Smart Solar Box Review 2019: Read This Before Buying

Electricity has become such a vital part of our lives that living without it seems impossible now. Almost everything in our lives works on power. From light bulbs and fans to refrigerators, from television to heaters and AC, the list is never-ending. If there is no electricity, your daily life could to a stop.

Of course, some essential things require electricity, and then there are the not-so-important things that work on electricity, but either way, the electricity bill that we pay every month puts a strain on our monthly budget. If you spend even $100 per month for electricity, imagine how much that would cost you every year. The even bigger problem is that electricity rates are increasing day by day.

While some states have higher electricity rates than others, everyone is facing this problem. There have been many inventions to reduce electricity bills that involve using resources like coal, oil, gas, or fossil fuels, but not all of them work. Even if they do, they cost too much and are dependent on something.

However, with time, many other alternatives for oil, coal, and fossil fuels have been invented. These are called green energy and use natural, never-ending resources like sunlight, tides, plants, and geothermal heat. These energy sources are safer to use than any other option and keep the environment safe and clean because they do not create any harmful byproduct that will affect the environment. Plus, they are renewable.

There are some excellent programs available that help you save money by making you less dependent on those large energy corporations and more on yourself. Keep reading this Smart Solar Box review, and you will find out how.

Overview of Smart Solar Box

You might have thought about going away with your friends or family on a nice vacation a lot of times, but the huge electricity bills do not leave much for you to spend on anything else. This is why products like Smart Solar Box were invented – to help you save money and still get the energy you need. Smart Solar Box consists of information on how to produce electricity from solar power and build your energy plant.

Before you leave this smart solar panel review thinking that solar panels cost way too much for you to afford, let me clear some things for you. This is not the same as solar panels. Yes, it does use the same source of power to make energy, but it is still slightly different. It is a solar box consisting of solar batteries, and the mechanism and procedure are easy enough for you to understand and build yourself.

smart solar box

The Smart Solar Box is an alternative solution to solar power. It instructs simple steps with pictures and diagrams as well as video tutorials that will help you understand a lot more easily. The guide also includes a list of locations where you can get the part needed to build the solar box.

The entire procedure is detailed so that anybody could build their energy source. The chapters included in the guide are:

  • Introduction
  • Tools and components
  • Building the box
  • Testing the device
  • List of places where you can buy the components
  • Video tutorials
  • Easy steps to build your solar panels
  • Build your wind generator

Who Created the Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar Box was created by Ryan Tanner, but he is not the mastermind behind this discovery. His father was the man who came up with this theory and was even applying it to his cabin. When Ryan Tanner’s father died, Ryan and his wife went to pay their respects and handle some matters. During their stay in that cabin, a devastating natural disaster occurred, which led to a blackout in the area for up to one mile around the cabin, but the cabin was ablaze with lights.

This intrigued Ryan, and he started looking for answers. What he found out was that the reason behind the lights was a bunch of toolboxes that had solar batteries in them. Ryan looked further for answers and figured out the work of his father with the help of his friends and family who had a background in the energy industry. He even applied the theory to his house and started saving 68% on electric bills. He then shared his father’s work with the rest of the world in the form of the Smart Solar Box.

Why Should You Buy the Smart Solar Box?

You never really know what will happen in the future. There could be crises anywhere and anytime and considering the increasing pollution and the damaged ozone layer; there are indications that there will be more natural disasters around the world.

When something major like this happens, power is bound to go out and who knows how long it will take then to fix it? The power outage itself is not the energy corporations’ fault, but if it is caused by a major disaster, it might take them a while to restore power.

In situations like these, inventions like the Smart Solar Box come in handy. Unlike any other power source, the Smart Solar Box is particularly affordable, safe, and reliable. With the detailed information provided in the guide, including the video tutorials, you can easily build a miniature power plant for yourself. The diagrams and pictures are additional help that shows exactly what to do to create an energy source.

You will learn about many things with this program, including how the increase in bills is not just an economic problem but the money-sucking energy corporations purposely taking advantage of innocent consumers. It will teach you how to convert solar energy into sustainable energy so that you can remove your dependence on energy companies. You will be able to build a small power plant that is more reliable than electric companies and safer as well because it uses a natural source to create energy.

