Keto Custom Plan Reviews [Unbiased 2020 Review]

Are you tired of struggling between your favorite food and excessive body fat? Do you want to be one of those who eat everything but never have to worry about weight gain? If yes, then this Keto Custom Plan Reviews is for you.

Many people have a hard time balancing their love for food and their dream body. That’s mainly because of the extensive variety of unhealthy food available to the public at a very low cost. Several tasty foods are rich in fat, which is challenging to get rid of. It requires some strict diet plans, exercises and loads of starving, day in and day out. However, many people still fail to achieve a healthy body. There can be several reasons for it like:

  • Not cutting down enough on your carb intake 
  • Not doing enough exercise
  • Medical hindrances (allergies to certain food items)
  • Drinking excessive alcohol

Carbs are an easy and quick source of energy for the body. If you take more carbohydrates, the body will never utilize your fat and instead accumulate it, leading to weight gain. For weight loss, it is necessary to keep your body in a state where it is forced to burn the fat.

The so-called weight loss experts might be suggesting some useful tips and diet plans in their blogs or online videos, but that might not necessarily be for all body types, resulting in a side effect. If you are seriously searching for a diet plan that fits your needs, this Custom Keto Diet Plan is a perfect solution.

Overview of the Keto Custom Plan

The Custom Keto Diet is a customized diet plan based on the idea of ‘keto diet’ but with a little innovation. It frees its followers from restricted tasteless meals and enables them to enjoy all the flavors they want. The diet plans that the Custom Keto Diet has to offer are customized according to your body type, taste, aims and budget. The recipes this diet plan provides have been taken from random blogs and innovated with more effective and enjoyable ingredients by expert nutritionists.

With this deal, you can save your time, money and efforts to get promising results. Let’s dig deeper into the Custom Keto Diet.

custom keto diet plan

About the Brain Behind the Idea

The creator of this amazing diet plan, Rachel Roberts, has contributed a lot to the field of health and fitness through her Custom Keto Diet. The lady here surely deserves a little introduction. Roberts is a fitness expert and dietitian. She has been helping many people reach their weight loss and fitness goals. She has also written other fitness guides as she is a believer of healthy eating for a healthy life.

Who Should Buy the Custom Keto Diet?

A simple answer to it is that anybody seriously willing to follow a diet plan to get a healthy body in an enjoyable way should buy this diet plan. However, you must not fall under any of the three following categories if you want to buy it.

Your Diet Is in Your Imagination

You should not take up this keto diet plan if you do not act upon your plans and all you want to do is brag about the optimal diet plan.

Unwilling to Follow Instructions

If you believe you already know a lot and do not have to follow experts’ instructions, this keto diet is not for you. It is completely based on expert opinions and advice, which a follower of the diet plan must stick to.

Assuming Calorie Intake Rather Than Calculating

Each meal of the diet plan has a balanced amount of nutrition, ensuring proper caloric intake. If you do not want to follow the scientifically calculated caloric intake provided with each meal, this keto diet plan will be a fail.

Is the Custom Keto Diet Effective?

If you are still not sure if this diet plan will work for you, here are a few questions answered that will help clarify your confusion. They will provide you with the reasons why the Custom Keto Diet is considered to be effective.

Does It Burn Enough Fat?

Expert nutritionists claim that keto diets drop the insulin level in your blood. It is an effective feature because the level of insulin has an inverse relation with the fat-burning process. The decreased level of insulin promotes fat burning and has a positive effect on your overall health.

Is the Custom Keto Diet Any Fun?

The Custom Keto Diet has this positive feature of tasty while helping you burn fat. Although these planned meals are simple, they are amazingly flavored as per your taste. You do not have to convince yourself to eat some bland food every day.

How Can This Diet Plan Keep You on Track?

If you are tired of constantly fighting between your hunger and your willpower to keep your diet on track, you do not have to worry about that anymore. The Custom Keto Diet plan keeps your hunger away, and you do not have to fight your willpower to stick to your planned meals. This ensures that you reach desirable results without bringing back the lost weight due to your cravings. This keto diet puts a complete stop to your hunger, so you do not have to go through a mental war every time you think of food.

What Exercises Do You Need to Do with This Diet Plan?

No exercise is needed with this keto diet plan. Usually, there are tons of exercises recommended with normal diet plans, but things are different with this one. A customized keto diet can raise the energy level in your body to a significantly high level, which automatically motivates you to be more active and lose fat quickly.

Is It Healthy Overall?

