Mend the Marriage Review [2020 Edition]

Marriages are perceived to be a fairytale affair, especially if you are getting married to the person you love. It is followed by a joyous period of happily ever after, but happily ever afters don’t always last. Most marriages are a rocky road and traversing that road takes work. It requires both individuals to work together in order to overcome hurdles they may face along the way.

Why Marriages Fail?

The biggest complication in any marriage arises when there’s clearly a problem, but either one or both partners refuse to accept their share of the responsibility and acknowledge their flaws so that they can be worked upon. Someone who doesn’t recognize they have a problem won’t work to fix them or be open to making any sort of compromises to mend the fracturing relationship.

Although this may be the primary reason that marriages eventually fail, there are a whole host of other warning signs that symptomize a fractured marriage:

1. Infidelity

The two most important reasons that break the marriage are peas in a pod, that is, one causes the other and vice versa. The first of these reasons is infidelity. Although it may come from a place of selfishness in most cases, sometimes it doesn’t.

A lot of things could temp your or your partner to indulge in an extramarital affair. For some, it’s the excitement of getting into a new relationship, some enjoy the thrill and risk of being in a forbidden relationship and for some, the reasons may just be sexual. However, sometimes, the reason may be deeper rooted than that; some people may get into an affair to get the appreciation and attention they have stopped getting from their partner.

2. Loneliness

The other reason in the pairing mentioned above is loneliness, which ultimately finds its way to infidelity. Our lives have gotten so busy with work, children, friends, hobbies, TV and the collective technological noise that everything seems more important than making time for our partner.

We love to complain about not getting enough time, but the truth is that as long as we’re alive, each one of us has been blessed with the same amount of time. Some of us are just better at identifying what matters most and making time for the things and people that do. When you don’t make time for your partner, you become distant, your friendship suffers, and each of you becomes lonely.

3. Children

The third reason for a wavering marriage may come as a surprise to many, but it’s children. Although children are a blessing meant to strengthen the bond between a husband and wife, we tend to make our children the focal point of our lives, basing our lives around them. Ultimately, the marriage suffers.

There could be a lot of reasons for this. First-time parents put a lot of pressure on themselves to be the best parents, to do a better job than their parents and give their children a better childhood than the one they’ve had.

This reason seems valid and makes complete sense, but when you base your lives around your children, you become more connected with them than with your partner and your partner becomes a stranger. This is the reason why a lot of older couples get divorced once their children have left home. Since their children were their lives for such a long time, when they leave, partners find themselves unable to fill the void the children have left behind.

The Solution

Getting to a point where you or your partner consider divorce happens gradually over time, so the two of you have a lot of opportunities to save your marriage if these issues are addressed in time. However, most people choose to suffer in silence. They don’t talk to their partners about it or receive marriage counselling or other forms of help until their marriage becomes so unbearable that they see no other option but to leave it.

If you want to save your marriage, talk to your partner and get help when things start going wrong so that they can be attended to before they escalate into something there’s no coming back from. Mend the Marriage is one such online guide that has quickly risen to become a best-seller.

Our Mend the Marriage review will hopefully highlight how Mend the Marriage isn’t just an eBook. Rather, it’s an extensive program by relationship coach Brad Browning that will help you overcome your marital hurdles and turn your marriage around. With Mend the Marriage, thousands of couples have achieved a more wholesome and happier life – and if they can do it, so can you.

Overview of Mend the Marriage

Mend the marriage review

Mend the Marriage is an extensive online course designed to help both spouses. It helps each spouse identify the problems and the steps to solve these problems in order to save their marriage.

The comprehensive Mend the Marriage package comes with an eBook, video tutorials and audio tutorials that do a remarkable job of identifying the most common issues that may crop up in a marriage. They also offer action plans to address these issues and get the marriage back on track.

This progressive course that is unlike any other on the market has been split in three sections, each section being a stage that serves as a stepping-stone to the other section. The eBook, first of all, elaborates the three most common mistakes in any troubled marriage and introduces spouses to the ABCD system as a solution.

The ABCD system is an abbreviation for the four essential components which the author, Brad Browning, identifies that both spouses must commit to if they wish to save their marriage. These components are Accept the situation, Build resilience, Commit to change, and Dedicate yourself to the task.

The Mend the Marriage package also includes worksheets and a video series where Browning discusses the many possible methods that could help spouses rescue their marital bond from turmoil. The packaged Infidelity Survival Guide is designed to help spouses who are involved in or are affected by their spouse’s extramarital affair. It explores subjects like faithfulness and trust so that spouses can weather the high tides of infidelity and emerge together on the other end.

