The GeeksversePREVIEW | Select hardcovers and paperbacks on sale 25 May 2016

PREVIEW | Select hardcovers and paperbacks on sale 25 May 2016
Published on Saturday, May 21, 2016 by
New releases include a new Regular Show graphic novel, a Broken Age art book, the return of Bill DuBay’s The Rook, the latest Black Science collection, volume three of Zub and Cummings’ Wayward,  and more.

Regular Show: A Clash of Consoles (KaBOOM!)

  • RegularShow_OGN3_CoverPaperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Robert Luckett, Rachel Connor
  • Illustrations: Zé Burnay
  • Colors: Fred Stresing
  • Regular Show created by: J. G. Quintel
  • “In this third Regular Show original graphic novel, chaos breaks out when three mega-corporations release their new video game consoles on the exact same day! Before Mordecai and Rigby can decide which gaming platform to buy, they’re drafted into opposing sides of an all-out gaming war chock full of laser beams, Maximum Gloves, and pixelated casualties, and the stakes have never been higher.”

The Art of Broken Age (Dark Horse)

  • aobrageHardcover/full color/$19.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Text & art: Various
  • Broken Age began life as a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign. Now, the full adventure is here in all its beautiful, hand-painted glory! Dark Horse Books is proud to partner with Double Fine Productions to offer an intimate look into the worlds of Broken Age, featuring hundreds of pieces of art, and commentary from the game’s creators!”

Death Follows (Dark Horse)

  • dthdlwsPaperback/full color/$17.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Cullen Bunn
  • Illustrations: A. C. Zamudio
  • Colors: Carlos Nicolas Zamudio
  • “Birdie lives with her family on a struggling farm. When an itinerant farmhand comes to their aid, she should be relieved. Instead, she finds her life spiraling into nightmare, as wherever the hired man goes, the dead grow restless.”

The EC Archives: The Haunt of Fear, Vol. 3 (Dark Horse)

  • ecarchofv3Hardcover/full color/$12.99
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Stories by: Al Feldstein, Jerry De Fuccio
  • Illustrations: Graham Ingels, Johnny Craig, Jack Kamen, Jack Davis, George Evans, Bill Elder, Wally Wood, Sid Check
  • Original colors: Marie Severin
  • Digital colors: Carlos Badilla
  • “Delight in fright! This third volume of the EC Comics horror classic The Haunt of Fear collects even more of the unforgettable scares! Featuring art from the timeless talents of Graham Ingels, Johnny Craig, Jack Kamen, Jack Davis, George Evans, Bill Elder, Wally Wood, and Sid Check! Collects EC Comics’ The Haunt of Fear #13–#18.”

Groo: Friends and Foes, Vol. 3 (Dark Horse)

  • groo ffv3Paperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Mark Evanier
  • Illustrations: Sergio Aragonés
  • Colors: Tom Luth
  • “The mutton-skulled swordsman Groo runs into friends (who want to kill him a little) and foes (who want to kill him a lot). He’ll meet up with the sneaky Pal and Drumm, the sneakier Taranto, and the melodic Minstrel… but can he help Kayli reunite with her long-lost father? Collects issues #9–#12 of the year long series from Sergio Aragonés, Mark Evanier, and Tom Luth.”

The Rook, Vol. 1: Save Yourself (Dark Horse)

  • rookPaperback/full color/$14.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Steven Grant
  • Illustrations: Paul Gulacy
  • Colors: Jesus Aburto
  • The Rook is back! Bill DuBay’s time-traveling adventure comic returns, penned and illustrated by comics masters Steven Grant and Paul Gulacy! Restin Dane is ready for action—anyplace, anytime! Collects the Dark Horse Comics series The Rook #1–#4.”

The Strain Book 3: The Night Eternal (Dark Horse)

  • strain book 3Hardcover/full color/$29.99 (US)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan, David Lapham
  • Script: David Lapham
  • Illustrations: Mike Huddleston
  • Colors: Dan Jackson
  • “It’s been two years since the Master’s plan succeeded and a near apocalypse coated the world in darkness. Now able to roam freely, the Master’s legion of vampires rule the world—a horrifying police state where humans are harvested for blood. As humanity despairs, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and an unlikely team of heroes continue their fight against extinction and hope to unlock the secret to the Master’s demise. Collects The Strain: The Night Eternal #1–#12 and the short story “A Man of Refined Tastes” from Free Comic Book Day 2015.”

Black Science, Vol. 4: Godworld (Image Comics)

  • Black Science_vol04-1Paperback/full color/$11.99 (US, digital); $14.99 (US, print)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Rick Remender
  • Illustrations: Matteo Scalera
  • Colors: Moreno Dinisio
  • “Following the catastrophic final jump of the Pillar, the last Dimensionaut is stranded in the furthest reaches of space, adrift on the wreckage of his former self. Before he can reclaim his mantle as protector of the Eververse, he must first overcome the demons that lurk within his own soul. Collects Black Science #17–#21.”

Symmetry, Vol. 1 (Image Comics)

  • Symmetry_vol1-1Paperback/full color/$7.99 (US, digital); $9.99 (US, print)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Matt Hawkins
  • Art: Raffaele Ienco
  • “Utopia is here. Hunger, sickness, work… all relics of a long forgotten past. All individuality, creativity, and negative emotions have been genetically bred out and medically suppressed. The population is limited to segregated areas, but when a natural disaster disrupts the status quo and Michael and Maricela from two different worlds meet and fall in love, their relationship sparks a revolution. Will their love cause the salvation or destruction of mankind? Collects Symmetry #1–#4.”

Tech Jacket, Vol. 4: All Falls Down (Image Comics)

  • TechJacket_Vol4-1Paperback/full color/$12.99 (US, digital); $16.99 (US, print)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Joe Keatinge
  • Illustrations: Khary Randolph
  • Colors: Emilio Lopez
  • “In order for the entire galaxy to survive, Tech Jacket must join forces with his greatest enemies, which—face it—is no fun to do; neither is the destruction of everyone and everything he holds dear, so… Collects Tech Jacket #7–#12.”

They’re Not Like Us, Vol. 2: Us Against You (Image Comics)

  • TheyreNotLikeUs_vol2-1Paperback/full color/$11.99 (US, digital); $14.99 (US, print)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Eric Stephenson
  • Illustrations: Simon Gane
  • Colors: Jordie Bellaire
  • “Freed from the influence of The Voice, Syd and her companions discover that life on their own presents painful new challenges and even greater threats. Collects They’re Not Like Us #7–#12.”

Wayward, Vol. 3: Out from the Shadows (Image Comics)

  • Wayward_vol03-1Paperback/full color/$12.99 (US, digital); $16.99 (US, print)
  • Due in stores 25 May 2016
  • Story: Jim “Zub” Zubkavich
  • Illustrations: Steven Cummings
  • Colors: Tamra Bonvillain, Marissa Louise, Brittany Peer
  • Essays by: Zack Davisson
  • “The new gods of Japan have arrived and a clash with the myths of old will change the country forever. Jim Zub (Conan–Red Sonja, Samurai Jack) and Steven Cummings (Deadshot, Legends of the Dark Knight) combine the camaraderie and emotion of shows like Buffy with Japan’s engaging culture and mythic monsters.”
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