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From the Fan’s Desk | The All-New, All-Different Pull List
Published on Friday, October 30, 2015 by
Marvel Comics’ post-Secret Wars All-New All-Different initiative brings a whole new Marvel Universe and a lot of new books. Time to look through what’s coming and see what I’ll be getting.

What really has me excited about Marvel’s All-New, All-Different branding is that besides the core books, and expected books, the publisher is really going all out. There are some obscure books coming, some unexpected books. Obviously, not all the books will make it, but I have to give Marvel credit for the attempt at a more varied line-up.

Marvel is loading up on old favorites and things that have done well for them in the past (such as the Spider-Verse titles), which is to be expected. And the Inhumans are getting a big push, although that really doesn’t interest me. I still don’t see why there needs to be both Mutants and Inhumans—both accomplish the same thing and are essentially the same within the greater context of the Marvel Universe.

There are some books that I wish were being published (why no Captain Britain and MI-13 book or Invaders? That’s not Alpha Flight), but overall, I’m happy with the scope of the announced books.

If not some of the artist choices (which will be explained below).

I recently got a Marvel Unlimited subscription. My budget for comics was getting overloaded, so a lot of these titles will be read through Unlimited (and I’ll indicate which when talking about the individual books). With a limited budget, I have to be picky and there are some books that will survive without my help. I’d rather spend my limited budget on the books that are at greater risk of being canceled prematurely.

I’m going to be using Marvel’s January 2016 solicitations as the basis for my new pull list, as well as the books I can remember are coming out.

If a book doesn’t appear on this list, I have no interest in it, not even on Unlimited.

Invincible Iron Man #5 (David Marquez cover)

Invincible Iron Man #5 (David Marquez cover)

Invincible Iron Man: I love David Marquez’s art and wish he was on Avengers or another book. I’m not a huge Iron Man fan to begin with, so this (and the second Iron Man book, Bendis’ International Iron Man) gets pushed onto Unlimited.

Ultimates: Interesting premise, interesting team. I’m a big Ms. America Chavez fan, so I’m glad to see her getting used. I’m not big on Kenneth Rocafort’s work, but at least he’s no Stegman or Sandoval. I’ll pick up the first issue, but not sure if it’ll make it into the buy pile or be and Unlimited read.

Captain Marvel: I do like the idea behind this book. Having Captain Marvel run the new version of S.W.O.R.D., protecting the Earth from alien invaders, is a good idea. Carol Danvers is a natural for that position. Being a big Alpha Flight fan, I’m not sure how I’ll like the new use of the name (and team???). The preview in Avengers #0 was a bit clunky with the dialogue though, calling her both Captain Marvel and Colonel Danvers. I’ll probably try the first issue and depending on how it is, it could end up as an Unlimited book.

Guardians of the Galaxy: This is a definite Unlimited read. I’m a big fan of Valerio Schiti’s art. Have been since IDW’s Battle Beast series. I’m not as big a fan of Bendis’ Guardians. But I am interested in Kitty Pryde’s new role. Will Lockheed be around? (He better!)


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (Mike Norton cover)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I like having Melinda May and Fitz/Simmons brought into the comic universe and working alongside Mockingbird and Quake should be interesting. But not Deathlok. Not sure I like Mockingbird’s new costume and is she flying on the cover? With this series, it’s not the art that I’m worried about, it’s the writing from Marc Guggenheim. If Mockingbird wasn’t involved, I probably wouldn’t pick this up.

Squadron Supreme: I loved the original Squadron Supreme. As much as they were a Justice League rehash, the stories told with them were interesting. I wasn’t as big of a fan of JMS’ reboot. This new team sounds interesting and I like the reason for their existence: A bunch of survivors from destroyed universes banding together to protect their new one. And it’s James Robinson and Leonard Kirk. What’s not to like?

That being said, I have no interest in the recently announced Hyperion and Nighthawk books (but a Defenders-era Nighthawk book would be something I would have interest in).

Uncanny Inhumans/All-New Inhumans: I’m lumping the Inhuman titles together. Like I said before, I don’t see the need for both Inhumans and Mutants. I really don’t think artist Steve McNiven will be on Uncanny Inhumans for long, the first arc and that will be it. I’m a huge fan of announced All-New Inhumans artist Stefano Caselli fan, but both these books will end up being Unlimited reading.

Ms. Marvel #3 (Cliff Chiang cover)

Ms. Marvel #3 (Cliff Chiang cover)

Ms. Marvel: One of the best books out there. No more needs to be said. Will be reading and buying this one monthly.

All-New, All-Different Avengers: It’s the Avengers, and I’ll always read the Avengers (for the most part). I’m on board with the writer (Mark Waid) and artist (Mahmud Asrar). Not so sure about the new team. I’m not a big fan of Falcon-Cap or the female Thor, and as much as I love Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, I really didn’t want her part of a team anytime soon. I could use Unlimited for this, but I love the Avengers so…

New Avengers: And now we hit the first book where I’m disappointed with the artist chosen. I LOVE the idea behind this book. I thought it was great when Sunspot bought A.I.M. during Hickman’s masterful Avengers run. I like Ewing as a writer and I like the characters on the team. But from the previews I’ve seen, I do not like Gerardo Sandoval’s art. Not at all. Not one bit.

Uncanny Avengers: I’m not quite sure about this book. Avengers has always had mutants and inhumans among it’s number, so a pubic “Unity” squad never made much sense to me. It’s Avengers, so I still want to pick it up, but the creative team isn’t really interesting to me, especially Ryan Stegman’s art. From the previews, it ranks the same as Sandoval’s. Carlos Pacheco is doing art on #5, maybe he’ll stick around.

