The GeeksversePREVIEW | Select hardcovers and paperbacks on sale 21 October 2015

PREVIEW | Select hardcovers and paperbacks on sale 21 October 2015
Published on Monday, October 19, 2015 by
This week: A new Bad Machinery paperback, a massive Masters of the Universe minicomic collection featuring art by Alfredo Alcala, Bruce Timm, Mark Texeira and others; the collected first volume of Abnett and Culbard’s Wild’s End, and more.

Memetic (BOOM! Studios)

  • Memetic_TP_CoverPaperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: James Tynion IV
  • Illustrations: Eryk Donovan
  • Colors: Adam Guzowski
  • “A meme is an idea that starts with an individual, and then virally spreads to multiple persons and potentially entire societies. Richard Dawkins suggests a meme’s success comes from its effectiveness to the host. But history shows that destructive memes can spread just as rapidly through society. Memetic shows the progression of a weaponized meme that leads to the utter annihilation of the human race within 72 hours. The root of this apocalypse is a single image on the internet, a “meme” in the popular sense. A meme that changes everything. Collects the complete three-issue miniseries.”

Sleepy Hollow, Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)

  • SleepyHollow_v1_TP_CoverPaperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Marguerite Bennett
  • Illustrations: Jorge Coelho
  • Colors: Tamra Bonvillain
  • “After dying on the battlefield during the Revolutionary War, Ichabod Crane awakes in present-day Sleepy Hollow, NY. His resurrection is tied to the reappearance of the Headless Horseman, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Realizing it is his mission to help stop the end of the world, Ichabod teams with the SHPD’s Lt. Abbie Mills to meet each evil threat head-on. But they will learn that sometimes, it’s already there, waiting to be unlocked and unleashed on the souls unlucky enough to find it. Items as harmless as a music box or grandfather clock can be used as weapons in the ongoing war to bring about the apocalypse. Abbie and Crane will have to rely on each other if they are both to make it out alive. Collects the complete four-issue miniseries.”

Wild’s End, Vol. 1: First Light (BOOM! Studios)

  • WildsEnd_FirstLight_v1_TP_CoverPaperback/full color/$19.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Dan Abnett
  • Art: I. N. J. Culbard
  • “Lower Crowchurch is a small English community enjoying the peace of the 1930s, but when the town becomes the victim of an alien invasion, the residents’ lives are upended by the harsh realities of life-and-death violence. Led by the town’s outsider and retired war veteran, they will have to rally together to uncover the secret of their invaders and hope to fight back. Collects the complete six-issue miniseries.”

Adventure Time, Vol. 7 (KaBOOM!)

  • AdventureTime_v7_CoverPaperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Ryan North
  • Art: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb
  • Additional art by: Kat Philbin, Missy Pena, Becca Tobin, Liz Prince, Yumi Sakugawa, Carey Pietsch, Jesse Tise, Ian McGinty, Fred Stressing, T. Zysk, David Cutler, Gerardo Alba, Steve Wands
  • “Finn is about to fall head-first into an adventure so intense, he’ll never remember it! Finn tries to take on the Mnemonoid only to wake up in the future with no recollection what what has happened in the time jump! With his pals Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline, Finn must remember how to beat this mean dude before he forgets everything else! Collects issues #30-34.”

Peanuts, Vol. 6 (KaBOOM!)

  • Peanuts_V6_TP_CoverPaperback/full color/$13.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Charles M. Schulz, Bob Scott, Caleb Monroe, Vicki Scott, Nat Gertler, Jeff Dyer
  • Pencils: Charles M. Schulz, Scott Jeralds, Robert Pope, Vicki Scott, Stephanie Gladden, Paige Braddock, Nomi Kane
  • Inks: Charles M. Schulz, Justin Thompson, Paige Braddock, Robert Pope, Scott Jeralds
  • Colors: Justin Thompson, Donna Almendrala, Art Roche, Lisa Moore, Nina Kester, Bill Bedard
  • “Featuring a mix of new stories and classics by Charles M. Schulz, starring all your favorite characters and even some underrated ones like Belle and Rerun. Collects issues #17-20.”

