Easy Power Plan Review [2021 Unbiased Review]

Energy is something we all spend a lot of money on. We are forever keeping in mind not to use the air conditioning for too long and to close the lights when we leave the room. Electricity is, something we have all collectively agreed on, a utility that costs a lot.

However, during emergencies, this utility is the first thing to go. While electricity is essential in our day-to-day life, during an emergency, it is something we cannot do without. A generator as a backup source of energy is an option, but a rather expensive one. Even with petrol prices remaining stable instead of fluctuating, it costs an arm and a leg to run a generator during a power outage. Not to mention that going out in a thunderstorm for petrol is not an ideal situation when it comes to generators.

Given the current circumstances that we live in, that is the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to have sufficient power since a lot of us are still restricted to their homes. Those who are not may still choose to remain at home until things in the world are normal again.

This is where Ryan Taylor’s DIY power plan comes into action. This home-made power plant can work alongside your current power needs and reduce 60% of your bill. It can also eliminate the need for a power source.

That’s why I made this Easy Power Plan Review guide to help you get more information about our solution.


By buying this guide, you get the opportunity to build your power plant that is clean, efficient, and less expensive than your current power source. It also requires no maintenance and claims to be a fuss-free investment.

Inspiration From Disaster

This product was created by Ryan Taylor, a 45-year old geography teacher from Memphis, Tennessee.  Worried about his high-energy bills, he was determined to find a better, less expensive way to use electricity.

He says that this product was created on the worst day of his life. On Tuesday, 29th December 2015, he lost his power. Although rising waters were expected in Mississippi, Taylor and his family lived miles away from the river and considered themselves safe. When the power went out, they did not worry and simply waited for it to come back.

However, since the Mississippi River had flooded, it had also ripped out power lines, which were not going to be repaired anytime soon. The power had gone out around 7 pm, a few minutes after the news. By night, the power still was not back, and the house was cold.

Calling the power company was of no use since the pre-recorded message informed Taylor that it would be between 48 and 72-hours before the electricity would work again.

The temperature had fallen to 40F, about 4.4C, and Taylor’s wife and daughters were shivering in bed, despite being covered in blankets and being together to create warmth. Although Taylor tried to help with his body heat, it was of little to no use. After the cold night, the entire family left their house and drove 6-hours to Taylor’s parents in Kentucky.

This incident fueled Taylor to come up with a better solution and not be entirely dependent on the power company. He has said that the helplessness he felt in that moment, and how he was unable to do anything for his wife or daughters made him realize that the situation could never be repeated. He had to make sure he could protect his family no matter the circumstances.

Thinking of Alternatives

With the requirements being cheap and easy-to-build, portable, and able to use a constant source of power, Taylor was thinking of what he could use to secure electricity for his family. A generator was a choice, but because of the upfront investment of at least $1000 and expensive fuel, it was ruled out.

Solar panels were considered, but the dismal Tennessee winters and the high cost ruled out this option as well. Because none of these alternatives were working, Taylor realized that he needed to build his unique product. None of the existing energy products available were suited to his needs. Therefore, innovation was required to create an energy product that was both affordable and simple to build, one that could be available to the masses.

However, since he was lacking the technical skills to do so, he looked upon his late uncle for inspiration. Since his uncle had conducted research in the energy field and worked for an electric car company, he certainly had the expertise that Taylor was looking for. Remembering his uncle mentioning electric eels, he looked into the idea and decided that it too was expensive and dangerous.

The Eureka Moment

Taylor then remembered a piece of technology that his uncle had created called the spinning principle, which was used in electric cars. The multiplication theory meant that a small amount of energy could be multiplied and turned into more using the spinning principle.

easy power plan guide

A small amount of energy could be used to recharge the system when not being fully used. Therefore, the system can charge itself while providing power.

Taylor then contacted his late uncle’s wife, who then put him in touch with his late uncle’s best friend, an engineer in the energy field. With two basic rules in mind – the device being cheap and easy to build – they went to work.

After some attempts that turned out to be either too expensive or too complicated for novices to build, they landed on an affordable design using a hard cylinder, some belts, 3-wooden wheels, and 2-cogwheels, which came to a total cost of $106.

The Final Product

One of the most important concepts Taylor emphasized was the need for the product to be easy to construct while still being safe.