The Smart Solar Box is powerful enough to run a whole house despite how small it is. However, it does depend on how big the house is. The batteries have limited capacity, so you will need more batteries if you have a big house.

The money you invest in it will be worth the result. With this program, you will have electricity even if the whole area around you is facing a blackout. Plus, daily, your electricity bills can reduce by more than 50%.

Another exciting thing about the Smart Solar Box is that the bonus guides you get with it allow you to increase your knowledge about sustainable energy further and continue the work. Since it is an online program, you won’t even have to wait and can get started right away.


Does the Smart Solar Box Work? If So, How?

This program works because the principle it is based on has been around for centuries. It’s not new that you can turn solar power into electricity. The solar panels that we see everywhere nowadays work on the same principle.

The batteries in the Smart Solar Box are recharged using solar power, which is a natural and renewable resource, and you can get an unlimited amount of it without paying any fee. The recharged batteries then provide power even when there is no sun; it’s a pretty basic principle.

To make it work, all you have to do is to install the Smart Solar Box into your house, which will automatically allow you to start saving 68% on the power that can increase to around 120%.

The good thing is that you can move the device if you are changing houses. Furthermore, a single charge on a battery will allow you to get 18 to 20 hours of energy. It is a fantastic device, and unlike solar panels, you can charge the batteries even if it is cloudy outside.

solar box does it work

Features Included in the Smart Solar Box

The Smart Solar Box is that revolutionary guide that will solve your electricity problem by giving you instructions and guidance on how to build your little power generator, which you can use anytime. You can even bring it around with you since the device is so small and lightweight. The name alone should be enough to convince you that it is a smart invention that will help you in many ways.

The device does not cost much, but it will need components for the generator that you will have to buy separately. The components include:

  • Compact 50-watt solar panels
  • A solar charge controller
  • Car batteries
  • A box for holding the battery
  • An 800-watt power inventor

Using these components and following the step-by-step instructions provided in the guide, you can create a mini device that will do wonders. The device is huge in saving money, so you can rest assured that your electricity cost will go down. Plus, having this device means you can utilize energy anytime you want, and that makes you independent of all those energy corporations.

How Much Does the Guide Cost?

The Smart Solar Box is incredibly affordable. After all, the whole point of the invention was to save all the extra amount of money you spend on electricity.

It is a digital guide that you can buy and download online, which means that you will need a strong internet connection to access it. The guide comes with new videos that will show you how to build the generator. It also comes with two bonus guides. All three manuals and video will altogether cost you around $40.

You will have to keep one thing in mind, however. Even though the manual does not cost much, you will have to save up to $200 for the components and tools needed to build the solar box. If you want to get new materials instead of using old ones, the cost might be even higher.

On the bright side, you do not have to worry about taking the plunge with the manuals. If you are having second thoughts about it, the 60-day money-back guarantee will spark your interest. If you buy the product and are not satisfied or it does not work, you can contact the company and get a full refund on everything. Hence, you can easily buy the guide without any worry and at least give it a try.

As mentioned before, you will get some bonus guides as well since the Smart Solar Box is an informational product:

  • 10 Easy Steps to Build Your Solar Panel
  • Build Your Own Wind Turbine


  • Help save 68% on your electricity bills and provides a reliable source of energy
  • The box requires little input but produces a large amount of energy
  • The batteries used in it runs for 18 to 20 hours on a single charge
  • The box is lightweight and portable and does not take up much space
  • With the program, you can rest assured that you won’t have to face any power shortage in times of crisis
  • Cost-friendly and easy to build
  • The materials and tools used in it are easy to find
  • Can provide enough energy to run a big house


  • The guide is a digital book, which might bother those who prefer a physical book
  • Some might not want to make something on their own and would prefer a ready-made product


Considering the number of advantages we have shared in this Smart Solar Box review, we would suggest that you give it a try. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy solution to your energy-related problems, you can buy this program and see how it answers all your questions. The results are 100% guaranteed, but even if you are not satisfied, you can always get your money back.

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