Rocket Chinese Review 2020 – Far Beyond My Expectation

The rapid emergence and growth of Chinese economy means foreign visitors travel to China each year to experience the Chinese culture and what it offers at its finest. According to the South China Morning Post, in 2017, four of the five most rapidly growing cities over the globe attracting tourists and tourism-related GDP were Chinese with 145 million trips booked in that year. The revenue generated from the travel and tourism industry in China is estimated to be around 3.94 trillion yuan since 2016.

China does not lack in beauty or places to visit. Apart from local tourism and business-related activities, Chinese entertainment is viewed globally. Chinese movies and dramas are some of the world’s finest pieces of production, with many being replicated in Hollywood.

China’s top three spoken languages include Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese. This becomes a problem to the people who visit. From restaurant menus in the local languages to currency, travel itineraries and movies without subtitles, foreign visitors face difficulties in every sphere. This is especially harmful to people involved in business who have difficulty learning the language when investors don’t speak anything but Chinese.

Tourists, business executives, students and cultural experts desire to contribute to the Chinese culture without much inconvenience. This is where our Rocket Chinese review comes in.

Rocket Chinese is an online tool for learning the Chinese language. It focuses on beginners and aspires to change them into fluent speakers of the language. The course focuses on listening skills, pronunciation and necessary lessons on culture with an accent rivaling that of native Chinese speakers. This combination makes for an excellent, innovative system that engages learners and promotes efficient learning.

The Creation of Rocket Chinese

rocket chinese review

Rocket Chinese is a part of Rocket Languages founded by Mark Ling and current CEO, Jason Oxenham. The CEO struggled to find capable software to teach him French while purchasing textbooks and attending various time-consuming classes but was unable to make progress. His school did not offer second languages. He couldn’t access French speakers and was tone-deaf, which set him further back.

Ling and Oxenham began research on Rocket Languages in 2004 through surveys, linguistic experts, strategies and developers. A year later, they founded not just Rocket French but Rocket Spanish too.

They became the first online providers of language learning courses through MP3 and PDF files. They employed techniques such as listening activities, step-by-step grammar courses and vocabulary lists, becoming almost instant hits with the online community.

As they expanded, they created learning tools for about 14 languages, including but not limited to Chinese, Arabic, English, German, Hindi, Russian and Korean. A refreshing feature was the inclusion of the American Sign Language.

Who Should Buy Rocket Chinese?

We believe Rocket Chinese is for those who use technology efficiently and keep up with the world through an online community. Like the CEO who had limited resources, learners without access to native speakers, physical classrooms and disabilities will find the experience to be exceptional. Learners who face issues such as social anxiety, impostor syndrome or nervousness interacting with native speakers or teachers due to the fear of failure must try out this product.

Businesspeople who wish to communicate effectively will reap the benefits of this software. This course is recommended to ethnographers and students who wish to remove language barriers to traverse through the Chinese culture. People who can’t spend precious time in physical classrooms and want to learn at their leisure will find that this program fits their needs.

How Does Rocket Chinese Work?

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Rocket Chinese provides users the following facilities:

Audio Lessons

The lessons are interactive and enhance the learner’s listening abilities. Audio lessons help with auditory memory. They help with learning the correct pronunciations. Such lessons lead to fluency in speech and the development of a native Chinese accent.

Mobile App

Rocket Chinese has digitalized learning for users. Now, people can learn lessons anywhere, especially on the go without wasting time. The lessons are portable this way and can be accessed anywhere the user desires.

Lifetime Access

Once a purchase is made, learners can view the lessons at their leisure for a lifetime. Even the free trial provides a 24/7 access to over 4 hours’ worth of selected lessons. This access means users can go back and relearn the basics whenever they please.

Flash Cards

These are some of the most efficient ways to learn and memorize materials. The course provides flashcard for memorization and testing.

Writing Lessons

Rocket Chinese is perhaps the first online app that focuses on the written script instead of only speaking skills. Life becomes easier for those who have to examine documents written in Chinese script, especially legal. Ordering at a restaurant, reading a map, writing a letter or even appreciating art becomes easier. The lessons enable learners to perfect their script.

Language and Culture Lessons

These help users learn about the relationship between Chinese language and culture. A thorough understanding of the culture enables one to learn cultural differences in using languages such as the use of honorifics and how to address elders, employers, children, etc. Learners acquire more respect by Chinese people if they acknowledge cultural norms.

Reinforcement Activities

Memory can be fleeting, especially when learning a complex language. A combination of activities helps more than monotonous lectures. Rocket Chinese promises to engage learners by using conversations that occur in the real world. This sets it apart from software that uses phrases that a speaker may never use, hence eradicating redundancies from the learning process and saving time.

Progress Trackers

Intrinsic motivation is hard to come by, but this is a useful tool for its promotion. Users can track progress through apps with statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that present a learner’s journey with the app and enables them to set new goals and achievements.