With the final design, the construction consisted of placing the components in the right position. With no fumes or fire, there was no worry about an explosion or a dangerous reaction.

The device generated energy, and then captured it, turned it into electricity while also powering itself. It not only powered lights but also ran the refrigerator and television at the same time.

Construction of the device took Taylor several hours and ran perfectly when he was done. Although his family still used their generator and the same amount of electricity as they had before building the device, their energy bill of $190 had turned into $0.

Why Should You Buy It?

Not only does it save money on power bills, but this system is also great for emergencies. If Taylor’s story has taught us anything, it is that of a complete dependence on something, in his case the power company, does not end well. A backup solution would have changed the game for him completely, and it can for you too.

Even if you are not worried about paying your bills, this system could save you in an emergency. It also runs throughout summer and winter without any problems.

Additionally, it is a clean source of energy and is good for the environment. Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint could benefit from this. They can use all their appliances without guilt.

It is also easy to build and run. Designed to be built by novices, it is light enough for children or the elderly to build, and it does not require technical skills.

How Does It Work?

This product works using the spinning principle that is used in today’s electric cars. It uses the endless power principle that makes electric cars constantly charge themselves from the wheels when they are not being accelerated. Because it is a self-sustainable device, it also does not need any maintenance.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Easy DIY power plan costs $149, which ensures at least $1250 of savings in one year, and $12500 in the next ten years.

However, for a limited amount of time, Taylor is running a 75% discount and selling the complete plan for only $49. Included in this price is the complete guide along with instructions, blueprints, and a list of materials needed. Additionally, all files are downloadable and can be copied or printed as many times as you want. Thus, you are not restricted to a one-time use policy like other digital products. This is a one-time purchase, but it is one that stays with you and can be shared with friends and family.

When you purchase the guide at this discounted price, it also comes with unlimited customer support for life, which ensures that you will not have to struggle to set up your system. If you have any difficulties, you can be sure to receive help. This help will be from the people who have built it and used it, instead of a support helpline answering generic questions.

Taylor even goes as far as to provide his email address. In this way, any confused customers can ask him for replacement options, substitutions, or unique problems that have occurred during the installation process.

easy power plan

Taylor has so much confidence in his system that he offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. If this happens, you can cancel within 60 days. He claims that his system has saved 87,000 families an average of $1600 a year, and yours can join among their rank

If curious, you can buy the guide, build your system, and use the system for a couple of months to see if you are satisfied with the savings. If not, the guide can be returned. Therefore, you are given the ability to test-run the system before you fully commit to it.

What is Included?

Included in the package is his comprehensive guide to building the power plant, blueprints, step-by-step directions in color, and a list of materials. It also comes with lifetime customer support.

You also get copies of the following electronic books:

  • Saving power, saving the world
  • Money-saving tips for families
  • 15 top ways to save money
  • Go green: save green at the same time
  • How to be environmentally friendly

Easy Power Plan Review – The Truth

The product does have its advantages and disadvantages which we have listed below:


  • Easy to build
  • Safe to use
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customer support
  • Self-sustainable device
  • No maintenance needed
  • Immediate access (digital product)
  • No shipping
  • Available on all devices
  • Clean energy


  • An initial investment of book and materials
  • A digital plan requiring construction


To sum up, the Easy DIY power plan seems worth checking out. Although there is an up-front investment in terms of the guide and the building materials, if you are not satisfied with the results, you have a money-back guarantee. However, you will incur a loss on the building materials unless they can be returned.

Since the plan claims to be safe, easy, and simple for those without experience, it may be worth a look if you want to cut down your electricity costs, or if you want a back-up option for when the power goes out. It can also be installed if you want to be completely independent of your power company, or if you want clean energy and are willing to invest in it.

This solution may be especially useful for large families or college students since the money-saving abilities with this product seem to be high. It might also be attractive to those living in rural areas who are prone to power cuts, or to those working from home trying to ensure that they have power at all times. Not only can this product save you hundreds of dollars in bills, but it can also provide security and comfort of mind. It can also be life-changing for those who experience power cuts daily, or who live in developing regions in the world.

We hope you will find this Easy Power Plan Review article helpful and enjoy it. Thank you!

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