Power Efficiency Guide Review 2019: Read This Before Buying

The increased rate of electricity bills is not just a problem in underdeveloped countries of the world, but it’s a problem everywhere. Everybody is tired of paying huge amounts of money for electricity, which is something they should be able to afford.

What’s worse is that we have become entirely dependent on electricity and energy sources. Even the smallest task in our daily life depends on electricity, which is such a huge problem if you think about it. If the power goes out in times of crises or when something major happens, you can do nothing else but wait for the electric company to fix the problem and you are completely useless meanwhile.

This was the reason why the Power Efficiency Guide was made in the first place. The growing rates of electricity and the dependency on money-sucking power companies and governments that keep increasing prices but disappear at the time of need caused Mark Edwards to come up with a way that will benefit everyone.

While we are told a bunch of ways that will reduce the electricity bill, they usually don’t help that much. I mean, how much can you rely on saving power if the rate per unit keeps increasing?

There are also many other energy-producing sources available that work on natural resources like wind and sun. However, even they are not fully independent, and you can’t rely on them completely. Hence, this Power Efficiency Guide review is for those who want to save energy and somewhat reduce their budget for electricity.

Overview of the Power Efficiency Guide

Power Efficiency Guide Overview

The Power Efficiency Guide is the ultimate revolutionary guide that provides a solution to your electrical problems. You won’t need to spend your money on costly solar panels, generators, or other resources that produce power but cost way too much and are not even fully independent. With this life-changing guide, not only can you cut your utility bills in half, but you can also have your light source of power for extra security.

This guide provides you with step-by-step information on how to build a source of energy for yourself along with blueprints and all the guidance needed to complete the procedure. You can use this source of energy at times of crises (such as during blackouts, hurricanes, or storms) or you can use it in your daily life to rely less on energy corporations.

The Power Efficiency Guide includes a list of tools and materials you will need to build the energy source. It also provides you with a list of energy-saving tricks and tips to further reduce your bills. The guide will also prove to be lifetime support for people who utilize the Power Efficiency Guide to create an energy source and have any question related to it.

The guide breaks down everything into specific chapters so that the user can easily understand everything and know where to go when they need help with something specific. There are also pictures included for better understanding along with a step-by-step guide.

Who Created the Power Efficiency Guide?

Power EfficiencyCreator

The creator of this transformative invention is Mark Edwards. If you think he is some scientist or expert electrician, you are wrong. He is just a geography teacher who was a victim of unfortunate events and wanted to find a solution that will never let him and his family be in that situation again.

Mark Edwards lived with his wife and two daughters in Memphis, Tennessee. During a natural disaster that occurred there, he found his wife and daughters freezing in the long and cold winter night with no power and electricity. This forced Mark Edwards to take matters into his own hands and create a source of energy that will be cost-effective and easy to build and will make him less dependent on those large energy corporations. He wanted to develop his source that will provide enough energy to run a whole house during a crisis.

Since he was just a geography teacher, he didn’t have knowledge or expertise, but he took help from his friends who had extensive experience in the field of electricity and energy. With their help, Edwards created his source of energy. Whatever he learned about power and electricity through this whole journey, he put it all into the Power Efficiency Guide.

In this Power Efficiency Guide Review, we will see whether it works or not.

Why Should You Buy the Power Efficiency Guide?

Power Efficiency Benefits

This guide is for those who want to reduce their energy costs. There are many good reasons as to why the Power Efficiency Guide will be one of the best decisions you make in your life.

With the help of this guide, you can create a generator that will provide you with enough energy to run all of your home appliances. However, the idea of building an energy-producing generator might be terrifying for some. You might be thinking this is not for you because you lack the knowledge needed to complete the procedure, but don’t worry because this is a straightforward guide to follow.

Everything is explained in such a way that anybody can understand it. Edwards especially wanted the procedure to be easy for his children to understand and build if something happens to him, so you should get an idea of how easy it will be.

Moreover, the materials used to build this energy generator are easily available at any hardware or department store. This program can benefit many families around the world. The Power Efficiency Guide will help build your power plant within a day and reduce your energy bills within 30 days.

