How to Delete All Yahoo Emails – Working Methods 2020

Yahoo! Mail was very popular a decade ago. But not anymore. Gmail takes place and becomes the first choice for most people. Including me, I use Gmail for all of my purposes like working, studying and connecting to my friends & colleagues. However, I still keep my Yahoo mail account live and running because I used this mail to register some services and communities.

One day, I opened my Mail box to reset password for one of my services that I’m using. Then I realize that there are more than 21,000 items in my inbox. That’s huge number, I don’t even know where they are coming from. Maybe because I have subscribed for many mailing list in the past. So now I want to clean up my inbox to make more space and easier to find important mail. But I can’t spend my whole day clicking each item and then delete. There must be a way to remove all of them with a few actions. If you are having the same trouble as me, let’s find out how to mass delete emails Yahoo.

How to Delete All Yahoo Email At Once

There are two working methods that I’ve tested and got result. They don’t require any advanced IT skills so anyone can do it easily.

Method #1 – The Easiest

This method is simply “clean your inbox” which move all emails in your inbox to archived folder. To do that, just go to your Yahoo Mail page, then click the dropdown arrow next to Inbox and then select “Clean your inbox” option.

how to delete all yahoo emails

After that, a message appear and you click on the Archive Emails blue button. Then wait for a few seconds or minutes depend on how many emails you’ve got. After finishing that step, you can click Archive folder on the left to see that all your emails are stored here instead of inbox.

archived emails

This method is quite easy and fast with just a few clicks. But emails are actually still there, not permanently deleted. The bright sight is that your inbox is now cleaned.

Note: You can restore all of emails at anytime you want.

Method #2 – The Effective

If you don’t like the method above because you want all of emails are truly deleted, then you can try this method. However, this method is more complex than the Method #1 and require installing a software. But don’t worry it’s still easy.

There is an email client called Thunderbird which helps us to manage all email accounts through an app. So the idea is syncing emails from our Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird then delete all emails at once inside that app.

Note: If you want to use your Yahoo Mail account in a third-party email client (Thunderbird), you need to approve permission in your Yahoo account. Otherwise, Yahoo will deny to sync with your Thunderbird app. To enable it, follow the instructions below:

Go to your Yahoo Mail page. Then head over to your personal account page, then click Account Security tab on your left. Switch on the toggle “Allow apps that use less secure sign in.” like this image below.

yahoo account security

Now we come to the fun part that we use Thunderbird to manage our Yahoo Mail account.

Step 1

Installing Thunderbird app. It’s free and fast. Download the app then install with ease. After installation progress is done, open the app and connect to your Yahoo Mail account. Provide your name, email address and password then click Continue. Leave the rest as default the connect to your email account.

thunderbird account
Step 2

Waiting for a few minutes for syncing all emails from server to client. It depends on how many emails you have. It took me 15 minutes to load all my mails. A cup of coffee while waiting is a good choice.

how to delete all yahoo emails
Step 3

Select all emails by Ctrl + A then Right Click and choose Delete Selected Messages. Boom,all your emails are gone, permanently. You may go to your Yahoo Email inbox from your browser to see if they are still there or not.

This method is by far the most effective way without doing much. There are some cool features provided by email client app but if you don’t need to use, just uninstall the app after finishing your work.

Method #3 – The Bonus

This method is not for everyone because it requires some coding skills. Some people will not be interested in this way but if anyone wants to try then welcome.

We will use newest Yahoo Mail interface because unlike the basic with pagination, this new interface load more items by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. So that we could implement a small Javascript code to scroll down until reaching the end of the page (that means all emails are loaded). And then we can simply click the tick box on the top left to choose all emails and delete them with a single click.

You may use some browser automation tools like iMacros or Selenium to simulate that action.


I’ve tested all of 3 methods above and they are all working. But I recommend the second one because of its effectiveness. But you can choose any of them which suit your needs. I hope you won’t get headache for having a lot of unwanted emails in the future because you’ve already know how to delete all Yahoo emails with a few simple steps. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here then I will try my best to answer. Thank you.

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