Make Him Worship You Review 2023 – Does It Work For All Women?

Are you a woman who is interested in a guy but don’t know the right move to get together with him? Do you struggle in showing a man you are interested in him? Well, you are not alone. There are several women out there who are interested in a guy but don’t have enough confidence of approaching them. There could be multiple reasons why you are unable to approach him. A few may include:

  1. You think you are not good enough.
  2. You doubt he wouldn’t like your personality.
  3. You doubt your physical appearance.
  4. You don’t have enough confidence to ask out a man.
  5. You fear rejection.

The list of reasons can be never-ending. But if you wish to put these reasons to a halt, or maybe eradicate them, this guide is the perfect solution for you. Keep reading this “Make Him Worship Review” and you will discover the art of seducing your dream man. You will learn to put behind all the reasons that stop you and just take a step forward for a date with your crush. You will also learn men’s psyche better than ever. This in-depth review will provide you with all the necessary details that a woman would need to win over a man.

Overview of Make Him Worship You

Make Him Worship You is designed for women who are looking for a real relationship more than just a time pass or flirt. Not just to have a little fun chat with a good-looking guy or get a man to text you, but to be wanted and desired by someone you like. There are a lot of scams, fakeness, and false promises in the online dating world. But Make Him Worship You is a program that ensures that the aspect of genuineness is maintained.

This program provides you the genuine guidance and advice to get the committed relationship you deserve.

Make Him Worship You

Sometimes to win over a man, it is necessary to understand men’s psyche. To understand men better than what is he thinking, why he acts the way he does, you have to go deep into his mind and study it. And the simple truth is that understanding male psychology is crucial if you want to develop a long-lasting relationship with a man. That is exactly what this program teaches women. This program is a 6-module guide that introduces new relationship techniques and gives actionable advice.

Who created the product?

The fact that to understand a man and his action you have to understand his mind is something that Michael Fiore realized and created this “Make Him Worship You” manual. The methods a woman can learn through it will completely change the way they would ever approach dating and relationships entirely. The most solid reason for this confidence is that this manual guide is written by a man from the male perspective. Michael Fiore is a relationship and sexual psychology expert. He is also the founder of Digital Romance, a leading dating and relationships publishing platform. When he advises on dating, people tend to listen.

Micheal Fiore

Who should buy this amazing guide?

This program is designed for all those women out there who are interested in a man but don’t have the courage to ask them out. Initially, the program was designed in particular for those women who have a man in their mind, whom they see and communicate with very frequently. This may include:

  • A guy who puts them in the “friend zone”
  • A guy in their social circle whom they are acquainted with
  • A guy they went on a date with, but he lost interest afterward
  • A guy in their class or at work
  • A guy they went to high school or college with, and remain in contact with
  • A guy they think they’ve messed up with in the past

Regardless of the man’s age, this program will prove to be beneficial for them if they have a crush on a woman in their surroundings.

How does Make Him Worship You work?

This manual guide has proved to be very effective. All the women that had tried and tested are reported to have said that they process things; their whole perspective about approaching a man, starting a relationship, keeping the relationship alive, and making it happy and successful, has changed considerably; in a positive way. This guide has brought them happiness and satisfaction.

Make Him Worship You is a 6-module program. Here is a brief overview of each module of the program:

Module 1 – Introduction and the Lies You’ve Been Told

This introduction part starts, providing an overview of attraction and romantic relationships from a male perspective. This will also help women accept some of the lies they had said and some of the negative expectations they held. Releasing your negative thoughts and feelings will open up the space for an exciting new relationship. You’ll learn to let go of the past to make room for love and romance in your future.

Module 2 – What Men Mean by “I Love You”

Women are often confused and even misled by men. Most of us have developed the idea that men can be uncomfortable talking about their feelings. Most women have had a man say just what they wanted to hear… and then discovered a wide gap between what a man says and what he means. Even though they say things that women want to hear, overtime it becomes clear that their words don’t meet their actions. Don’t struggle with confusion anymore. This section shows you what a man really means when he says those magical words.

Module 3 – The Secret Emotional Life of Men

This section dives deep into male psychology. Men are often taught, implicitly and explicitly, to hide their feelings and not to talk about their feelings. Masculine men can find it hard to show any softness or vulnerability, which can make the emotional connection to a romantic relationship difficult. This leads to a lot of confusion, as girlfriends and wives try to figure out what he really means. This section is essential for the kind of woman who wants to form a deep emotional connection with her man. It’s also essential for setting up the kind of relationship where you can really feel loved, desired, and connected.

Module 4 – Accepting Yourself

Acceptance and forgiveness are the keys to a happy life and relationships. When you forgive yourself for any past mistakes and accept yourself as a unique person, you make space for a peaceful life. When we accept and forgive ourselves, we’re also more open to having another person in our lives long term. Of course, this is much easier said than done, but this section can help you do it.

Module 5 – Feeding His Masculinity

Most women want to be loved and desired. This section explains how to achieve this by tapping into most men’s desires. Men want to feel like providers and protectors, so you can connect with a man by connecting with his primary desires. These methods will show you exactly how to tap into his masculine needs.

Module 6 – Communication and Getting What You Want

The sixth and last module talks about successful communication. This section gives methods to communicate well, even in difficult situations. Male psychology responds well to certain communication styles and approaches, so knowing these skills will help you connect with your guy. Just as communication is an important part of a strong relationship, miscommunications can crush romantic relationships. Learn to avoid toxic questions and topics to connect better and form a loving and committed relationship. This can also be a key to really being treasured and loved by your partner.

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What features include in this program?

The main feature of this program is that it is written by a man sharing the male perspective. We say women are complicated to understand. But we don’t understand that men have their complications too. Women sometimes don’t understand this and get confused and frustrated over the way their man is reacting. This manual guides women through the ocean of the male psyche that gives them insights through which they can better understand their man.

What you may do after learning this guide?

After I learn this guide, I will look around in my surroundings to see if I have any female friends who are struggling to get along with a guy they like; I will introduce them to this program. I will guide them through the whole process in a way that would make them better understand how this manual works. I will let them know the little details; for example, if there is anything that they are unable to understand in the manual, they can always contact the owner, Michael Fiore, and ask him questions through email or other contact sources. They can also ask for personal advice or advice related to something they couldn’t get an answer to in the manual (the chances of which are very low though).

How much does the program cost?

“Make Him Worship You” is selling for about $37. This program has been selling for almost two years only, so this is actually a much-discounted price from what it would normally have been. The website, however, claims that the regular price for a program like this would be priced around $297. Now, $297 for a dating manual, in my opinion, is a lot. $37 seems reasonable considering all the resources that one gets.

Plus, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. One would find this program very valuable, but it is still good to be safe when you are buying something online. If you are not satisfied with the program, it doesn’t give you the result that you had expected, within 60 days of the purchase, you can refund it. This money-back guarantee makes it a complete risk-free purchase.

Pros & Cons


  • Valuable insights into male psychology
  • The only dating book a woman would need
  • The advice is practical
  • A money-back guarantee


  • Inward reflection can be confronting
  • The language can be a bit cheesy
  • The price tag


Michael Floure’s “Make Him Worship You” will help you unlock the relationship you want by understanding how men think. If you want to understand what your man (or the man you intend to meet) is really thinking, you will find this program will be exceptionally useful. This program shows you how to connect to the emotional side of men while avoiding the toxic, troublesome questions that will make her shut down and seek out another woman. Make Him Worship You will give you all the tools you need to develop a loving, long-lasting relationship with him.

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