Vert Shock Review: Increase Your Vertical Leap in 8 Weeks

Are you an athlete, a basketball player, a soccer player, or just a guy who fall in love with parkour? How many times have you watched TV and saw Kobe Bryant slam a ball through the basket from above or Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal for Real Madrid with his head? Have you ever wonder why they do that easily? Yeah, me too, all the time.

Then I figure out that if we are higher than our competitors or our targets, we will win the battle. It’s a simple theory. I realize the fact that it’s too difficult to increase my height at my age (I’m 26 now). So I only focus on how to increase my vertical jump. In order to reach my goal, I started searching through Youtube, watched a bunch of tutorial videos and did the same as they teach then wait for a miracle. But unfortunately, it was a completely failure. Not only I couldn’t increase any inches, but also it hurts my body.

So I thought I need the right direction to follow. But there are thousands of methods, both free and paid all over the internet. I don’t know which method will work for me. I nearly gave it up. But in my 26­­th birthday, a close friend of mine bought me a gift. It was the Vert Shock Program from Adam Folker. It looked promising and was recommended by my friend, so I decided to follow that program.

Till now, after seven weeks, the result is far beyond my expectation. I couldn’t believe that I can jump even higher than my friend (he is taller than me). So now I’m writing this Vert Shock Review guide for those who want a solid way to increase vertical jump.

Vert Shock Program Overview

vert shock overview

Vert Shock is a 3-phase comprehensive, step-by-step vertical jump training program. It is designed based on the creator’s knowledge and experiences to help an individual increase vertical jump height from 9 to 15 inches within a period of 8 weeks. 

Vert Shock is a plyometric jump program which is mainly made for basketball players, especially for those who want to dunk a basketball. But you can flexibly apply for other activities like soccer, volleyball or parkour.

This program incorporates an explosive plyometric exercise that mostly “shocks” the central nervous system. That’s why they present the term “shock training”.

This method releases a chain reaction which subsequently unleashes the potential to jump higher.

The creator makes everything very clear in the high-definition videos with a great voice. Exercises do not require lifting, which is suitable for people who don’t have enough room. Strength training is required weight or basketball. The guides are in PDF format so you can download, save, or print anywhere you want. For video tutorials, I suggest you copy and play with your laptop or smart TV for a bigger screen.

Who Created the Vert Shock Program

The Vert Shock Program is the result of a cooperation between professional basketball player named Adam Folker and one of the best dunkers in the World Justin “Just Fly” Darlington.

Adam Folker is the main person behind the Vert Shock program. He is a 6’9, 225 pounds and he played for UC Irvine’s men’s basketball team. When he was in college, Adam accomplished many impressive athletic feats. Read more details about him here.

adam folker

Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington is a professional dunker and has created some outstanding units for the Vert Shock program. You can watch his dunks on Youtube, and I have to agree with many people that his vertical leap is quite impressive.

Justin jus fly darlington

Who Should Follow Vert Shock Program

Well, the primary purpose of this remarkable program is helping people to increase their vertical leap. The higher you jump, the easier win over your competitors. You can dunk a ball easier, score more goals in a soccer match, reach more challenging targets in parkour activity. Everything you can imagine. For me, as a basketball player, I want to jump higher so that I can score as many points as possible.

Don’t be shy or inferiority if you’re not as high as someone. You can beat them if you jump higher than them. Let’s the battle’s result define yourself.

Vert Shock claims that your vertical jump could be added up to 3 – 5 inches within the first week of the program and up to 9 – 15 inches after eight weeks since the beginning. In order to get the most benefits of the program, you should keep training every day with a serious attitude. So if you’re a lazy person who can’t spend time for the workouts you just take the course for fun, I think it won’t work.

During the eight weeks, you will do 41 workouts in total. In average, it’s five workouts per week. This training schedule could improve your strength a lot. But if you’re in some health problems, especially heart issue, you should not go with it. You should consult with your doctor before trying anything when you have a health issue.

number of workouts

Vert Shock is also great for young people who want to become stronger and get a healthier life. The creator puts some extra efforts to help young athletes increase their vertical jump with care and safety consideration. Parents may consider this program to keep their children away from mobile or TV and enjoy a better life. Let’s see what other parents talked about Vert Shock program.

Does Vert Shock Program Work and How?

To clarify this question, I have to say IT DOES WORK. Remember, I’ve told you before that my result was far beyond my expectation? I added 12 inches to my vertical jump after seven weeks of training.

Still not convinced? See more results of other people here.

Vert Shock works based on well researched. The program uses specific high-intensity, high-impact exercises which target your nervous system, particularly the nerves in your legs. It focuses strategically on your Type II Muscle Fiber – the fast-twitch muscle fibers. The theory behind this course is simple. The faster your muscles will fire, the stronger force you’ll be able to generate; thus, the higher your jump will be.

Vert Shock 3 phrases

The 3-Phrase Jumping Training Program

Vert Shock program is categorized into three phrases, which are: Pre-ShockShock, and Post-Shock. Each phrase contains guides in PDF format along with complementary HD videos. Let’s see what’s inside those main stages.

The Pre Shock Phase

This is the first portion of the whole program, and it lasts only one week. This phrase is designed to get your body warm-up and ready for the next step, the Shock Phase. It’s a preparing period before the hardcore part. Its content will introduce you the range of jumps and bounding exercises. Typically, most people gain about 1-3 inches during this week.

The Shock Phrase

Here comes the “Shock” part.

This is where the real battle begins. Your muscles actually get “shocking” in this part. The Shock Phase lasts for six full weeks. After this period, your nervous system will be transformed into leaping higher than ever before. If you stay focused and follow the guide carefully during this important stage, I bet you will get rewards.

