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Convergence Might Actually Be Worth Checking Out
Published on Friday, November 14, 2014 by

DC Comics hasn’t been scoring many points lately and the announcement of the Convergence event didn’t help but could there be interest after the first of the tie-in mini-series was announced?

convergence-superman-intI’m suffering from event overload. Lots of hype and an end product that is usually mostly okay (Original Sin), rarely good (Infinity) and usually bad (Axis). Since the New 52, I’ve been losing interest in DC’s stable of titles, so when Convergence was announced; along with the marketing ploy that is coming with it (all the monthly titles on hiatus for two months to allow for the tie-in mini-series); I pretty much checked it off the list of things. There was no way I was going to get into this series.

Then DC announced the first of the tie-in mini-series.

Suddenly I’m interested.

We don’t know what the results of Convergence will end up being. Will the New 52 still remain as it is? Will any of the old continuity exist? Will Wildstorm be back? Will the Charlton characters be on their on Earth? This could all be a big tease and it’s definately a marketing ploy by DC to generate interest.

And I’m falling for it.

A chance for the Stephanie Brown Batgirl (although without Bryan Q. Miller it won’t be the same)? More Renee Montoya as the Question and by Greg Rucka? Dan Jurgens back on Superman? Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon as a couple?

How could I not be interested? I was never a huge DCU fan but these are the elements that I liked.

nightwingoracleSuddenly I’m more interested in what Convergence is going to be doing then I am in Marvel’s big 2015 event, Secret Wars (although it’s Jonathan Hickman, so I will definately be picking it up). Could there be a chance that my favorite Batgirl of all time returns (Stephanie Brown)? Could Nightwing finally have the relationship he deserves and should have always had?

And this is just from ten of the twenty books. What will the other ten bring?

Could DC finally be interesting again?

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