Oreimo: Kuroneko, Vol. 2 (Dark Horse Manga)

  • oreimokv3Paperback/black & white/$10.99 (US)
  • NOTE: Book is oriented in right-to-left reading format
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Tsukasa Fushimi
  • Art: Sakura Ikeda
  • “To overcome the challenge of the Gaming Club, Sena Akagi must team up with Kuroneko . . . or is it going to be Kuroneko that’s teaming up with Sena? Meanwhile, Kuroneko makes her move on Kyousuke at last . . . but with Kirino returning to Japan, has the Queen of Nightmare waited too long to cast her love spell?”

The Savage Sword of Conan, Vol. 20 (Dark Horse)

  • sswordconanv20Paperback/black & white/$19.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Roy Thomas
  • Pencils: John Buscema, Rafael Kayanan, Ernie Chan
  • Inks: Ernie Chan, Rafael Kayanan, E. R. Cruz
  • “Inheriting the captaincy of a Barachan pirate ship, Conan and his crew are captured and imprisoned in a Kushite dungeon, with no seeming avenue of escape. That is, until Conan makes a pact with a mysterious prisoner—Imhotep, the Ravager of Worlds, one of Conan’s deadliest enemies! Collects Conan stories from Marvel’s The Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian #202–#212.”

Prometheus: The Complete Fire and Stone (Dark Horse)

  • promfasHardcover/full color/$49.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Paul Tobin, Chris Roberson, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson
  • Illustrations: Juan Ferreyra, Patric Reynolds, Ariel Olivetti, Chris Mooneyham, Agustin Alessio
  • Colors: Dave Stewart, Dan Brown
  • “The moon of LV-223—resting place of the doomed Prometheusexpedition, enigmatic source of all organic life, and nightmarish source of ultimate destruction. Now a new generation of explorers hope to uncover the mysteries of this strange and dangerous world, but what they find may lead to humanity’s undoing. Collects Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1–#4, Aliens: Fire and Stone #1–#4, Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone #1–#4,Predator: Fire and Stone #1–#4, and the Prometheus: Fire and Stone—Omega one-shot.”

Plants vs. Zombies Graphic Novel Boxed Set (Dark Horse)

  • pvzboxsetHardcover/full color/$29.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Paul Tobin
  • Illustrations: Ron Chan, Dustin Nguyen, Jennifer Meyer, Peter Bagge
  • Colors: Matthew J. Rainwater
  • “Young adventurers Patrice Blazing and Nate Timely join forces with Crazy Dave to fend off several fun-dead invasions! Paul Tobin and Ron Chan deliver hilarious, action filled zombie romps to your neighborhood! This deluxe boxed set includes Plants vs. Zombies Vol. 1: Timepocalypse, Plants vs. Zombies Vol. 2: Lawnmageddon, Plants vs. Zombies: Bully for You, and an exclusive Plants vs. Zombies double-sided poster!”

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Minicomic Collection (Dark Horse)

