The GeeksverseGuest Commentary | Paul Stevenson on Snyder and Jock’s Wytches, NECA’s Jason Vorhees

Guest Commentary | Paul Stevenson on Snyder and Jock’s Wytches, NECA’s Jason Vorhees
Published on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 by
Guest commentator Paul Stevenson is back with his thoughts on Scott Snyder and Jock’s Wytches and NECA’s Jason Vorhees figures.

Hello again, I’m back with some more insight and suggestions for everyone. I prefer to call these articles a suggestion or commentary, where I can write about things I really like, rather than spend time writing about something I don’t like as much. Please feel free to find me on Instagram @paultstevenson and on twitter @paultstevenson or email me your comments, questions or recommendations.

Wytches_tp_01My comic book choice for this time is the 6 issue mini-series Wytches. This is a title from Image Comics and it has just recently wrapped up so watch for the trade paperback (out June 24) soon with the six individual comics already available in stores. Wytches is written by Scott Snyder, with art by Jock and colors by Matt Hollingsworth. Scott Snyder is best known for his current New 52 series of Batman and has been consistently one of the top writers in comics. Mark Simpson, who goes by the pen name, Jock, is a very well respected artists and cartoonist who is best known for work on Wolverine, Batman, and more. This comic is beautifully detailed with a very raw and rigid style of art and bright well blended color. First impression to me is the artwork which matches the tone of this story extremely well and is very appealing to the eyes. Now, I personally haven’t read much of Snyder’s writing but I have heard that he can be a little bit too detailed and has dragged out series too long in the past. The great thing about a mini-series is that you have to make the story fit into specific amount of pages. I think he did great with this and the information is presented well and it’s not over explained or too heavily worded.

I try to give a basic synopsis of these series without giving away too much. Just enough to give you an idea and the rest is up to you. The story revolves around the Rooks family, especially Sailor, the daughter. Charlie, her dad and his relationship with Sailor is a very key element. Lucy is her mom and we even meet an uncle, Reggie, Charlie’s brother. The story has many time jumps, mostly flash backs, which tell the back story of the characters and the issues that they face. Sailor Rooks is a high school age girl whose family has just moved to a new town. We quickly learn that the mythology of an unresolved disaster from her recent past has followed her. The reputation preceding her has all the kids at this new school whispering and pointing. The family hoped to escape the haunting of their past by moving but the horrors have come to life in this new town even worse than before. The haunting is now threatening their existence. Their previously broken family structure, which seems to be on the mend at the beginning of the story, is starting to unravel as the terror builds. They find that they must face their fears to overcome this threat but will they be able to give up enough without losing everything? It’s a great read for anyone who is a fan of horror/haunting comic books. I also read that the rights to adapt this into a movie were picked up recently so maybe one day we’ll get to experience it in live action form as well.

The second thing I’d like to riff on briefly is Jason Voorhees. More specifically action figures of his likeness. Over the past year I have become fairly obsessed with the world’s most murderous momma’s boy and I’ve researched many of these figures and I have even been lucky enough to acquire several of them. This has become a bit of central theme in my toy photography on Instagram and many people ask my opinion on which ones are good and worth buying.

The first factor is price, obviously. Most of these figures are made for a limited period of time which leaves us to hunting the second hand market, like eBay and Amazon. The second factor is what do you want to do with it? Open it and play with it, take pictures of it, set it up in display, or keep it in the original package? The last thing but still very important is the looks and design. For me, I’m into having loose figures, out of the box, getting dirty in the woods for photography. I don’t have much knowledge about the 1/6 scale Sideshow figures but I hear they are very nice, but not cheap!

My personal favorites are the likeness of Part 3 and Part 4 Jason, made by NECA Toys. Both are about 7″ figures and come in clean and bloody variants. These can usually be found for around $30-50 if you are patient and diligent on eBay searches. Also, I am extremely happy with my Japanese import Part 3 Jason’s likeness by Revoltech, which is about 5″ and comes with lots of accessories and extras. It’s not that cheap, usually about $75–$100 but worth it for that high quality of the import toy. My least recommended figure of Jason has to be the McFarlane version of Jason Goes to Hell. It’s just terrible in every way minus the price, but still not worth it in my opinion. My wish-list Jason figure to be made someday would be a new highly articulated version of Kane Hodder’s Part 7 likeness, probably made by NECA. That would be amazing!

That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading. I really hope you find my thoughts informative and please, comment, share, and keep following along.

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