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Crowdfunding Spotlight | Frostlings (Kickstarter)
Published on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 by
Long-time Disney comics and conceptual artists Patrick and Shelly Block need your help in launching their all-original, creator-owned, 200+ page, fully painted graphic novel, Frostlings.

What is it?

Frostlings is an all-original, creator-owned, 200+ page, fully painted graphic novel by long-time Disney comics and conceptual artists Patrick and Shelly Block. The Blocks describe it as featuring a mix of swords-and-sorcery and steampunk in terms of its genre.

Check out the Kickstarter project’s fundraising campaign video below as well as a video interview of Frostlings co-creator Patrick Block to see the art and for more details about the book’s story and setting:

For a much more detailed explanation of the origin of the Frostlings concept and its creative influences, as well as biographical sketches of the protagonists, click here.

Who is behind it?

Frostlings is created by Patrick and Shelly Block, who have over two decades of experience writing, illustrating, and lettering comics as well working as conceptual artists for a number of Disney-branded video games. Their comics work has appeared in such titles as Donald Duck and Friends, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories, and Mickey Mouse and Friends, published by various Disney comics licensees like Gemstone Publishing. Gladstone, and BOOM! Studios.

How much money does it need and when does the fundraising campaign period end?

As of this writing, the Frostlings fundraising campaign has received pledges adding up to the amount of $8,871—just a little over 44% of its $20,000 goal—with 23 days left in its campaign period. The fundraising period ends on Thursday, 31 July 2014, 8:34 AM PDT. Frostlings will be delivered only if the minimum $20,000 goal is pledged before the end of the fundraising period.

Where will the crowdfunding contributions go?

Fundraising contributions will go towards the cost of printing 1,000 Frostlings full-color trade paperbacks and 500 Frostlings full-color deluxe hardcovers as well as covering costs for premiums, shipping, and miscellaneous administrative fees.

What are the rewards and benefits for backers?
  • $10: PDF copy of Frostlings
  • $18: Signed Frostlings trade paperback + PDF copy of Frostlings
  • $25 or more: Signed Frostlings trade paperback + Frostlings t-shirt + PDF copy of Frostlings
  • $30 or more: Signed and numbered Frostlings trade paperback + Frostlings mini-print + Map of the world of Luminas + Exclusive access to FROSTLOG on to see behind-the-scenes content as the book is created + PDF copy of Frostlings
  • $36 or more: Signed Frostlings deluxe hardcover + Exclusive access to FROSTLOG on + PDF copy of Frostlings
  • $65 or more: Signed Frostlings deluxe hardcover + Two (2) signed Frostlings trade paperbacks + Collectible Metal Hero Card + Map of the world of Luminas + Exclusive access to FROSTLOG on + PDF copy of Frostlings

Additional rewards at the $90, $250, $475, $550, and $850 level include the opportunity to co-design a Frostling character for inclusion in the final book, an exclusive sketchbook, and original, one-of-a-kind watercolor art. Check out the campaign page for more backer reward and stretch goal details.

How can I support the project?

Click here to back the Frostlings Kickstarter campaign. Spread the word about Frostlings on social media using the following shortlink:

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