Text Chemistry Review 2021 – Does It Really Work?

Text messaging is one of the easiest ways of communication between couples nowadays. This is mainly due to the ease and quickness and also the subtlety is provides (you can talk to your other half even when you cannot speak). It is a good way of making sure that you are constantly connected to your boyfriend almost all the time. The only problem is that if you are unable to portray your emotions and are unable to word properly, then it can have the opposite effect of what you are hoping for.

Normally it is not a very effective method when you want to develop a deep connection or have a conversation that involves a lot of emotions. Another problem is that they might be misinterpreted if they are not presented properly, especially when you have just started your relationship, it might not be as effective as you cannot show your expressions or whether you are serious about what you have said or not.

A lot of women rely on texts to be able to get their guys attention, but might end up being ignored. If you are looking to get your guy back, then text messages may not be as effective because they may not be able to tell exactly how much you want to be with them again.

This is whether text chemistry comes in; it is a guide to for women to use texts as an effective way to ensure that the man of your dreams stays committed to you as much as you are to them. The program is built a way to help you find love in a place where people prefer text communication rather than verbal communication.

And here it is, the honest Text Chemistry review!

Overview of Text Chemistry

Text chemistry is a program that teaches you a way to send magical texts which ensure that your man stays attracted to you. It touches the psychological aspect of the texting world; they work in a way that the man you crave for will start feeling the same for you, if not more, in a very short time. They will want you day and night and you can be sure of the program working on even the most difficult/hard man you can fall for.

We know that this seems impossible. But there are few things about this program which will explain how it all works. You will be taught how to get your man’s complete attention; in a way that they will be thinking about you 24/7. It taps into psychological triggers which ensure that you grab the complete attention of men. One part is called the attention hook which taps into the man’s focus and ensure that you are always on his mind. The result will be an obsession, care a love that is so desperate that the person can literally not live without talking to you.

text chemistry ebook

The programs has been developed using proven science which work on teaching the right words to use to make a man fall desperately in love with you. For example, if you use the words drinks, dinner or lunch in your text, there are 70% chances that you will get a reply from the man. Other statistics show that there 193% chances of a reply if you use ‘lmfao’, 13% chances if you use ‘rofl’, ‘interesting’ will get you a response 92% of the time, and ‘funny’ will get you 108% chances of a response. It doesn’t end here; there are a lot others as well.

The program is designed in a way that you know all the secrets to the right type of text messaging, which ensure that you find the love of your life in a purely digital age. It will show you the A to Z of text messaging including how to uncover a confusing text, the right emojis to send and a lot more. All the information you need if divided in three parts in the program and they provide all the information you can require to turn the knowledge into action with proper responses.

The first part includes the rules for texting. Next part includes what to text men to attract and win them over. The last one includes what to text him when..

Who created Text Chemistry?

Amy North is the soul writer of Text Chemistry. The best selling author is a professional relationship counselor who resides in Canada. She created this book based on all the experience which she learnt by counseling couples. She works on how they communication in their relationship. After many years of research she has come up with this program and vows to help all the women by teaching how to use a text messaging as a technique of getting their man.

Who should buy this Text Chemistry?

The main target audiences for this book are single women and those who date all the wrong men (ones who do not commit to them or grow apart after the first few dates). It is also for women who have been in a relationship with men who have started to drift apart and their relationship is on the verge of breaking apart.

The program aims to help these women send powerful texts to the man of their dreams to make sure that they fall in love with them and commit.

Text Chemistry: Does It Work?

The program taps into the sciences involved in relationships and men in general. It ensure that you learn the techniques and methods that help you gain your mans love and attention. Overall, the program works wonders for women who want to make it work. There are many reviews as well which backup this statement. Many women rave about the outcomes after they implemented the program.

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What feature include in this program?

Upon buying you will receive a completely digital package which you will get online, so you don’t have to wait by the door for the shipment to arrive. The deal is very convenient as you can easily access the videos and book at any time from your laptop or your phone or tablet. But if you like to read books physically, then do not fret, as you can print it.

You will find all the details of the main program inside the ebook. The videos are basically training lessons which have a personal touch so it feels like you are actually being counseled by a professional. Besides the main book, the package includes 3 other ebooks which are a bonus as they teach you other things that the main book does not cover.

