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From the Fan’s Desk | Beware the Might of Squirrel Girl
Published on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 by
Yes, finally, Squirrel Girl is getting her own series. What more needs to be said?

At long last the series that everyone has been wanting is finally going to hit the shelves. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Ryan North and Erica Henderson will hit shelves in January. We’ve all thrilled to Doreen’s adventures, amazed that she’s so tough that she scares even Wolverine. I’m not being sarcastic. I love Squirrel Girl. There’s just something so charming and fun about this character.

So why am I disappointed in the news she’s getting her own ongoing?

Because it’s a title that’s aimed for the younger readers, has no direct continuity ties to the Marvel Universe and the art just doesn’t work for me.

squirrelvswolverineThe thing I really loved about Squirrel Girl was that here was this silly almost nonsensical character, with squirrel related powers, that was a complete and total bad-ass. And she existed in the Marvel Universe not in the kid-friendly titles, but the true Marvel Universe. There was just something crazy about that. She kicked Doctor Doom’s ass. She’s one of the few people that Wolverine wouldn’t mess with.

And she talks to squirrels.

That was just so cool.

Now with this series, she’s almost being disconnected from the Marvel Universe. No offense to Ryan North, who I think could do the Squirrel Girl series that I want, but this is not the series I wanted for her.

The art that I’ve seen by Henderson, while good (and I really have no point of reference for her work, I’m just going off the style seen in the promo images), really doesn’t the image of the book I want.

The image of the Squirrel Girl book that I want is from her appearances in Bendis’ New Avengers as the nanny for the Cages. A serious book, with her fun elements, done in a realist art style. A Squirrel Girl book by Bendis and Deodato? Yes please.

I want a Squirrel Girl that is deeply ingrained in the MU. I want to see her in the big event books. I want to see her hanging out with Wolverine. All with the crazy, silly, fun aspects that have been the hallmark of the character since her introduction.

I’m glad that Squirrel Girl is getting her own series, I just wish it was the one that I wanted.

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