  • motumcHardcover/full color/$29.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Stories: Don Glut, Gary Cohn, Michael Halperin, Christy Marx, Tim Kilpim, Gayle Gilbard, Larry Houston, Steven Grant, Eric Frydler, Jim Mitchell, Tina Harris, Phil White, Val Staples, Robert Kirkman, Tim Seeley, Scott Neitlich
  • Pencils: Alfredo Alcala, Mark Texeira, Larry Houston, Peter Ledger, Jim Shull, Bruce Timm, Mike Sekowsky, Jim Mitchell, Chris Carlson, Mike Vosburg, Red Grant, Errol McCarthy, Emiliano Santalucia, Enza Fontana, Wellinton Alves
  • Inks: Alfredo Alcala, Tod Smith, Michael Lee, Peter Ledger, Bruce Timm, Steve Mitchell, Mike Van Cleave, Todd Kurosawa, Chris Carlson, Tom Luth, Greg Brooks, Red Grant, Errol McCarthy, Emiliano Santalucia, Marco Failla, Kevin Sharpe, Wellinton Alves
  • Colors: Alfredo Alcala, Anthony Tollin, Charles Simpson, Tom Luth, Errol McCarthy, Hi-Fi Colour Design, Brian Buccellato, Steve Cobb, Michael Atiyeh
  • “The toy juggernaut Masters of the Universe and its subsequent action figure lines featured memorable pack-in minicomics that aided in playtime for children across the world. This oversized hardcover collection features sixty-eight US releases, including all minicomics from the eighties Masters of the Universe line, the eighties Princess of Power line, and the eighties and nineties He-Man line, plus an introduction to the minicomics in the current Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Relive the illustrated adventures that fueled your imagination!”

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story (Dark Horse)

  • grk1Paperback/black & white/$19.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Jeff Jensen
  • Art: Jonathan Case
  • “The Eisner Award–winning true-crime graphic novel now in paperback! Throughout the 1980s, the highest priority of Seattle-area police was the apprehension of the Green River Killer, the man responsible for the murders of dozens of women. In 1990, with the body count numbering at least forty-eight, the case was put in the hands of a single detective, Tom Jensen. After twenty years, when the killer was finally captured with the help of DNA technology, Jensen spent 180 days interviewing Gary Leon Ridgway in an effort to learn his most closely held secrets—an epic confrontation with evil that proved as disturbing and surreal as can be imagined.”

Captain Midnight Vol. 6: Marked for Death—Reign of the Archon (Dark Horse)

  • capmidv6Paperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Joshua Williamson
  • Illustrations: Manuel Garcia, Miguel Sepulveda, Michael Broussard
  • Colors: Javier Mena
  • “Captain Midnight faces the greatest threat this world has ever known . . . the Archon. But who is he, and what does he want? Midnight must rely on the unlikeliest of allies to acquire the knowledge necessary to fight this ageless malefactor. The time-displaced genius will need to reach down deep to confront this new world horror and become the greatest hero the world has ever seen. Collects Captain Midnight #20–#24.”

Bad Machinery, Vol. 4: The Case of the Lonely One (Oni Press)

  • BMACHV4 MARKETING copy-001Paperback/full color/$19.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story & art: John Allison
  • “A new school year brings a new classmate to Griswalds Grammar School! But he’s strange, and he really, really like onions. When the whole school suddenly becomes friends with him, Shauna seems to be the only one left out. It’s up to her to peel back the mystery, one onion layer at a time! Join the team for another thrilling case, full of the cunning wit and high-flying adventure you can only get from John Allison’s BAD MACHINERY.”

Helheim, Vol. 2: Brides of Helheim (Oni Press)

  • HELHEIMBO TPB MARKETING partial-001Paperback/full color/$18.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story: Cullen Bunn
  • Illustrations: Joëlle Jones
  • Colors: Nick Filardi
  • “Years have passed since Rikar’s victory over Bera and Groa. In defeating the witches, Rikard saved his people. And yet he cannot resist-he is still denied the promise of Valhalla. The warrior is condemned to wander the living world as an undead draugr. Now, new challenges lie before Rikard, as the draugr is sent to claim a Blood Debt from the mad warlock who taught the witches their dark arts.”

Oddly Normal, Vol. 2 (Image Comics)

  • OddlyNormal_Vol2-1Paperback/full color/$9.99 (US, print); $7.99 (US, digital)
  • Due in stores 21 October 2015
  • Story & illustrations: Otis Frampton
  • Colors: Otis Frampton, Tracy Bailey; with Daniel Mead and Thomas Boatwright
  • “Oddly Normal’s adventures in the fantastic world of Fignation continue! Collects ODDLY NORMAL #6-10.”
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