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Crowdfunding Spotlight | Johnny Canuck
Published on Monday, August 4, 2014 by
Fresh  off the success of the Nelvana of the Northern Lights Kickstarter campaign, comics historian and archivist Rachel Richey is now looking to bring back Johnny Canuck, Canada’s first national comics hero.

What is it?

Johnny Canuck is a 230-page digital/print collection of the never-before-reprinted Johnny Canuck serial that ran in Dime Comics from 1942 through to 1946. Created by the late Leo Bachle, Johnny Canuck was an action hero in the pulp tradition whose many adventures frequently involved supporting the Allies’ war efforts against the Nazi threat in Europe and elsewhere.

In addition to the original Johnny Canuck strips, the book will also include a Leo Bachle biography and original interpretations of the character from established names and up-and-coming talents from the comic industry.

Check out the Kickstarter project’s fundraising campaign video below as well as the book’s first nine story pages and Johnny Canuck art from contributors Francis Manapul, Salgood Sam, and Jason Loo:

Who is behind it?

Rachel Richey

The Johnny Canuck Kickstarter campaign is the brainchild of Rachel Richey, who has worked closely on the John Bell Collection of Canadian Comics at Library and Archives Canada and documents Canadian comic books for Sequential and Comic Syrup. Richey previously helped launch the Kickstarter campaign for the Nelvana of the Northern Lights collection which eventually raised over $54,000.

The original Johnny Canuck strips feature work by Canadian Comic Book Hall of Famer Leo Bachle. In addition, the book features a Bachle biography written by Richard Pincombe and original Johnny Canuck-inspired art by the following comics personalities:

  • Darwyn Cooke (New Frontier, Richard Stark’s Parker)
  • Jeff Lemire (The Underwater Welder, Justice League United)
  • Leonard Kirk (Batman, Fantastic Four)
  • Ramon Perez (Wolverine and the X-Men, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand)
  • Cary Nord (Conan, X-O Manowar)
  • Francis Manapul (The Flash, Detective Comics)
  • Marcus To (Cyborg 009, Hacktivist)
  • Scott Hepburn (Orchid, Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion)
  • Marco Rudy (Marvel Knights: Spiderman, Final Crisis)
  • Andy Belanger (True Patriot, Kill Shakespeare)
  • Kalman Andrasofzky (Captain Canuck, X-23)
  • David Cutler (Northern Guard, Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders)
  • Scott Chantler (Northwest Passage, Two Generals)
  • Ray Fawkes (One Soul, The People Inside)
  • Jason Loo (Pitiful Human Lizard)
  • Marcio Takara (The Flash, The Incredibles)
  • Meaghan Carter (Take Off!)
How much money does it need and when does the fundraising campaign period end?

As of this writing, the Johnny Canuck fundraising campaign has received pledges adding up to the amount of $12,606 CAD—about 54% of its $23,000 CAD goal—with 27 days left in its campaign period. The fundraising period ends on Sunday, 31 August 2014, 8:59 PM PDT. Johnny Canuck will be delivered only if the minimum $23,000 CAD goal is pledged before the end of the fundraising period.

Where will the crowdfunding contributions go?

Fundraising contributions will go towards printing fees, shipping fees, and honorariums, among other small costs.

What are the rewards and benefits for backers?
  • $5 CAD: A personal thank you on Twitter and Facebook
  • $10 CAD: The remastered first issue of Johnny Canuck
  • $15 CAD: Digital copy (PDF format) of the Johnny Canuck book
  • $20 CAD: A Johnny Canuck print from one of the book’s contributing artists
  • $25 CAD: One print copy of the Johnny Canuck trade paperback (will be upgraded to a hardcover if the campaign meets its $30,000 stretch goal)
  • $60 CAD: Retailer incentive—five copies of Johnny Canuck 
  • $60 CAD: Digital copy of the Johnny Canuck book + One print copy of the Johnny Canuck trade paperback + A Johnny Canuck print from one of the book’s contributing artists + The remastered first issue of Johnny Canuck
  • $75 CAD: One print copy of the Johnny Canuck trade paperback + A numbered and certified limited edition 11″ x 17″ print of an original Johnny Canuck splash page

Additional rewards at the $100, $125, $140, $250, $500, $650, and $1,000 level include original art, copies of True Patriot, Vol. 1, and the opportunity to place a full-page ad in the Johnny Canuck single issue that will be sent out to campaign backers. Check out the campaign page for reward delivery dates and more backer reward and stretch goal details.

How can I support the project?

Click here to back the Kickstarter campaign for Johnny Canuck. Spread the word about Johnny Canuck on social media using the following shortlink:

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