Q&A Forum

This helps learners share their collective experiences with the software. Users can ask questions, interact with similar users, form useful connections and find answers to their inquiries.

What You Will Get

Buyers have the option to choose between three lifetime packages:

  • Premium
  • Combo
  • Works

Rocket Chinese is one of the few online sources that pays attention to script. It breaks down the characters and pick from a selection of 50,000 Chinese characters. Demonstrations of the characters being drawn are part of the course. This enables users to develop their writing skills as well as oratory skills.

According to reviewers, the course is well-structured. In fact, it is one of the best structured courses available for purchase online. Unlike other courses, it does not lack in quantity. A number of lessons are delivered for specific needs. These courses do not just skim over lessons or force the user to quickly cram the lessons but provide in-depth details and reasons behind every lesson. The quality of the audio lessons has also been praised.

Tests are present at the end of each lesson to challenge the learners’ memory and skills and let them practice. Users do have the choice to skip some lessons if they have already mastered them or don’t require them. A flexible selection process is necessary for progress. Rocket Chinese also employs humor to strip the monotony off the lessons and prevent boredom.

An option between the Rocket Languages app and the Rocket Chinese webpage are available so that users can choose the suitable option.

Benefits of Buying Rocket Chinese

Rocket Chinese course

There are never-ending perks to buying this product. First, the lifetime access guarantee ensures that a user can return to the lessons anytime they please. Some users might choose to share their subscription with others, thus enabling more people to learn and subscribe to the service themselves.

In the business sector, foreigners automatically gain respect from the locals if they are observed making an effort to learn the culture, values and language. Learning a language eradicates communication barriers between individuals and groups. The mix and flow of culture is promoted through effective communication. Stereotypes and misconceptions can also be cleared between two or more parties if language acts as a common factor. Cooperation can occur at an individual and international level.

Tourists are less likely to be scammed by overly expensive trinkets or professional scam programs if they have an increased awareness of what is being said and sold to them. Although many urban Chinese people speak English, in the rural areas of China, locals are more likely to speak Mandarin. It will be easier to integrate within the community if language and communication barriers don’t exist.

Learners may even take up teaching Chinese to other people in a formal or informal setting. Some might benefit by opening small schools or facilities such as evening classes and make a livelihood out of it. People can also take up jobs as Chinese translators in their own country.


The Rocket Chinese course allows a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee to users. Free updates are offered for life. Costs vary depending on the type of package you wish to buy.

  • Level 1 costs $149.95, which can be reduced to $99.95 with a coupon. This offers 124 hours of lesson time and one bonus survival kit. It takes a learner from the beginner level to intermediate level.
  • Levels 1 and 2 together cost $299.90, which can be reduced to $249.90 with a coupon. This offers 254 hours of lesson time. It takes a learner from beginner level to advanced level.
  • Levels 1, 2 and 3 cost $449.85, which can be reduced to $259.90 with a coupon. This offers 366 hours of lesson time. It takes a learner from beginner to an increasingly advanced level.

Learners can choose to purchase levels on their own. They may buy level 2 separately from 1 or 3 without 2 and 1.

All prices are exclusive of taxes in different regions.

Pros and Cons

The pros are self-explanatory at this point. A lifetime access, a 60-day money-back guarantee, online payments, and online and offline access through both the webpage and app are too good to be true. The program integrates all necessary aspects of learning through reading, writing and listening with audio and writing demonstrations available.

The program itself is dynamic and fascinating. It does not bore the learner but ensures they come back to receive their lessons by interactive games, humor and engaging more than the visual sense.

Audios are transferable to other devices. All transcripts of lessons are available in both English and Mandarin. The survival kit mentioned in the packages teach additional vocabulary and useful phrases for real-world conversations with nuanced examples.

On the downside, a physical copy is both expensive and rarely sold, which leads to the problem of internet connectivity. Users have to remain online with a stable internet connection. The internet charges could rack up on a daily basis, so users might need to invest in costly internet packages.

Rocket Chinese is the only program that focuses on writing but that occurs only at the surface level. Just a few basics of writing are taught, and in-depth analyses are focused on speaking and reading, which is troublesome after purchasing such an expensive program.

The point of buying this program is to learn the language, yet users find difficulty in immersing themselves in the Mandarin language and culture. This occurs because the explanations offered in the lessons are primarily in English. The presence of too much English can distract users from fully learning the language and take away from the experience. This defeats the purpose of using an online tool to learn languages.


The issue at hand remains that there are only a limited number of software or websites offering such an extensive and intensive learning material to aid people online. Given that Rocket Chinese provides more learning hours, activities, interaction and engagement to learners worldwide than any other program, learners need to overlook small discrepancies or glitches for the big picture. In a rapidly globalized world, multilingualism is gaining importance every day and such opportunities and facilities should be utilized by those who can.

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