Other helpful guides that Mend the Marriage comes packaged with include the Money Matters Guide, which elaborates on how to traverse the often-troublesome financial waters of a marital relationship. It also comes with the Divorce eBook, which highlights the various aspects and adverse impacts of divorce on children.

The Mend the Marriage package is an all-inclusive online guide that comprehensively discusses the various aspects of salvaging a marriage. It does all that in a language so simple that you won’t need a psychology degree to understand it.

Who Created Mend the Marriage?

Brad Browning

Brad Browning is a renowned relationship mentor, a divorce expert, and a best-selling author who has assisted thousands of people in mending the fissures of their relationships and reversing their divorces.

The acclaimed author also maintains a YouTube channel that is essentially a library of helpful guides on relationship troubles and breakup issues. He is also a frequent idea contributor to the websites and, where he shares his ideas and thoughts on various subjects including marital conflicts, healthy dating, and divorce.

Browning has amassed various accolades and favorable reviews for his groundbreaking work on relationship development. His insight and guidance have helped thousands of broken-up couples get back into the throws of blissful marriage and helped them repair the fissures in their faltering relationships.

Who Is Mend the Marriage For?

Brad Browning’s Mend the Marriage presents itself as a solution for anyone who find themselves facing any kind of emotional issue in their marital life. The extensive guide is designed to grapple with all kinds of marital disputes, from minor disagreements to relationship-breaking conflicts. It also comes to the assistances of spouses suffering from intimacy and trust issues so that they can work to have a more fulfilling and trusting relationship.

Does It Work? If So, How?

In a nutshell, yes! If your marriage is in troubled waters, it is likely that you’ve considered visiting a marriage counsellor. Mend the Marriage, in our opinion, works better than a marriage counsellor for a couple of reasons – it’s less expensive and less time-consuming, and it works just as well. With Mend the Marriage, you can go through the process of mending your relationship at a pace that suits you, a place that suits you, and at a time that suits you and your partner.

You might say that there are so many other self-help books out there, so why Mend the Marriage? And you’ll be correct in asking this. What sets Mend the Marriage apart from others is that it actually works, and this claim is supported by thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers.

In a comprehensive but astonishingly understandable guide with no technical lingo or complicated concepts thrown in to spin you around, Mend the Marriage outlines the most common issues in marriages. It helps you identify the issues in your marriage as well as your shortcomings and then reveals a pathway for you to work on those issues and rescue your relationship from drowning.

Program Features – What Do You Get?

Mend the marriage features

What you get from this course depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in to turn your outlook around and save your marriage. The Mend the Marriage package in itself is all-inclusive and will equip you with all the tools you may need to address your marital troubles and then some. Using those tools to achieve a happier married life is a decision you’ll make and hopefully, you’ll make the right one. The online course will come packaged with the following materials:

  • The core eBook that focuses on identifying and addressing marital issues
  • Audio guides that further elaborate on solving marital troubles
  • Video sessions that serve as a quick start guide to get you going on your marriage-saving journey
  • [Bonus] Infidelity Survival Guide
  • [Bonus] Money Matters Guide
  • [Bonus] Divorce eBook

How Much Does Mend the Marriage Cost?

The comprehensive Mend the Marriage package that comes with an abundance of printed material, audio guides, and video sessions costs nothing more than $49.95. It also comes with a money-back guarantee of a generous 60 days, so you can return the materials for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with what you get.


  • It’s designed for both spouses and does a good job of remaining unbiased
  • The variety of material (i.e., the guides, audios, and videos) does a good job of holding your interest
  • Covers an extensive number of issues and scenarios that could affect a marriage
  • Avoids complicated concepts and keeps itself simple and easy to understand
  • A considerably less time-consuming alternative to marriage counselling
  • It works depending obviously on the amount of effort you put in


  • During the initial approach, the program’s layout may make it seem more daunting than it actually is
  • Being a guide that’s targeted to a general audience, it lacks the personal touch that some relationships require
  • Being a self-help course, it requires a lot of dedication on the part of the reader for it to produce results
  • The course is online-only with no printed options available for the more conventional readers

Final Thoughts

In spite of the few drawbacks we’ve discussed, Mend the Marriage succeeds in presenting itself as an effective solution to identifying and addressing marital troubles. Author Brad Browning’s commendable work as a relationship coach has already saved thousands of fractured relationships from shattering, and this offering manages to be equally effective. Unlike many other such courses that the internet is littered with, Mend the Marriage isn’t a sham designed to feed on the misfortunes of troubled spouses. We hope that our Mend the Marriage review will be the first of many fulfilling steps toward making your marriage a blissful success.

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