Another great thing about it is that the generator does not work on external power; it supplies the energy itself. Since it is an independent source of energy, you will not have to worry about power outputs or bills and using heavy-duty appliances will not cost you as much. With it, you can charge your mobile phones and other devices quickly and without interruption in cases of power outages.

If you need any guidance during the building process or want to substitute a part and need to know if you can do so the ultimate lifetime support you get with the purchase will always be there to help you. You can let them know, and they will help you get your device installed and running in no time.

Does the Power Efficiency Guide Work? If So, How?

how does it work

Some people might think that the Power Efficiency Guide is too easy to be true and is probably a scam, but it works if you pay attention to the principle it works on. The techniques that Mark Edwards rely on to produce energy are based on the spinning principle.

It’s not too complicated to understand, and creating your energy is surprisingly easy. This technology is the same one used in electric cars to keep them running.

The process multiplies a small amount of energy in the system by applying the spinning principle to it. The energy that is produced will then recharge the system when you are not using it at its full capacity. This is just like how electric cars constantly recharge themselves from the wheels spinning when they are not being accelerated.

This might seem like a complicated procedure to follow, but the guide represents everything more simply and explains the fundamentals of the principles used clearly. If you follow the guide properly and put all the parts correctly in their place, you will get yourself your energy source.

This generator converts a tremendous amount of energy into usable power that will get your whole house running in no time. It does not waste any energy while supplying power, which also makes it the best alternative source for energy.

However, not many people use it because they think they will not be able to create such a generator. On the contrary, the simple step-to-step guide explains everything very simply. You will also learn how the science used in generating such a huge amount of energy works.

Features Included in the Power Efficiency Guide

Power Efficiency Guide Features

Whenever we think about energy sources, all the natural resources that we have been studying for years come to our mind. However, they are all either not too safe or way too expensive for the middle class. Even if you consider buying a large generator, it will cost you a lot. Plus, the additional cost of gas every month will be another problem. And this is the whole point of this guide.

It helps you reduce your electric bills and save money by creating your little energy source with cheap materials and tools. The whole process is way cheaper than any other option you could think of.

This system is highly affordable. What’s more, is that it is easy to make and move around. It may be small, but it is powerful enough to give energy to a whole house. It is also safer than most other options and not very difficult to maintain. There is no potential risk of producing any harmful fumes or creating fire hazards with this technology. It just captures and emits energy at the same time.

These are the main features of the Power Efficiency Guide. It teaches you to be self-reliant and can power your own house. Now, you can get started and build your energy source.

How Much Does the Guide Cost?

The Power Efficiency Guide is a digital book that you can get online, which will instruct you on how to generate your energy. The book costs around $49, but the official site sometimes gives discounts so that you can benefit from them as well.

Another great thing about this is that there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is why you can give the book a try without any worries. Since the book is in digital form, it also saves you from all the shipping costs, and you will not have to wait for days for its arrival. You can just get started right away.

Now, you might be asking yourself what exactly you will get for your money. Along with the Power Efficiency Guide, you will get four bonus books without any further payment. These books provide information about power sources and energy to further help you learn about the process and how it works. The books include:

  • Reducing Energy Waste
  • Meyer Magnet Motor
  • Electric Lighting History
  • Power from Smith Generator


  • This program costs less than solar panels, windmills or gas generators
  • The device is made of materials that are cheap and can be found anywhere
  • It does not emit any flames or fire and is completely safe
  • You can create your energy source right after buying the guide
  • The customer service is for life
  • With the generator, you can provide electricity to your whole house as well as reduce your electric bills by more than 80%
  • If it does not work for you, you can get your money back within 60 days, no questions asked


  • Without an internet connection, you cannot get access to the guide
  • The whole program is digital, which might disappoint some because it means sitting in front of a computer for hours


Even though the product costs very less, the fact that it is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee makes it worth a try. Besides, the principles used in it have been used and proven to work, so you can’t say the concept is completely out of the blue. Furthermore, lifetime customer service is always ready to guide and help you if you face any problem. We will suggest it to people who are looking for a solution to their electrical problems. I hope this Power Efficiency Guide Review guide can help you save an amount of money for another purpose.

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