Different people might have different results after completing this step. But for me, I gained 8 inches, which was awesome. My first dunk appeared at that time.

The Post Shock Phase

The 8th week is the time for Post-Shock phase. The purpose of this phrase is to fortify your gains while letting your muscles rest and recover.

Because you have been working hard for six weeks in the Shock Phase, you may see no improvements during this section. However, if you’ve done the program right as described, I’m sure you will satisfy with your result.

Extra Phrase: Maintenance

After you’ve gone through all eight weeks of the Vert Shock program, you’ll move to the maintenance phase. You need to do this phrase once per week to keep your achievements from hard-working training.

Features Included in The Vert Shock Program

Once you’ve signed up, the system will IMMEDIATELY email you access to the VERT SHOCK members-only website. Use that information to log in to the user area where you can find EVERYTHING, including guides, tips, training videos, and worksheets.

These materials below can be downloadable:

  • Quick Start Guide (get started with the simple guide)
  • Pre-Shock Workout Plan (prepares everything to jump higher)
  • Shock Phase Workout Plan (really start improving your vertical jump)
  • Post-Shock Phase Workout Plan (rest and recover)
  • Step By Step Exercise Videos (over 35 videos in high quality included)
  • Vert Tracker (Track your progress easily and accurately)

But the awesome things do not stop there. You will also receive FREE Ballin’ Bonuses

The 4 Vertical Jump Killers

The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher

Weekly Check-Ins

The Jumper’s Diet Checklist

NBA Jump Secrets Revealed

The ‘Power Leak Fix’ for Overnight Hops

Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed

The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher

The VERT SHOCK Maintenance Program

Vert Shock Maintenance

The ‘Dunk Now’ Visualization Workout

The VERT SHOCK Vert Tracker Workbook

Vert Shock Tracker

Oh, I forgot to tell you one more SHOCKING thing. That is if you sign up today you will get an exclusive bonus which is a rare premium course from Justin

Jump Like Justin System

It is “Jump Like Justin System” course which cost $97. But you get it for free. It’s a course with videos and training materials showing all of Justin’s dunk secrets in step-by-step modules so that you can quickly learn and apply.

Well, that’s $427 BONUSES. Yes, it shocks.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

Adam gives you the best price he has ever offered. He’ll send you EVERYTHING else I just told you about all for the low, low price of only $67. I think it is a fair price for beginners who want to increase their vertical leap without a large budget.

He also recommends an add-on unit which focuses on strength training named “Complex Training Routines”. It is a separate module comprised of weight-lifting exercises for your prime moves. These are your quads and posterior-chain muscles (lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves). It is just two workouts a week, and they take around 45 minutes to complete. Unfortunately, you have to pay a $77 extra money to get that add-on. However, Adam also offers you a discount if you buy the course today.

Bring home all those excellent courses with a lot of bonus modules would be a good deal. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss that chance.

vert shock price

My Honest Vert Shock Review

What I Like
  • No gym, no weight-lifting, nothing more required – Everything is based on plyometric exercises which are proven to work for increasing your vertical jump. So that you can practice, anywhere you want.
  • Safe for young people – Will NOT affect your children growth! You can be sure that your kid will still develop to their full potential while improving vertical significantly.
  • Reasonable training time – 8 weeks is not too long for the result we could achieve (add up to 9-15 inches to vertical leap)
  • Easy to follow and implement – the tutorials are straightforward to follow, and there’s a guide for every step. The videos are in very high quality too.
  • Keeps you stay away from injuries and exhausted – VERY IMPORTANT for your health!
  • Access to training units from anywhere and on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop)
  • Provides excellent support – Adam answers all of your questions as soon as possible via email or their support system. They also have email weekly check-ins to keep in touch with you.
  • Content updated – This is the feature I like the most. Despite creating and forgetting the program, Adam puts his effort a lot to update new techniques. There are a few new materials compared to the beginning version. So the course is not outdated and saturated.
  • Has 60 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy– If you complete the course in 8 weeks, but you cannot dunk as expected, you get 100% your money back. Just send them an email with the subject line ‘Refund Request’ then money will be back to your pocket. No risks at all.
What I Don’t Like
  • Need internet connection – You need to log in to the user area where all training materials are presented. To do that you have to turn Wifi or 3G/4G on. But the internet maybe not available in some places. The solution is printing the guides and downloading videos and other stuff to your mobile/tablet.
  • Videos may load slowly on some browsers – Switch between Chrome/Firefox or Safari for the best performance.
  • There are some cross-promotion on the site to other products. – But you can ignore them.
  • Lack of information and scientific researches about vertical jumping – The creator does not spend many resources to explain the physics theory behind their program. However, you can do your own research if you want while resting.

Final Thoughts

I would say Vert Shock is my best investment so far. Time and money that I’ve spent bring an outstanding result. As I’ve said, if you follow the training with a serious attitude, you will get what you want. Hard work pays off. Don’t let other things limit your potential. I hope you will achieve some positive result like many people all around the world and me. This Vert Shock review article may help you a little bit to decide to take or not to take the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do the workouts take to complete?

The program is also suitable for the busy person, so you only need less than an hour and max four times per week to get all the benefits from it.

Where to buy Vert Shock program?

You can buy it directly from their official website

Which payment method do they accept?

There are two payment methods currently accepted. You can use either Credit Card or Paypal to purchase the course.

How long does it take for me to get login information?

Because Vert Shock is a digital product, an online training program so you will get your login information right after you sign up. Check your email both inbox and spam (some mailbox systems have strictly filter) to grab those credentials.

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