Many people end up with a deficit in one or the other significant nutrient by the time they get done with a random strict diet. However, the plan provided by Custom Keto Diet is healthy and safe in this regard due to the different types of nutrition it adds to your meals.

The keto diet has been shown to eliminate the risk of heart diseases by maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Various studies also claim that keto diets boost mental health and reduce the chances of depression. They also prove curative against potentially harmful neurological conditions. Keto diets are also known to fight cancer. Moreover, they can serve beneficially against type 2 diabetes.

Features of the Custom Keto Diet Plan

The Custom Keto Diet plan has a number of exceptional features that no other diet plan offers. It is not just a list of food ingredients but much more.

Expert Experience and Advice

The meals planned by the Custom Keto Diet are designed by expert nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers by keeping in mind their experiences in the field. This makes the diet plan more reliable and effective as it is not coming from any online blogger or fitness enthusiast but from knowledgeable and well-aware individuals.

Quick and Efficient

Unlike regular diet plans, you do not have to wait for many weeks to see results. While following a random diet plan, you are not even sure if you will get any results at all. However, this keto diet plan is super-efficient and is planned to last for eight weeks, within which you will be able to see great results. You can only wonder what you will be within just eight weeks.

Highly Optimized

With this diet plan, you do not have to worry about the number of carbs and fats in your food. The meals have been planned using scientific methods to get you the right amount of calories according to your needs.

No Boring Meals

Keto diets have been torture for people with all their boring and tasteless food. Although this diet plan is also completely based on keto, it is full of mouth-watering food recipes, enabling you to enjoy your eight-week journey of weight loss. These recipes are designed based on your preferences and choice of flavor instead of an expert imposing their opinions on you.

Further Customizations

Along with the perfect food plan, you get a set of instructions to further help you on your journey. The meals have alternatives ingredients mentioned with them so that you can choose according to your preferences. You do not have to be anxious about the selected ingredients of the meal.


This diet plan does not require you to eat the same type of breakfast every day. Instead, it offers you to taste a wide range of food to make your meals more nutritious and enjoyable.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The Custom Keto Diet does not require you to be a chef. You do not have to worry about making your meals, even if you haven’t been to the kitchen before. The plan provides a step-by-step guide to preparing your meal each time. You have to follow the mentioned instructions and it will be a piece of cake for you. 

Downloadable Grocery List

The ingredients used in the meal are easily available in the market. The meals come with a downloadable grocery list. You do not have to waste time in the supermarket looking for the right ingredient. All you have to do is download the list to know all the ingredients you will be needing in the weeks ahead. 

keto diet plan reviews

What You Can Do After Going Through This Guide

After reading this guide, you may be able to reach your health targets by following the Custom Keto Diet plan if you decide to adopt it. Moreover, you can cut down on the excessively tiring and long hours of exercises to burn fats and enjoy your planned meals.

You can help your friends, colleagues, family, or relatives too by preaching this diet plan to them. It can be customized according to all age groups. Hence, it can be recommended to all, young and old. You can also review the product on your social media to get your message to a mass audience.

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How Much Does the Custom Keto Diet Cost?

With all these features and positive results, this diet plan can be assumed to require a heavy payment, but that’s not the case. The Custom Keto Diet is quite affordable. It hardly costs 5% of a normal diet plan.

Visiting a nutritionist and paying the check-up fees can cost you around $900 in eight weeks, which will make a huge hole in your wallet. Even after paying all that money, you do not know what you will end up with. Plus, these estimated charges are not all there is to it. Once you pay for the doctor, you also have to pay for the prescribed diet plans and medicines if any.

You can ease your life by eliminating all this using the simple Custom Keto Diet. You can instantly access the plan at $37, which is way less than $900. Hence, if you are looking for a diet plan that can yield guaranteed results in a low budget, the Custom Keto Diet is an appropriate option.


  • Rapid weight loss
  • No exercises required
  • Affordable
  • Personalized according to the buyer’s preference 
  • Completely risk-free and safe
  • Controls hunger
  • Fights issues like depression and heart diseases
  • Offers enjoyable meals instead of bland food
  • Adds a variety of nutrition to your plate
  • Good for all ages
  • Offers a test-drive and a 100% money-back guarantee


  • It is only available digitally. There’s no physical copy present, so you will need a screen to access it
  • The speed of results vary from person to person, so it is entirely possible that it will take you more time to see the same results as your friends or colleagues


Considering all the amazing things that the Custom Keto Diet has to offer, it seems to be the perfect solution to a number of health issues along with dietary concerns. Plus, it has been designed by experts and professionals.

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