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The Return Of Visionaries
Published on Friday, September 8, 2017 by

It was hinted at when the First Strike crossover was announced and today we got our first look at the return of the Visionaries.

vis2When Hasbro announced their new joint-property universe, combining many of their brands into one shared universe, one of those properties mentioned was Visionaries. Even though I never had the toys, I was a fan of the concept.

It was a short lived concept. Six issues of a comic series (from Marvel’s Star Comics imprint), thirteen episodes of a cartoon and a line of action figures from Hasbro. Lots of other properties that had longer shelf and television (and sometimes comics) life aren’t as fondly remembered in geekdom as the Visionaries.

If you need a refresher on the concept, check out and .

vis1Not much was heard about the Visionaries relaunch after the first announcement. Not until the First Strike crossover and a listing that revealed the books that would continue and launch out of that event (the second event in IDW’s Hasbro shared universe). One of those books listed for December was blocked out and rumors had it as Visionaries. Then we saw a new version of the Leoric character show up as an action figure in SDCC 2017’s Hasbro exclusive box set (which contained one character from each of the IDW shared propertys).

Those rumors were confirmed today with the announcement on the AV Club site that it would indeed be the Visionaries. They would be introduced into the shared universe in a spaced with the Transformers.

is a one-shot (so far) special that will give the new direction for the knights of the magical light. The special is written by Magdalene Visaggio with art by Fico Ossio (who did the pencils for the first crossover event, Revolution, as well as the short-lived Revolutionaries book). The AV Club had some quick discussions about the book with Visaggio and Ossio as well as some concept art.

And it looks great. I love it. Some friends haven’t been as keen on it, but for me they look awesome. Great mix of the technological aspects of the Visionaries as well as the magical. They look battered and beaten.

I can’t wait for this book. Hopefully there will be a fully up ongoing (and toys). I’m really curious how the Visionaries will fit in with the Transformers.







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