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Leaving Proof 317 | Filipino artist spotlight: Ernesto Patricio, Ed Ramos, and Jess Ramos
Published on Friday, September 9, 2016 by In today’s Filipino artist spotlight: Ernesto Patricio (G.I. Combat, The Unexpected, The Witching Hour), Ed Ramos (Secrets of Sinister House), and Jess Ramos (Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion). (more…)...
Leaving Proof 315 | Filipino artist spotlight: Jess Noriega, Abe Ocampo, and Noly Panaligan
Published on Friday, August 5, 2016 by In today’s Filipino artist spotlight: Jess Noriega (Ghosts), Abe Ocampo (House of Mystery, Rima the Jungle Girl), and Noly Panaligan (The Unexpected, Weird Western Tales). (more…)...
Leaving Proof 307 | Filipino artist spotlight: Joel Magpayo, Frank Magsino, and Nestor Malgapo
Published on Friday, May 20, 2016 by In today’s Filipino artist spotlight: Time Warp and Secrets of Haunted House contributor Joel Magpayo, one-time Savage Sword of Conan cover painter Frank Magsino, and Ghosts, House of Mystery, and The Unexpected penciler/inker Nestor Malgapo. (more…)...
Leaving Proof 297 | Filipino artist spotlight: Teny Henson, Fabie Infante, and Tor Infante
Published on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 by In today’s Filipino artist spotlight: the brilliant DC Comics horror and war anthology illustrator Quintin "Teny" Henson, one-time House of Mystery contributor Fabie Infante, and underrated Continuity Comics penciler Nestor "Tor" Infante. (more…)...
Leaving Proof 293 | Filipino artist spotlight: Adrian Gonzales, Ernie Guanlao, and Domy Gutierrez
Published on Saturday, February 6, 2016 by In today's Filipino artist spotlight: House of Mystery and Sgt. Rock artist Adrian Gonzales, horror anthology illustrator Ernie Guanlao, and one-time Ghosts contributor Domy Gutierrez. (more…)...
Leaving Proof 285 | Filipino artist spotlight: E. R. Cruz, Nardo Cruz, and Alfonso DeLeon
Published on Saturday, November 7, 2015 by In today’s edition of the Filipino artist spotlight, we take a look at the American comics contributions of the ultra-prolific war and horror comics artist E. R. Cruz, penciling specialist Nardo Cruz, and one-time Creepy magazine artist Alfonso DeLeon. (more…)...

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