorns the front of the card along with the Aquaman comics logo. The figure and his accesories are clearly displayed with the Total Heroes banner on the bottom of the bubble.

On the back, there is the cross sell gallery, some more art featuring Aquaman and his wife Mera along with a short bio:

  • Real name: Arthur Curry
  • Occupation: Waterbearer of the Secret Sea; former monarch
  • Base of operations: Poseidonis
  • Special abilities: Breathes underwater at incredible depths, super strong, communicates with and controls undersea creatures.
Design and articulation

It’s Aquaman in his “New 52″ costume, which largely resembles his classic costume, except for the addition of the mandarin-style collar that is a common feature of many of the New 52 costumes. Speaking of the collar, the design makes it look like Aquaman has no neck. The figure also features only one open hand, which limits the use of accessories. The face has a bit of an animated flair to it, but looks as if Arthur means business. I suspect this line is designed to reuse parts, but if so, Aquaman featuees mostly new parts including the signature fins on his calves and forearms.

This figure features the same articulation as the previously reviewed Total Heroes Batman, which is quite good:

  • Neck: Ball-joint
  • Arms : Swivel-hinge shoulders, hinge elbows, swivel wrists
  • Waist: swivel
  • Legs: Swivel-hinge hips, hinge knees, rocker ankles

Most of the toy is molded in colored plastic, but the little bit of paint that was used one the figure, such as on the face and the piping on the collar, is applied cleanly. A tip of my hat to Mattel for that.


DC Total Heroes Aquaman includes a nicely-designed golden trident, but is a bit thick in places making it hard for the figure to hold in a number of of poses. It is solidly constructed though, so there are none of the same worries that plague the other Mattel accessories that are made from the cheap, gummy plastic that seems to be the cost-saving norm these days.

Final thoughts

Mattel sought to make a line of budget-friendly six-inch scale DC superhero figures robust enough for actual kids to play with and the company has succeeded. These DC Total Heroes toys are quite well made and will look good on your shelves. They’re not worth paying more than $10 per figure, though.

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