Why do two of the books that I have the most interest in have two artists that always turn me off from the books?


Spider-Woman #3 (Javier Rodríguez cover)

Spider-Woman: Big fan of the prior run by Dennis Hopeless. I started the book after the Spider-Verse nonsense and really enjoyed it. Fun book. The new direction is interesting. Jess is pregnant? I’ll be disappointed if it’s not Hawkeye’s kid. I want this book to survive, so it’ll get part of my budget.

Amazing Spider-Man: I’ve enjoyed Slott’s long run on ASM. I miss the days of a writer being on a book for years at a time, not just short arcs. I’m interested in the new direction, with Parker taking on a Stark-level wealth and company. For Peter Parker, this is a huge change, and should be fun to follow. But ASM is in no danger of ever being canceled due to lack of sales. My limited comics budget means this one gets put into the Unlimited read list.

Red Wolf: I’m a fan of Nathan Edmondson’s work. I’ve heard the rumors about him, but that doesn’t take away from his work. I’ll be checking Red Wolf out, but I’ll be ready to drop it at a moment’s notice. I thought it was going to take place in the 1872 world, which would have been cool, but it seems it’ll be more of a “man out of time” kind of thing. Either way, I’m checking it out.

Hercules: I’m a fan of the big lug. What I’ve read about Abnett’s direction sounds interesting. This will be a buy because I want to support this book.

Black Knight #3 (Julian Totino Tedesco cover)

Black Knight #3 (Julian Totino Tedesco cover)

Black Knight: Dane Whitman has been my favorite Marvel character (tied with Hawkeye) for a long time, ever since the Harras/Epting Avengers run. I loved what Cornell did with him in the (sadly) canceled Captain Britain and MI-13 series. I wasn’t as thrilled with the status in his recent Avengers World appearance and I definately did not like what Tieri did with him in that recent Avengers anthology book. So it’s with some trepidation that I approach this title. Like Hercules, this is one I will financially support as I feel it will need it. I hope I’m wrong and I like this, because Dane Whitman deserves a book.

Doctor Strange: It’s Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo doing a magic book. The art of Bachalo alone would be worth it. If an artist was meant to draw magic and other dimensions, it’s Bachalo. Sadly, this too falls victim to the budget crunch. This will probably be the first of the new books I check out on Unlimited though.

Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Yeah, looking forward to this one. Not quite sure why, but the premise and idea behind it just interest me. I’ll be financially supporting this one. This book is a good example of how I’m approaching the new releases. A book like Doctor Strange, I feel, will have more support well something like this one needs more help in the support department.

All-New Hawkeye #3 (Ramon Perez cover)

All-New Hawkeye #3 (Ramon Perez cover)

All-New Hawkeye: Yeah. This is a no-brainer. Loved Fraction’s run and Lemire’s has been excellent as well. Can’t wait for more adventures of Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) and Pizza Dog.

Mockingbird: Even though it’s not in the current solicitations, this is a good spot to talk about this book. Mockingbird is my 3rd favorite character in Marvel (after Black Knight and her ex-husband, Hawkeye). I’m excited that she’s getting a shot at a solo book and enjoyed the recent S.H.I.E.L.D. one-shot. I’m behind this book 100%.

Extraordinary X-Men: It’s hard to believe but I won’t be buying a single x-title. I am interested in how the mutants co-exist with the Inhumans since both are essentially the same. But I just don’t have the money and the recent run by Bendis kind of burnt me out on the X-Men. That and I really do not like having the original X-Men around. I might end up checking this out in Unlimited. Big “might”.

Punisher: It’ll be hard for Becky Cloonan to follow up the excellent Greg Rucka run and the almost as good Nathan Edmondson run. I’m not a big fan of Steve Dillon’s art and never thought he was a good fit for the Punisher. I might check this out on Unlimited.

Star Wars #15 (Mike Mayhew cover)

Star Wars #15 (Mike Mayhew cover)

Star Wars: I’m lumping all the Star Wars books together. The main title, Star Wars, is the only one I’ll be buying. The rest will be Unlimited reads. Not happy that they are doing a crossover already. I’m liking Aaron’s Star Wars. Lando was okay. Princess Leia was okay. Darth Vader is slightly below okay.

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat: I’ve always been a big fan of Hellcat, so when heard this was happening, I was very excited. Then I started hearing more about what the tone of the book would be and saw some of the art. I’m not as excited, but I’ll still check it out.

Black Panther: I loved Christopher Priest’s run from years ago. That was a good Panther book. I have hopes this one will be along that same direction. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ll get the first issue and see where it goes from there.

Black Widow: Looking forward to this one. Big Black Widow fan. I love artist Chris Samnee’s work and writer Mark Waid is always decent to excellent. I really liked the recent Edmondson run, so hoping this is as good.

That’s a lot of books that I’ll be reading. I may even end up having to move some more to the Unlimited list as I’m sure Marvel isn’t done in announcing books. I would fully expect a Defenders title starring Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and a couple others as more of those series show up on Netflix. They also showed Citizen V on the early teasers, so there has to be something involving that character coming. Maybe a new Thunderbolts?

Between Marvel and Image, that is like 90% of my monthly budget. Poor DC gets the shaft as there is not a single DC book that I’m currently reading (and probably won’t unless Wildstorm somehow returns). Marvel’s All-New, All-Different relaunch is what DC should have done with the New 52 and Convergence. Once again, Marvel shows DC how it’s done.

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