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The first book is called “The Phone Game” which covers all the aspects of why men cannot resist the female voice and the science behind it. It doesn’t matter whether the user likes their voice or not, they will learn so much that they will be shocked about how well it actually works.

Another ebook also includes “Why Men Leave” which explains how to stop men from distancing themselves in a relationship. There is another one included which is called “Quality Men on Tinder” and is the best option for single women.

What you may do after learning this guide?

There are different aspects that you will learn from this program. Let’s learn each in detail below.

  1. Do men ignore your message? – It will teach you how to effectively use the techniques to get your man to immediately text you back and keep on doing so. It will help you feel less rejected and ignored.
  2. E-Glow text – it will help you hardwire your mans brain in a way that they love you no matter what problem you face, and all that by just sending a text message. The text will ensure that their mind is on your at all times.
  3. Get your ex back – it doesn’t matter if you ex says that it’s over; if you still want him back you need to use the “satellite text” to make him regret leaving you. He will come back and ask you for a second chance.
  4. Your relationship has become stale and boring – it will help you bring out the sparks that he felt when he first laid his eyes on you. The advice you will receive is very practical and will help you reignite the love and revive the relationship.
  5. Make him passionate about you – it will teach you how to make him think about you all the time. He will obsess over everything you say to him and will want to you close to him all the time.
  6. Simple cheat sheet – with this you will be able to decipher his text messages and all the feelings that he is hiding behind those and what he is really trying to say. It will minimize the misrepresentation of the messages.
  7. Getting him to propose – you will learn how to send subliminal messages which will make him think about a long term commitment and ways to ask you to marry him. This part comes in very handy when you are trying to get your man to finally propose to you.
  8. Make him miss you – you will learn all the secrets of sending the type of texts which will make your man crave to be by your side and look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.
  9. Taking the right picture – sending pictures is quite normal, but here we are not talking about naked pictures. With this section you will be able to learn how to take silly pictures which will make him crave your touch.
  10. Bang his head – this will teach you to create the type of text that will be imprinted in his mind because of which he will want to see so as soon as you can.
  11. How to talk to him on the phone – if you feel tense or weird talking to the guy over the phone, then this section is for you as it will teach you to get over all the awkwardness.
  12. Shooting for the stars – he will never see another woman in his life again, this section will teach you how to focus on you and spend all his free moments with you which will the happiest days of his life.

How much does the program cost?

The total cost of the entire package is $49.95, but if you order bump it will cost you $9.95. There are other options as well which includes:

  • An open-ended continuity subscription for $97 per month
  • One time e-book and video bundle for $49.95
  • And e-book and video bundle for $19.95

The entire package includes a 50,000 word e-book which has been professionally designed (in PDF, MOBI, and ePub formats). You will also get a bundle of 3 bonus e-books (30 to 40 pages long), one audio interview, and a 13 part live video series.

Pros & Cons – Text Chemistry Review

As any product, this program also has some pros and cons which will help determine whether the program is right for you.


  • It increases the chances of finding love for you – with the help of this guide; you will have better chances of finding your one true love. Everything in the program is properly organized and will ensure you understand the techniques properly. It covers everything you can think of when it comes to dating and relationships.
  • It will help remove insecurities – you will learn how to communicate with confidence which will ensure that the man listens to your and takes proper notice. He will take a complete turn in his behavior towards you. You will feel less jealous and your insecurities will diminish and you won’t feel clingy anymore.
  • You get a 60 days money back guarantee – you will have the confidence to test the product or your get your money back in 60 days of return. If you feel that the program isn’t worth it then all you have to do is email and ask them for your money back.


  • It is not for everyone – the thing is that many modules may not be eligible for every single person; really it depends on the type of person you are. Some people may not agree with the methods at all.
  • Many people might perceive it as playing – many methods might feel like they are playing with a man’s emotions. If a man finds out then he might have a bad reaction towards it entire situation.
  • It is a digital product – you need access to internet if you want to buy this product and use it online. If you don’t have that, then most of the time you won’t be able to access the product.


Overall the guide is a great one if you want to get your man back. It is something that every woman should go through at least once, especially if you want to understand and guide the male species towards loving you whole heartedly. With this guide you will be able to find a new spark in your relationship. You will find happiness and commitment which you may have been looking for all along.

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